July 28th. So, did you like it? This quickdrive motocycling crazy girls violent bastardvideo 'Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill?' ? Yes? Very good! Because: today, it comes much worser and if you have good nerves and a very low green-vegetable-goatsocks morality, you may enjoy now a extremely high x-rated f*cking show with a bunch of heavy violent sucked screaming wifes! Let's have a look - and next time, you and me, and if you all like it, next year we all visit the Grail itself in Bayreuth!

July 22th. Lots of work to do in these days! People from everywhere coming to Uribistan! And it is still very hot in the daytime. After my work I visited an institute in a big building in the neighborhood of our Uribistan Daily House: it is the seat of the Uribi National Film Board, with a fantastic archive. There I could refresh myself a little bit and had a look at a big amount of old films. Finally, I found a pic (in the last dark corner) with the interesting title: Faster Pussycat! Kill!!! Killl!!! It looked to be like a film about three strong women, also I took it home and if you like it, you can look with me here on The Uribistan Daily! But attention! This is not a film for softdreaming-anthropsfy cats and other new-age-mollycoddled girlies! This film is so meany and ugly! This is real nasty women low budget pulp! Enjoy it!

July 21th. Everybody here in Uribistan, in our great city of Hamasheyk has a fantastic mood! We are doing the preparations for our big national festival in this hot summer! Kamel Sutré Days are coming again, and there will be a course in Uribi mythology. Meanwhile we are listening and dancing to great music of the beloved, in Uribistan very known, Natacha Atlas. Here is the translation of this song, Leysh Nat'arak:

Why are We Fighting?
Why are we fighting when we are all together?
Listen to you heart and you will know the truth
Listen to your heart for it knows the truth
Between us there is a long history
In love there is peace
In peace there is love
Let's make good for we are brothers
How great is the mercy and blessing of God
Let's return to peace
Between us there is a long history
Let's return to love
How merciful God is
Let's make good for we are brothers
God bless and have mercy

Well, also from Herrmann a great magash, shalom, salam and peace to everybody in this great and multicultural world!

Juli 16th. It's hottyhot outside, everybody in Uribistan is watching the new channels on Uribi TV, and I'm listening and viewing the great Lou Reed with a song about Jane. Yes, I still remember those concerts. Have a fine night! Herrmann Finkelsteen.

Juli 10th. Hello everybody. Great day today: here in Uribistan in Hamasheyk we have a lot of sunshine. Time to drink a beer, think about a woman, anda listening to one of the great american poets - mostly drinking sixpacks and thinking about women (by the way: I must say Mister Murat Joy Tchundyk is a little bit nuts today, too much heat, just look at his last post about Steely Dan. I guess it's more the woman and not her piano playing. And, steely dan... read some Burroughs).
Have fun tonight!