Juni 27, 2010

Holy man Maradona!

There are many holy men and women, but there is only one holy man as his Holiness D. Maradona.
May he be blessed the Hand of God.
His Holine$$

Juni 21, 2010

Freedom is just another word for....

Freedom is: to throw a shoe at any time at any person donta matter whether it isa President ofa Amerikanistan or Djermanistan.
Witha this song I ama releasing here on You tube I honour this courageous man who did whata his Karma had to tella him. To do the Job and throw the shoe. An expression ofa freedom!
Honour the Holy Shoe!
His Holine$$
Murat Joy Tchundyk

Juni 12, 2010

Hey fkcu you I love you all!

These were the good ole times togetha with the Beastie Boys down in N.Y.C. before I becma a holy man! Thisa songa was first Uribi Hip Hop music. My Uncle Farrid didnt lika ita.
His now Holine$
Murat Joy Tchundyk
"Love is alll there isa!" Hey fkcu you I love you all!

Juni 01, 2010

Oberfoerster and His Holine$$ drinking beer

Dearest fränds of Uribistan!
Click here to see our good time from the front, I also lika to say thank you to M.H. who holda camera lika great Uribi hero, he nearly dwindled away but he was strong.
Cheers and Magash!
His Holine$$
Murat Joy Tchundyk