Februar 05, 2007

7) questions of february 6th, 2007

Christoph hat gesagt...
Borat, may I ask you a question? When did you hear the first time about our tribe?

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dearest lovely Christoph,When I hearda about antopsfy tribe in this lifetime as journalist of "THENAKEDTRUTH" it was some weeks ago, but I made a remembering reinkarnation therapy and thereby I had pictures of last life. Verry blurry pictures I had, afterwards my fingers hurt, stränschh....I was the one who had to writa down all lectures of Mr. Steinere, so I was told by leader of this therapy.Every day I remember more of this.But helpa Mahmoud still sees big-carrot. He is talking all night to big-carot.Do you hava antropsfy medicine or clinic?Do hava a Doctor cominga to terra canaillo/TCK numba 2?It is emergency!!!!!!!!!!Is he now drug addict?

dear friend! praise yourself! as a shorthandwriter you probably could attend the great antropsfy events during the lifetimes of dr. steiner! after a few sessions more, maybe you know you lived here before as walter vegelahn or rudolf hahn. and after studying this, you can help the rudolf steiner verlag translating the gabelsberger shorthand-scripts. but: what kind of karma did you make, to be born again as a fluorescent-swimsuit wearing borat? it promises hard working in the next sessions!
to mahmoud: he still sees the big-carot? also, it's not longer predominantly in the bootie electric, but also in the physio bootie? this is bad! he can go to
herdecke or filderstadt, two antropsfy-clinics. but eventually it's difficult to walk. he's better waiting for a few days. but don't wait till the carrot turns blue or black! another pertinent way to cure goes like this: very suddenly, just pour a bucket of cold water over his body. it's short, cheap and efficient. and again: never sniff those preparations again!
greetings, also from jane who compassionately feels with your big-carot

foto: cc-flickr, mEyegallery


BORAT hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely blogheads,

Mahmoud is now in your clinic. He has to do real stränsch thingys. Healing Eurythmix what is this?
Food stränsch as well he has to do diet on beach wheat corn!!!?

Tella me what is this ?

Tesz blog many messages are deleted, even americained fränds of mine coma here. And wanta to talka, but verry difficuilt..

Yors frändly rapist


Christoph hat gesagt…

Hello Borat,
Dear Dutyful Cultural Learner,
My friendly Rapist,

The REAL TRUTH about our tribe is that there are two big subtribes. The one, which is represented by JENS - tv-star and big anthro-bloghead - R. PROCHNOW, can be called "the pure flow out of the hearts of Rudolf and Marie Steiner".

The other subtribe is growing out of the writers office of the magazine "Info3" and is part of a big spiritual stream flowing over here from America. Blogheads SEBASTIAN - green-little-river - GRONBACH and FELIX - happy beater - HAU represent this trans-atlantic flow.

Let me tell you one thing: I have my own sexy anthroposophic flow!

Good Night!

Christoph hat gesagt…

Hello Borat,
Dear Dutyful Cultural Learner,
My friendly Rapist,

Would you do me a favour? Yes? So please don't believe the thing with the blockheadzpolice TC told you. It is fu**ing rotten bullshit in a cows horn!


BORAT hat gesagt…

Dearest lively Christoph,

is there war between tribes? Musta you fight? Are you bridge? We can also hava conference sit together ( no cowhorn powder sniffin, no excessively mongolian desert vodka trinking, no Mahmoud drugs pity...) just drink tea, buckthorn juice and talk.
Green-little-river he also cultural learner of glorious nation of United America, so he is telling you about glorious nation to antropsfy tribe like i do wizh my country Kaskstan?
Did you not see Policeman laughing and swinging his club lika Hero?
He is Karmablogheadpolice and Antropsfy in one, just kasaki feeling in the wart of my thumb.
Hey boys and goys and gays and straights of antropsfy tribe i do Eurythmix.
Breating in and out.....and in and out.. in and out I can dance Kasaki hymn.Greät!!!!!!!

I äm so happy. Mahmouds carrot is getting smaller. Thank you so muchaaa for helpa us

Your cultural learener and frändly rapist

BORAT ( Ican feel breath of Karmablogheadpolice through my keypad. Watchout!!!!!!)

BORAT hat gesagt…

Dear Terra Canaillo and all antropsfy Blogheads,

can I buy womans in your tribes, last woman I bought, she has Hair growing between camel maountains turning into disappearin sand dunes.

Please tella me possible?

Yours frändly rapist Borat