Februar 17, 2007

kazaki stress-test

Dearest lovely antropsfy blogheads,
We are all not exactly sure how it works, but this seems amazingly accurate. You musta reada full describtion before looking at pictscher. The pictscher has 2 identical dolphines. Mahmoud told us that they used it in antropsfy clinic.
Look at the2 dolphines jumpa out of a water. Dolphines are twins. Our scientific institute in Hamsheyk (Uribistan) found outa, that a person under greät stress finda differences in the two dolphines.
If a person finds alot of differences betweena two dolphines you must a go to Clinic. Looka at photograph test it. In our newspaper we had a to send our djerman administrator into desert.
If you finda more than two differences, please tell us in the comments. Wir lade Zie ein nach Uribistan, mein Deutsj nock nihct gutt.
Yours frändly Murat Tschundyk Kuisine de räpistBORAT
P.S. Mahmoud see a still differences. It is a bit the säme with OBERFÖRSTER.


Annette hat gesagt…

Ah! There he goes, Murat! My easiest practice: The two dolphines look exactly alike! Whereas I might like to see them jump in reality. I hope the real Oberförster understands english, otherwise I would translate.

anonimo hat gesagt…

dear mister murat! thank you so much for the test. I will describe now what I see: left a dolphin, right a real cow! how is it possible the cow is there?? another difference: the dolphin is male, the cow female! so many differences, am I getting crazy??
please help! greetings, anonymous (it's to hard to say my name here)


Dearest Mr. Anonimo and Frau Anette,

Frau Annette you seem to be okay, you can go on carpet ride, but Mr. Anonimo we are verry worried about you, we send testresult to our Institute in Hamasheyk and they told us you should go immediately on a vacation. Färien macken, du versteha?
We offer you a holiday to Uribistan .
It is a cheapa!

Please sign up for vacation.

Yours lovely Tschundyk TNT

Annette hat gesagt…

Bodensee, Baden-Württemberg, is even cheaper, and closer for a vacation! And there are lots of people who are just like us, if we want to find them. Just a hint. You can sign up in private just as well.

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Liebe Annette,

Ich hab mein Ticket schon gebucht, dank Bahn Card 25% ermäßigt.

Ich wünsche allen ein gutes Ankommen!


Christoph hat gesagt…

What I see:

On the left side is a sad looking dolphin which is jumping out of the water. On the right side there is a cow which is jumping at the same moment out of the water too. The cow isn't looking very happy neither.

What I think:

The dolphin is sad, because the ringing of the cow's bell is getting on its nerves so much. The cow is not happy because it hates the sea.



Dearest Christoph,
A cow? You musta be under greät stress!!!! Sign up for Mahmouds Dolphines Watch Travels, but be quick otherwise you see big carot too.
There is still some places vacant on pillows.
Yours deeply worried
Murat Tchundyk c editor, TNT