August 30, 2007

something about marxistz anti-depressiv stuff with tatooed girl lydia

-Mat Gundo reportz- It is a sad thingie, looking at this Svizistan Nazi Party clip in the post before, and if I hear today the major of Müggelntown saying he is very proud being German, playing the naive guy, who does not see any neostupidz in his town (everybody is making same mistake: they think you must have skinny head or being in party to be a nazi-pig, but in Müggelntown it is 'the middle' who is a beating Indistani anda acting lika nazi-pigz !) - well, hearing those thingies, I thinka sometimez going back forever in great beloved Uribi Highlandz. But no! We hava mission here - in justa being here in Europe!
It was a nice idea from our Ambassador Goy to play the video with wonderful round Platnum Girl, dancing sweety anda sexy for depressive Murat. I heard he met the stewardess, Miss Nana Grû, of the Uribi Airlinez (he did not had money to buy ticket!), and now he is in Uribistan witha wife anda waiting for short timez coming lidda crying young Murat!
But now, I wanted to show otha nice video for Murat, becoming mora happy anda laughing! It is video from also great Uribi man, from great Uribi family. You know, lotz of Uribistani peoplez ara marxistz! But from Groucho triba! Till now, a very, very olda Brotha of Groucho, Lompo, lives in Uribistan, in neighbourhood of Hamasheyk, he is a 105 yearz old now! We all know Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo anda even Gummo. In Americanistan they went very famouz! It is all one family you know: Borat, Uncle Zappa, Groucho. They stay all in deepezt heart original Uribi!
Everybody heard in August the mess about Elvis, who died 30 yearz ago after shitting in his bathroom, he was ill, doped anda fat. We know: he did not left the building anymore! All otha stories are bullshit! But notice: as a young boy he made very good music! Well, King Elvis died on august 16th, 1977, but tree dayz later, an old man, the Real King, died also: Groucho, at the age of 87. And therefore, if there is one man we must remember, it is Groucho (anda I will ask the Canaillo site, whicha now ara making some fine anthropsfy philosophical stuff - to put great pic on sideboard - Groucho is one of the Greatezt - and I know that Kronstadt is real groucho-marxiszt).
We play video of Groucho, he is singing song about girl with tatooz allover the body, on her finezt partz. Here some linez of the song: "Oooh Lydia oh Lydia, say have you met Lydia, Lydia, the Tatooed Lady. She has eyes that folks adore so, And a torso even more so. Lydia oh Lydia, that encyclo-pidia, Oh Lydia the Queen of Tatoo.On her back is the Battle of Waterloo, Beside it the wreck of the Hesperus, too. And proudly above waves the Red, White, and Blue. You can learn a lot from Lydia.La la la, la la la, la la la, la la la..." Isn't it fine to hava Girl with so many tatooz? You need not to read book anymore, if you want something to know, you only read your girl!

August 29, 2007

Schweizistan muss rassisch rein bleiben

Wir haben Murat in die Wüste geschickt. Die letzten Tage waren einfach zu viel für ihn. Als er dann noch hörte, dass ein Irakischer Uribi brother auf offener Strasse von einem
Deutschen mit einem Baseballschläger zusammen geschlagen wurde, packte er seine Koffer und ging. Ich habe ihn versucht zu beruhigen, vielleicht hat ihn ja der Iraki provoziert mit " Nazischwein" oder "Lederhosenficker". Murat meinte nur, dass er sich nicht vorstellen könne, dass ein Asylsucher einen kräftigen Deutschen ohne Haare, der mit einem Baseballschläger flannieren geht, so verbal missbrauchen würde. Ja ich habe überlegt, wo Murat recht hat, hat er recht, aber wie gesagt diese Ausländer in Djermainistan oder Schweizistan sind auch nicht ohne, wie folgendes Wahlkampfvideo einer demokratischen Partei in Schweizistan beweist. Schweizistan hat von Gross Djermanistan gelernt, da die Schweizistanis aber etwas langsamer und besonnener reagieren, haben sie 60 Jahre gewartet und kopieren Propagandafilme aus dem Dritten Gross Djermanistan. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst:
Die ausländischen Jugendlichen Schauspieler wurden von einer Produktionsfirma gefragt, ob sie in einem Gewaltpräventionsfilm mitspielen möchten. Erst hinterher wurde ihnen klar, dass sie von einer Partei missbraucht wurden. Die Eltern der jugendlichen Schauspieler klagten erfolgreich. Das Video muss weg von der Wahlkampfseite. Aber es gibt offensichtlich Stimmen in Schweizistan, die wieder Missbrauch riechen, werden die jugendlichen Schläger auch noch finanziell entschädigt. Hoffentlich! Das ganze schweizerische Geld, das bei den inländischen Ausländern verschwindet...Unglaublich.
Herrmann Finkelstein djerman Administrator
P.S. Diese Partei wird der bürgerlichen Mitte zugerechnet, freiheitlich demokratisch gesehen. An alle Linken und Menschen jüdischer Herkunft Achtung vor politischen Kurzschlussreflexen: es gibt also keinen Grund zur Panikmache. Murat würde sagen: relaxa my fränds!

August 28, 2007

Open letter to INFO 3

Dearest INFO 3 editorial stuff,
It isa autumn and you are gonna evolve all happily togetha in Herbstakademie in Amselhof. Good luck.You desperately needa ita. You never answered to Murats offer to giva public talk there about his incarnation of an ape who was the first who became a proper human being. Okay you missed the chance of your life. Also here is a video respond to your war mongering essays in your "so evolved" essays over the last few years. Justa reflex to the lefties!????, whata poor explanation Mr. Heisterkamp!!!

NWA is somehow right about critiscism although she is stränsch too as we all who belonginga to Antopsfy Blogheads.
Enjoy the beautiful month of SEPTEMBER
Yours pawlowian dog reacting to the biggest Bullshit ever written in Antropsfy history.
Yours frändly Murat
Following sentences were inscribed after 10th commentat 21 Uirbitime 15 MET
My refused application for Herbstakademie in Amselhof.
And Mr Heisterkamps essay sayin sorry: Irakkrieg vier jahre danach, april 2007. I was readin it at the cave ofa old hippie who isa djerman Antropsfy bloghead in exile.

August 26, 2007

How does America see European Racism

Ifa I throw Banana into Oli Kahns Goal area. Dearest lovely Antropsfyblogheads is this Racism? -Murat reports

August 25, 2007

Saturday evening fun: HOT HOT HOTTENTOT !

-Mat Gundo reportz! -After all this 'Neostupidz Party of Djermanistan-Bullshit' (see below), we hava something nice for our readerz, you can maka your own text on it anda sing, or just dance - but don't forget to wear your banana-dress! We have thiz video especially for The Happy Beater - who likez Hottentotz : Josephine Baker with 'Hot Hot Hottentot'. The music is from the famous year 1925. As you can sea, in thiz time all peoplez were racists, even the blackz! Thiz is kind of negromusic, if you are pregnant, some people say, don't hear it, if you don't want to increase possibility your son becomes curly hair anda big red kiss-lips, anda your daughter hava fine bum! By the way: if you are wondering why peoplez today are little kind of gaga - lotz of their mummiez heard Heino anda Dieter Bohlen. That's much worser!

And the song is so happy and cheerful, and Josephine is dancing so sexy for our (Grand)-Grandfatherz!

Neostupidz Party of Djermanistan (NPD)

-Mat Gundo reportz - The situation in Djermanistan is lita bit bad if you hava otha colored skin. Let us think about those peoplez who have been beaten anda killed because they have otha skin-color, or, simply because they were different.

In Djermanistan, still there ara peoplez, who hava great difficulties with colourz. They are kind of colourblind, they only see a white, anda, interesting, shit-brown. Those peoplez mostly go, after leaving their boring adolescent homez, in groupz where they can howl togetha, like wolfz, anda hearing tapes anda viewingz filmz of the great Djermanistan comedian anda Hyper-Asshole Adolf H. anda his asshole friendz. Adolf H. tried a few timez to matriculate on an Academy of Art, but he was too bad, and so he could not learn to handle different kindz of colourz, he only could think in whites anda shit-browns anda, we think so, he had only erectionz by viewing blonde girlz wit blue eyez. He was a big disease for Djermanistan. It is already longtime ago that mister Hyper-Asshole killed himself, thiz was, I think, the best thing he did in his whole life. But, the disease goes further, till now in 2007, peoplez in Djermanistan likes what he said and what his murderz did in his 1000 year-go-back-kingdom. Today such peoplez ara organised, as we told above, in litta kind of 'Wolf-groupz', beating anda killing foreignerz, mostly if they have otha colour, and wenn those Hyper-Asshole fanz get lita bit older, they go into the Neostupid Party of Djermanistan (NPD). The Neostupidz are part of Djermanistan democracy, but in fact they don't want democracy. Thiz is a paradox! If in Uribistan you maka political party by following the democratic rulez and lawz, but in your programm anda speech, you do not follow them, but being contrary, it does not take long, anda your pseudo-party is forbidden anda personz become new education in democracy, peoplez lawz, etc. If thiz does not work, you go in Uribi Desert to look for the desertsheeps anda -goatz. Maybe you hava enlightenment anda becomez otha political ideas. But in Uribistan, this never happened, it is not necessary. I think here in Djermanistan it is hard necessary to do something, lika in Uribistan in such case we would do, meanwhile, to much people think like Neostupidz Party of Djermanistan. We have few videoz abhout Neostupidity anda about the Party, which we will show you. It is interesting to see the perception in Djermanistan anda to hear the Neostupidz witha their own wordz.

August 24, 2007

The Love story of Goy and Susanna

Our flamboyant ambassador "The Goy" hasa relationship witha secretary in the following You Tube film this is secretly documented in picture and tone. I musta say they are the dream pair ofa Antropsfy Blogheads Sphere 2007. The Uribi peoples lika him and call him " The ambassador ofa hearts" he is also somehow the navel ofa Antropsfy Bloghead scene linking right and left, Jews and Goys, and other opposites lika Capitalism and Steinere togetha. He internalised Uribi culture in Uribi affairs. Bush woulda say: He isa doing a good job. Thänx! ( By the way canna he singa Uribi Anthem by heart?) Many Uribi folks ask this. Maybe he will show soon that he canna.

Togetha witha Susanna he is in a Whitmanian way discoverin th NEW FRONTIER of Uribistan?, of Love?, or is he preparing the third Goetheanum movement? we donta know.....but we are happy justa happy to see this young gorgeous couple dancing to Fagens marvelous music.....

It isa mushroom-time

All shamans are gathering to celebrate the holy mushroom. Mat is very secretive, Don Michele is also nota talking about ita, others in Antropsfy Blogheadscene are doin it as well in Caves, in Israel, in Brazil and so on....Nerone put it to the point everyone
is turning in circles in the middle the EGO. So i think everyone should go into the woods eat the wrong mushrooms and meet BIG FOOT ( native americains call hima Sasquatsch) I think Mat was all the time turned into a Sasquatsch ( he smelled funny, coulda fart lika bear in the last editorial meeting and was very hairy on the back of hisa hands) when he tolda us he was in Uribi Highlands. Yes geta rid of your normal Ego, expand the ASTRO BOOTY, destroy a bit the ELECTRIC BOOTY and leave the physical BOOTY for a while. For young Antropsfy Blogheads there could be bad Karma for next incarnation, ask your antroposophical Doctor, your Eurythmix teacher, maybe your class teacher, your priest or your meditation trainer wehther it is good for you. Whether it isa good Karma to eat those slimy forest inhabitants. Pleasa ask old shamans beforehand, For Old Antropsfy Blogheads there is no danger only physical, that the sky canna drop on your head, but no Karma problems, because you f...ed it anyway, statistically speakin.
I wisha you a good autumn time and good mshroom hunting. Donta eat the wrong ones.

August 23, 2007

Building a new Goetheanum in Uribistan!

- Mat Gundo reportz ! - Dearezt readerz, anda especially those who are anthropsfy-(blog)headz! We hava great newz for you! We are going to build a real 3rd Goetheanum in Uribistan!We are still thinking in which place this beautiful building will arise: in the neighbourhood of our great Hamasheyk Institut, in our capital, or on holy groundz in my beloved Uribi Highlandz. Everybody wants to hava the new Goetheanum, anda we must think and a talk a lot to make the right decision. The building is very open anda dynamic. Light can flow in it, good vibez can flow out of it. After a long search for an architect who can build such a spiritual, almost etherical building (we placed greatest demandz on it), we finally found the great architect mister Böhm from Djermanistan. On the picturez you can follow the transformation, yes, we could say the goetheanistic methamorphosis of the Goetheanum buildingz:

Above, in sepia, is the famous olde, wooden, Goetheanum with the double domed roof. In the middle, the farbpic, you see the now existing 2nd Goetheanum, one of the firzt concrete buildingz in the world. For yearz it had also one of the greatest stages in the world.

At least, you see the architect drawing for our 3rd Uribi Goetheanum. We recognize the cupola of the firzt Goetheanum, and the form of the second, only, it is transformed now in light by glas, steel anda otha modern building materialz. It looks fragile, but has immense power, it is a like big Ear hearing in the Kosmos, it is a lika big Mouth speaking in the World. Thiz Goetheanum will be a place of integration, spirituality, science, freedom anda peace!

August 22, 2007

Spiritual Enlightenement in Kickapoo

There isa so much talking of God in other blogs God as Construct and so on... Here isa beautiful story ofa younga man in Americanistan, who has a spiritual awakening. Let`s rock dearest Antropsfy blogheads.
Yours frändly Murat

August 21, 2007

true story in germanistan: no go area

Our friends from Canaillo-Tribe, staying in far away landz, sends us, the blogheadzfamily, from time to timez nice true stories! Here in Germanistan, we also hava a true story, but is not so nice. In the flowering landscapes of the former Germanistan Democrat Republix, it must be very desolated anda boring anda peoplez hava no-future-thinkingz anda are little bit stupid, that it is a possible that about 50 young men (anda women?) ara hunting 8 peoplez who have otha colour of skin anda otha way of speaking. Just anotha sad day in Germanistan! Wake up!

August 18, 2007

mysteries of the goy - unveiled : sisterz

Mat Gundo Reports! - Every month, after killing a kitten, our Ambassador in Berlin, the dear Mister Christoph Goy, gives mysteries to his (anthro)blogheadz! Mostly he gives some impossible picz, anda one of his hottest fanz is Barbara Girl. But not only Barbara Girl, even The Happy Beater shows his innocent side, and both they flow on their Schiller's 'Spieltrieb'. In thiz moments, yes, you can really love Mister Happy Beater, he also likez to play, anda can find Child Inside. In case of Barbara: we love her anytime!
But now, for all those, who don't believe it: we solved, after a heavy Uribi Highland Brand drinking night, the special august-mystery of Mister Christoph! Here we will show you the facts, no doubt, Mister Christoph was also there, in Monaco at the Red Cross Ball: also, on the left you see Girly Princess Caroline of Hannover (Monaco)*, look at the flowerz she has, and on the righta you see Mr Christophs mystery-pic:

Maybe now dear Barbara Baby believes us!
Ofcourse thiz is only plastic fun, very, very serious, is the fact that THE INCREDIBLE BLOGBEAST ESCAPED!!
Please, help us to catch him, look in your Blog!!
Overstreaming, also for Caroline, Mat Gundo.

*in the background, only half and very dark, you can find our ambassador Mister Christoph


Dearest lovely Antropsfy blogheads,
our Security Cameras in Institute ofa Hamasheyk recorded last night shocking material.
Mrs. Bluecher our transsylvanian( she comes also from Siebenbürgen lika Ben Esch Kärma?) medical nurse freed Blogbeast. She also reavealed Blogbeasts name. Victor!!!!
Goy please taka care of sensitive Blogbeing!!! Tella everyone in Antroblogsphere puta on good music lika Terra Canaillo! .Then ita isa nota so aggresive!

August 16, 2007

Meditation anda Masturbation

Mat Gundo reportz! -Dear (fe)male readerz! Today we talkabout very male subject! Ofcourse also women they do it, everybody does it, but now we speak about this special nobody-talkz-about-it topic from Uribi male view! 'Oh, so disgusting' even some peoplez think, anda otherz say, it is good for you, getting everything overstreaming anda keep prostata healthy. If you going upon mountainz anda doing meditation, you hava to fighta with lots of temptationz, anda animalz from the deepest down worldz. You hava to purify yourselve, to become master of astral booty, after that, master of electric booty and finaly physio booty. In astral booty ara lots of desires, wishes anda otha fine thingiez, like anger, fear, etc. How to deal with them? We know that our anthropsfy friendz, if they ara truly going path of wisdom, they hava very few rulez to follow: ofcourse, first is: being humble (here, most of them allready are dropped down). But the rulez must coma out of them, in exercising the path and doing the 6 (7) so called 'Nebenübungen' (this has nothing to do with 'Nibelungen'), to become master of the own thinking, feelingz anda willingz. They make them togetha with the otha meditationz. There isa practically one thingy explicit forbidden: it is a drinking of alcohol, of whiskeys anda brandz anda beerz (ofcourse also taking other heavier drugz). Here, anotha big part of anthropsfy-scolarheadz are dropped down. Alcohol, it putz in you a pseudo-Ego, if you drinka, maybe you thinka having big inspirationz, but it is not you who is acting, it is a kind of alcoholic-pre-korsakow double of you. To meditate you must be clean. This isa truth. But how is it with otha thingies, lika having fine sexy time? Sometimes you can meet anthropsfy-people, being a kinda of vegetarian, having clear eyes and talking lots about Steiner-topicz, knowing everything about higher worldz as described in GA (so called 'Gesamtausgabe' of great mister Steiner), but you may hava impression about them having nothing between their legz! Ofcoursa we believe in whole human with all four and more booties, and having on the one hand high community with holy worldz anda angelz, having on the other hand here in this world fine sex witha physio booty! But now thinka bit: you going to Uribi Highlandz to meditate over months, anda you must purify your Uribi-body to get attention of higher worldz. There ara no women there in the Highlandzmeditation place, there ara no sheep anda chickenz, only you. Now you feel deepezt need to hava sexy time. Can you do it now yourself by masturbating, lika also straight antropsfyheadz in secret room, they do it? But you musta be overcome your needz anda wishes - for this special time on Uribi Highlandz ofcourse - therefore there is some fine stuff to help you, it is not expensive anda absolute help for you, if you are for a not-so-long-time lonely disciple on the path of freedom anda love in intensive course , here they are:

advertisement text:
- Chew HandzOff and keep both hands free all day! Two HandzOff chews offer 4 to 6 hours of relief. You may chew up to 120 pieces daily as needed. Don't be a jerk. Buy some for your circle of friends! Comes wrapped in cellophone (FREE) or a plain brown wrapper ($2.00).
-5 oz. of soothing anti-masturbation cream. Keep applying until you get relief. Coconut, buttermilk, vanilla bean scent. details: weight 0.50 lbs price: $ 8.49
Chew HandzOff and keep both hands free all day!

well, hava lots of fun, also in meditation! still overstreaming, Mat Gundo.
Posta Script anda Important Note: hava you seen the lettertype at the opening badge?! Here you see that masturbation isa making the serpent very week, this serpent, which normaly goes up to you to open chakras! Ofcourse in anthropsfy way of meditation, serpent goes down, first you open upper chakras, then lower chakras. Also..


Mat Gundo reportz - Oeewee! Yes, overstreaming, real overstreamed pure love excitingness highly overflowed beyond all stars experienced tranzerotix illuminationz anda enlightenmentz!!! I'm so happy to be back again from those amazing Uribi Highlandz, were I coma from! I'm so happy to sit now near my Brotha Murat and all otha Men anda Womenz from our Uribi fatherz country! May also be Peoplez Spirit of the Country be as Happy anda Big Overstreaming of pure Luv!
Yes, back I am - seeing brotha Murat fighting anda struggling with his own Faith anda with Big Incr. Blogbeing! O, what a Hero! Yes, he is a True Hero! Anda all the peoplez which were also in thiz topic! Lika those new two or more Farmer Lieserl witha White Wool Underwear Pantiez! Anda Franz, anda Annetta (you wrota you hava a picture we can see you witha red spectaclez on Goetheanum Holy Ground Festival Party 'Righta in the Middle')? Whera we can see you lovely face with Spectaclez? You only wear spectaclez? In your bloggy? You allready wrota big article about `Righta in the Middle'? Yes, I also lika very much to worka anda being busy righta in the middle! Anda nice Goy who still does good work as ambassador in Berlin! May he also be in good spiritual vibez there within kosmosexual swingz of Lampenhausen. I thinka both now musta be in kind of holidayz, lika also whole Canaillo Triby isa dancing Samba in Brasilistan? Do they liva now thera in Jungle drinking soma psychedelic Indian plantz? Anda what ara our big friendz Green Little River anda Happy Beater doing now? I saw Riverman being comicsicated by Big Egoizt, who is a also talking muchy about guy called Ben Esch, being member of jew tribe? Anda also becoming Big Nazi befora going to Christian Community anda making Antropsfyhead Talkingz! How thiz isa possible? First being jew anda nazi anda after antropsfyhead? I thinka Ben Esch musta be in great kamaloka now anda is as a burning Fire reminding hiz Nazi Bullshit! We musta help him, by making everything clear about hiz bad doingz in thiz world, but also by praying for him anda shining lightz on his supra-terrestrial paths asa being now living in a only two booties: astralbooty anda ego-booty, anda ofcourse because he wasa developing the booties, in hisa ghostselve booty. Hiz electric booty is a spacing now through etheric worldz eaten by angelz, his pysical booty allready mouldred in a stuttgart graveyard. Egoist Guy isa very active, lika Nerony Boy anda new BeatagentBlog called 'Seitensprung', also very active! Yes, anda ofcourse here, my dear Murath Uribibrotha, isa so, so active too! Witha all female Fanz and witha wordz so many, about our speaking tree (I love thiz tree, he is a olda friend of my father), anda his big 'seelenprüfung' on a borda with Afghanistan meeting americanistan gunmen anda nasty germanistan waldorf-guy! I thinka he must have been from Litlle River Triby, anda woulda maka some cozmic jokez with Murat and his friendz! He certainly was not from Egoizt Tribe, Goy Tribe, Cosmic Sexual Tribe or from our Brotha Canaillo Triby! Maybe he was from Beater Tribe!
Well, if I came out from Uribi Highlandz, first I mada little tour in East anda looked for Sri Puppetji anda old boy Dattatreya (he still talked here about Real anda False Enlightenment). We talked about problemz with dollarz, about women ofcourse anda having also problemz with them, anda about still being healthy after smoking anda drinking lotz of Uribi Junk anda lot of sexy timez! Then he mada for 'You Tube' nica conversation about dealing with problemz about money, relationz anda health. After reading my happy wordz, now you can see happy wordz of datta guru!
Overstreaming, yourz Mat Gundo!

August 14, 2007

Literature recommendation

" My voice was not as sweet as Conka`s, but Grandfather said that it hardly mattered, the important thing was the right word, to pull it out, or squeeze it short, and then dress it up with air from my lungs. He said that when Conka and I sang, we were air and water in a pot, and together we boiled."

ZOLI, Colum McCann

This is a wonderful book about the life of the ROMANI ( Gypsy) people in Cechoslovakia between 1940-2003. It isa the story ofa singer and a poet who became famous behind the iron curtain and escaped to the West. Giva ita read. Have you thought ofa where all the gypsies gone, they camped in former times in front of the town at the river on a car park? This is the only people who are not computerised and digitally registered. They are still fighting aginst that. And Colum McCann isa phantastic writer!!!!! (In djerman you only geta Hardback edition)
Yours frändly Murat

August 09, 2007

On the borderline

After having caughta the INCREDIBLE BLOGBEAST, I thought to go on a little holiday togetha witha Machmoud and Tharuwat. We wanta to go to Afghanistan. Buta we always hava problema at the border. I aska myself, whata isa it, that they donta trusta me. My beard, my clothing, my quarter jewish nose, my glasses or the smell of perfuma "Damascus Rose"?
For whata are they lookin, untaxed Poppies, bombs, medicines, or even names. They asked us where are we goin anda I tolda truth. I said: " We are goin to visit our Uncle Osaman." Thata wasa mistake. Hardly dida I say this name. One vanilla and chocolate americained soldiers wasa witha us. We shoulda spend a whole night with them, playin funny games they aska we answer. Also djerman soldier cama. I aska hima whether he belonga also to Steinereclan. He answer me, that he went to Steinere school. " Hey we musta be spiritual brothers from same triba." I try to kissa him, becausa I thought we could discuss Antropsfy bloghead thingies. No way, they immediately puta me into chains. He tolda me thata he isa defending the Archangels Hirarchie of Djermany in the Hindukush. He wasa nota frändly as you all my Antropsfy blogheads. I wanta to discuss witha hima how he is hava real sexy time with four booties. He slapped me in face. He nota nica memba ofa triba. In his office he had a pic of Info 3 Ex hero Green - little - river hangin. I tolda hima that I ama biga fan ofa him. Then he began to soften up a bit.
We talked a little bita of the burning ofa first Goetheanum. He thinks that it was luciferic beings and the incarnation of Haroun Al-Rashid (Incarnated asa Swiss farmer) who puta fire on wood building. This isa reason why he fighta in Hindukush. I thought this man hasa mission. Live free or die hard anda i wanta to kiss hima again, buta i didnt try, so we stopped playin game they aska we answer. I suggested to play Steinere favourite game. I see something whata you cannot see. They becama a little bita more relaxed when Tharuwat my cousin gave them magic uribi stone to inhale. Soon they were flying high as prison ceiling, and the key were dangling down sow e could go outa ofa prison.
I actually applied to be parta ofa Herbstakademie in Amselhof as speaker. Info 3 isa still thinka about ita, buta do you think they also will controll me lika those soldiers, whena they invita me?
Do I hava to looka lika David Beckham justa to walk without hussle over border,public buildings and other western instituition, smell lika womän without one single pubic hairand Having wife with plastic breasts and big lips lika cow, or playing soccer a sport only gay peoples play. Is this what you call civilisation in the west?
Murat Tchundyk reports