Februar 05, 2007

10) questions of february 8th, 2007

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dearest lovely blogheads,Mahmoud is now in your clinic. He has to do real stränsch thingys. Healing Eurythmix what is this?Food stränsch as well he has to do diet on beach wheat corn!!!?Tella me what is this ?Tesz blog many messages are deleted, even americained fränds of mine coma here. And wanta to talka, but verry difficuilt..Yors frändly rapistBORAT
BORAT hat gesagt...
Hey boys and goys and gays and straights of antropsfy tribe i do Eurythmix.Breating in and out.....and in and out.. in and out I can dance Kasaki hymn.Greät!!!!!!!I äm so happy. Mahmouds carrot is getting smaller. Thank you so muchaaa for helpa us
dear kazaki learner! we saw one comment of you, only 'test'. we don't know what happened: sabotage from other tribes? but don't worry, we have all your messages. maybe you start a blog-account, that's what we need for inviting you and place your comments as posts directly in the terra canaillo2 tribeland. so you can make yourself the colour (deepest blue), the lettertype (verdana) and the size (normal). it's less work for us, we only make the final lay-out. and, we can be sure, you are the real cultural learner, and not all those ones trying to imitate you. untill now, we had to delete about 100 of bullshit-comments! think about it! ok! healing-eurythmix. today we only talk about eurythmix, as a kind of basic lesson for you.
but first of all: we have got hard days with jane! it's normal! your ideas about women are very, very old-fashioned. they are not only there for cookin', washin', cleanin', havin' children, and sexy times. they are like you, without a dingdong, and even brighter. ofcourse this does not means, that they cannot cook, wash, clean, have children and make sex anymore. it's only different: we are also cooking, cleaning, washing and ofcourse making sex. only the thing with the becoming of children is a little bit difficult! do you have a solution?
now: eurythmix! around 1911 steiner developed for the first time this, what we call eurythmix , we have tone-eurythmix and speech-eurythmix. the aim is to speak and sing through movements and gestures that reveal to the eye what language and music bring to the ear. the movements of the eurythmix-practitioner relate to the space around and can vary from simple hand gestures to whole body movements. don't think this is only a jugendstil-cancan dance! it's more an artistic expression, if it's really well done, the physio-booty follows the movements of the bootie electric und makes them visible! never say to a nice eurythmix-woman that she is a dancer: it's the same failure calling a physiotherapistin as a masseuse!

eurythmix also belongs to the curriculum in the wood-village schools.
sometimes, in the antropsfy scene nice young eurythmix-women can also be seen as the 'brave-husband's-grave': it's allways an interesting phenomenon observating 56-year old antropsfyheads (3th lunar node) being closest friends with bloodyoung eurythmix-women. but we can handle it: it's karma!

greetings from terra canaillo, jane says, she allready send her greetings below!


BORAT hat gesagt…

Dearest clearest Anrtopsphy Blohheads,

Sorrry my computer bbought in Istanbool baazar not find deepest deareest blue, or Verdana sounda like Astana and s.th. else.....
Last Questschion from the clinic to you you knowa I learna and learna and suddenly I read Mr. Steinere said it is dangerous reading books by chocalete faces authors for pregnant cheesed woman. I do not underständ...
Story example: my middle wife reads book of member of big nose triba my baby will hava a big nose?
Would that be the same?
When i was a gypsycatcher in Khashstan....but this one later..
Forrrrr laaaast questschons!

You can ask me then or I disappear like a wandering sand dune under the Arabien deepest blue.
Shalom, salam may your triba flour and flourish and grow.
Big licking Kissas

BORAT ( Jaaaane not angry we meet. Wa-we-we-wa-we.

BORAT hat gesagt…

Dearest Josie Canaillio, Mr. Kronstadt, Jane and all lay-outer,
Please contact me and I will do blogaccount as I was told, I also wanta help, but I am Kasaki ex-gypsycatcher and icemaker PC i also hava to learn.
How do I get blogaccount and where do I geta Djermanlessons for frreee.

Pleasa teacha me!!!

Your dutiful cultural learner from glorious antropsfy tribe teraa canaillo