Februar 22, 2007

(now with first original pictures from sexyyy party)
Let us make Happy Crucifixion time dearest lovely antropsfy blogheads,

thank you for your tipps how we can punish the "false Oberförster", especially you Frau K. But we got convinced by Mr. BORAT, we decided to hang him with his fluorescent swimming tanga trunks on wood! Also the " false Frau Oberförster", without swimming shit, and do the poking game, he learnet as cultural learner from the West. For Crucifixion party we take the naked lambs from carne vale. Please don`t bring alcohol, we are civilised in Uribistan part of greäter Kasakicountry.
We from TNT wish you and your families happy crucifixion time and bring along your poking stick.
Yours frändly Murat Tschundyk c (Editor of TNT)


Frau K. hat gesagt…

Na, das Photo könnte etwas grösser sein aber sieht ja schon vielversprechend aus und kommt meinem Vorschlag recht nah.
Aber was genau habe ich mir unter dem 'poking game' vorzustellen ?


Dearest lovely Frau K,
here an example for poking game.
Yours frändly Murat Tchundyk

Frau K. hat gesagt…

Thank you so much for the extra picture, Mr. Borat!
You see, I am a learner too.
Ok, I will bring my poking stick.
Anything else I should bring?
Picnic, vatikanchen, music, spyglasses ?
Just tell me.
Looking forward,
yours Frau K.

Oberfoerster hat gesagt…

Dearest Friends,

I see that it happened: a happy crucifikation party,but happy for whom ?
Punishment under human beings is so cruel and sensless that I ' m speakless.
I mean the working of J.C. has had such an influence on humankind and history
and still has but should we not obey the heart than ideologic structures of power
and religion.
Or find a way to overcome the borders of different religions, ways of living...
Let there be little Oberfoersters dancing to their folktunes and hanging around with beautiful
women,if it happens peacefully where s the problem ?

Yours friendly

Der Sekretär

des Herrn Oberförster

terra canaillo hat gesagt…

thanx a lot mr. oberfoerster! thanx also for remaining my name (j.c.). I hope that mr. Murat Tshundyk, forgotten son of the taiga and the atomfields, will take away the big party picture! it's also from a lay out point of view a horrible thing! I think we must change both pictures, they are made in a hurry, it was not allowed to make pictures there...no time etc.....
J oseph C anaillo

abbas, guard hat gesagt…

now we have original picture of party! it was rather lickingg insteade of a pokingg game. frau obereförster (the false one) loved it to get succked on her toes from olde man normally wearing spear of destiny...

abbas, your bodyguard


Soorrrry folks,
forgota to take a picture away got lost in snowstorm with my Kazakhibrothers dancing, music and dr...(äh).....Steinere.
whata hell is spear of destiny????
Holy relict you hava to tella us we are learning we don`t want to interfere with your mumbo jumbo magix know- everthing- philosophy?!!!
Sorry I hava to finda Mahmoud he is now in Snowstorm, not anymore Dolphines Travel Watch.
Mixa-it-up-babe. Wawewowe!!!
All kazakhi brothers are greeting,

Yours frändly Murat Tchundyk