Februar 05, 2007

5) other questions of february 4th, 2007

BORAT Hat gesagt…
Dearest fränds help,at the moment we no have roof over heads. last nighta we hada big party as big as Big-Dog.Me and Mahmoud invited all cleaning ladys of hotel.Drinking vodka witha buck-thornjuice, singing dancing and at end i showed all the cleaning ladys Pamelas book.later when we we were a singin Kashkstan hymn Mahmoud made campfire on Iranian carpet- I tolda hima be careful.....bum bum electric body of hotel was kaput. Hotelmanatscher say we hava to walk out hotel.Whata karma!!¨So we were waitin for Mr. Spiderman to coma to helpa us, or hero is he here already Mr. Green-little-river?Nuthin
Coulda youu explaiana to me about wood vilatsch schools are they in woods or in your alternative supermarket?Whya you not senta childrens to factories to work are they too weak?Yours frändly .....aäh askin for a hotel you coulda recommend us to stay or we also coulda come to Frau Annette no problem we canna sleep on Iranian carpet in living roo00m.Pleasa tella us soooon!Pity Jane was not at party Mahmoud from Afghanistan had good reallly gooood drugs. " How I get insights into higher worlds?" of Mr. Steinere you cana reed very easily.Hey helpa us I sad without roof over my psyio bootyyou desperate BORATand MAhmoud Farridh

dear friends borat and mahmoud! don't be so desperate! in every situation in life you have the opportunity to learn. and I think here you have learned a lot of special things! your horizont widens everyday. I think it must be possible to sleep on frau annettes iranian carpet, so she can fly on it together with you and mahmoud. just another happy time for you!
but it's a bad thing the hotel-manager throw you out. now you can see how karma works: throwing out by the manager ('oh, how bad' you think) and afterwards flying with annette on a irani carpet ('wow', you think). do you understand? facit: in this case mr. green-little-rivers aid is unnecessary.
the wood-village-schools! you can find a few standing in the woods, a few build of wood, a few standing in a village. but most of them are in cities, build with bricks, iron and other materials.
wood-village is a method of education based on antropsfy-knowledge, and also initiated and developed by rudolf steiner. the first wood-village school from 1919 was made for the children of 'arbeiter' of a nicotine-drugs factory in stuttgart. people who put their children in a wood-village-school (the children there do not learn only mathematics, physics and languages like in other schools, but also theatre, painting, carving, eurythmix, etc.) , buy their cosmetics here.
another interesting fact is that children need not to repeate the class in a case of stupidity. and it works, if you look what they did after the wood-village-thing! this lovely girl for example...
we are pleased to hear you're reading how to achieve higher consciousness, greetings terra canaillo

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BORAT hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely TCK, and Josie Canaillo and of course baby Jaaane,

you are so lovely to us I musta say I am deeply stirred by your hospitality. All this lovely pictschers, iranian carpet (Is Misses Anette flying carpet?), my Americain motherfuckers, swiss girls sniffing cowhorn powder, pregnant Antropotantra girl, your national hero singer Mr. Sex and dr...(sorry Steinere), Rock and Rolllll.
Let us keep on rock annnnd RooooLLLLL.

Thank you so mucha big licking Kissas over all your faces.

I love youuuuuuuuu allll!

Gooooood karma!!!!!!!
Goooood Antropotantraaaaaaaa!

Yours frändly rapistBorat