Februar 05, 2007

8) discussion of february 7th, 2007

Christoph hat gesagt...
Hello Borat, Dear Dutyful Cultural Learner, My friendly Rapist, The REAL TRUTH about our tribe is that there are two big subtribes. The one, which is represented by JENS - tv-star and big anthro-bloghead - R. PROCHNOW, can be called "the pure flow out of the hearts of Rudolf and Marie Steiner". The other subtribe is growing out of the writers office of the magazine "Info3" and is part of a big spiritual stream flowing over here from America. Blogheads SEBASTIAN - green-little-river - GRONBACH and FELIX - happy beater - HAU represent this trans-atlantic flow. Let me tell you one thing: I have my own sexy anthroposophic flow! Good Night! C.

Christoph hat gesagt...
Hello Borat, Dear Dutyful Cultural Learner, My friendly Rapist, Would you do me a favour? Yes? So please don't believe the thing with the blockheadzpolice TC told you. It is fu**ing rotten bullshit in a cows horn! Yours, C.

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dearest lively Christoph,is there war between tribes? Musta you fight? Are you bridge? We can also hava conference sit together ( no cowhorn powder sniffin, no excessively mongolian desert vodka trinking, no Mahmoud drugs pity...) just drink tea, buckthorn juice and talk.Green-little-river he also cultural learner of glorious nation of United America, so he is telling you about glorious nation to antropsfy tribe like i do wizh my country Kaskstan?Did you not see Policeman laughing and swinging his club lika Hero?He is Karmablogheadpolice and Antropsfy in one, just kasaki feeling in the wart of my thumb.Hey boys and goys and gays and straights of antropsfy tribe i do Eurythmix.Breating in and out.....and in and out.. in and out I can dance Kasaki hymn.Greät!!!!!!!I äm so happy. Mahmouds carrot is getting smaller. Thank you so muchaaa for helpa usYour cultural learener and frändly rapistBORAT ( Ican feel breath of Karmablogheadpolice through my keypad. Watchout!!!!!!)

dear friend and cultural learner! we are happy for you, learning so much! we in terra canaillo do not know nothing about those tribe-wars, we dig antropsfy in our own way.
yes, you are right: the guy with the policehelm is from the blogheadz karma-police, he is the chief there. don't be confused by christoph's meaning about the cowhorn: it's not the material stuff inside that works and makes your carrots getting bigger, but it is the cosmic component in it. he cannot know this. but still look out: never use this again! in (9) we will tell you more about 'eurythmix', you must know this before understanding the 'heil-eurythmix'. as so far we can say that the cosmic cowhorn output now becomes a little bit resistance of the cosmic heil-eurythmix-input, and, the carot minimizes. best wishes to mahmoud!

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