November 25, 2010

Somewhere in Uribistan (2) - family picz

Dear readerz! For everybody reading my comment to 'Somewhere in Uribistan' (below), here I hava an olde, lida bit yellowed, picture from my firzt family picture book: here you see the real story! Thiz woman, Sméa Hûbla, the 48 yearz younger wife of Murats former neighbour Thufál Hûbli, was not only beautiful woman, but also strong woman. Afta my bastardbrotha Murat gave Thufál 70,- olde Uribi dollarz, to let his wife ploughing and doing his work in red tanga - she recognized the improper game, her husband became all the money for her work!  She locked up her old guy in the goatstable, leaving him there for three dayz, anda simply put our known Holyman Murat in front of the plough, let him do all the work. I saw those funny thingz happening before my eyez, laughed a lot, took my camera and shot this picture. Murat does not know this picture (sorry!). Afta doing the whole work, he was so tired, he felt asleep in the fieldz. Meanwhile I had nice evening and some more dayz with Sméa. It is long time ago, I was very very young then anda Sméa was lika great revelation of female activity for me.
Thüfál died long ago, now playing flute with the angelz in heaven.  Sméa went to Hollywood - but afta few yearz she came back, married again anda has now eight children anda 23 grandchildren.

November 20, 2010

Deadly Dust: an english version of the film about the warcrimes with uranium ammunition

Dearezt readerz in the whole world! In Europe, in these dayz in Djermanistan, the gouvernment makes a mess about 'islamistic terrorism'. Policeman have to work extra, anda as a normal citizen, you hava to look after guyz with long or short beardz, logage standing around alone, strange carz etc. Because: from Afghanistan anda Pakistan hundertz of trained Al Quaida guerilleroz are coming to Germany, over hundertz of 'sleeperz' live in Djermanistan, they can blow themselves up, if they want, anda some Mumbai Boys are drifting around, looking for kidnapping guyz lika Ackermann, blowing up bankz anda hotelz. This is very bad stuff: but, those realy very bad crimez, nobody is talking about. Those crimez, which are a danger for millionz of people: the warcrimez the USA anda some European countries did in Iraque, the use of atomic weaponz, uranium ammunition. Again we say: the whole Bushclan anda his administrationz, those criminalz againzt humanity, have to go to the international court in Den Haag.
Here we hava the film in an english version, watch it and say it loud, to everybody. Thanx! Overstreamingz and love, Marat Tchundyk Gundo

November 18, 2010

Deadly dust - some more warcrimes of the Bushes et al.

Dearezt Readerz! You can find a link on the blogsite of our reader Plus, you can find it now also on Terra Canaillo. Now, we put thiz link on the Daily. This is a djerman documentary, it's in djerman language, sometimes people speak english. Thiz revealz some of the most unbelievable bullshit and stupidity, made by the western gouvernmentz in their war againzt, yes, againzt what? Thiz is about radio-active ammunition, and the heavy destructionz they bring into human life. One more reason to bring this super-warcriminal G.Bush and his administration (and some othas too) to the international court in Den Haag, Netherlandz.

To view on youTube, click here!

I hope, soon we hava also english subtitlez on it - so more peoplez can see it. If you see all those rubbish on youTube with millionz of clicks, anda here are only almost 20.000 on part 1, and on the otha partz only some 5000 of viewerz, it makes one very sad.

But there is also some positive thingy: in thiz documentation we learn to know a great and brave remarkable man: it's prof. dr. med. Siegwart Horst Günther. Meanwhile he is 85 yearz old. In his youth he was in the resistance againzt Hitler, he worked with Albert Schweitzer in Africa, and did a lot of research to discover thiz crime againzt humanity.
Doing thiz work with the radiocative materialz, he went ill too.  

We hava to stand up, anda maka a new peaceful revolution againzt those world-ruling, arrogant bastardz!

November 16, 2010

For a cold anda dark Novemberday

Our Uribi-Djerman co-worker Herrmann F. lookz lida bit sentimental at our olde Uribi-Ambassador Goy in Berlin (God bless him!), gardening his magix plantz on his balcony. Well Herrmann, I feel with you, it's November, it's cold anda rainy. We musta find something which maka us joyful and colorful again, lika hot bath to jump in. I invite you (anda our readerz) to looka back much more yearz, almost 33 yearz, here we hava the right musix: it's filled with energy, joy, perfect playing, happiness, making our soulz warm, it's very intensive, a great stage presence, it's magix anda theatre, it's here and now, yes, thiz is lida bit Uribistan! Hear it and see it, play it loud, anda leave your PC-place behind you, dancing anda jumping around, alone or with the one you love! Hava lotz of good overstreamingz!

November 12, 2010

Was macht eigentlich....

...unser Berliner Exbotschafter von Djermanistan der GOY ( mit Migrationshintergrund). Unglaublich aber wahr. Inmitten der Häuserschluchten kümmert er sich vor allem um die Wesen des Ätherischen Raumes den Pflanzen. Er ist so bei der Sache, dass er auch schon mal vergisst sich korrekt zu kleiden, ist ja jetzt egal,da er nicht mehr als Botschafter arbeitet. Wir wünschen ihm alles Gute, dass er auch weiterhin blühende Landschaften vor der eigenen Haustüre schafft.
Es grüsst Dich ganz Uribistan und herzlichst Dein Mannie
P.S. Wir vermissen Dich!

November 10, 2010

Fresh Franky's Discovery

Yes, Fresh Franky, you've got it! (look at Fresh Franky's comment to 'Thilo Sarazin The Mastercook')

November 08, 2010

Thilo Sarrazin der Meisterkoch

"Diese Familien der Unterschicht haben ja auch kein normales Ernährungsverhalten. Viele können nicht kochen. Deshalb kommen sie auch nicht mit Geld aus. Ich kann mir mit 4 bis 5 Euro pro Tag ein wunderbares Mittagsessen kochen. Eins kann ich aber nicht: Big Macs und Cola kaufen."
NZZ am Sonntag - 7. November 2010 ( Interview mit Sarrazin unter dem Titel "Ich bin der Bote, der bestraft wird" an unsere Leser und Leserinnen was kann man denn so Leckeres und Gesundes für 4 Euro kochen. Also Bio geht schon mal gar nicht. Was dann?
Frage an Herrn Sarazzin vielleicht sollten Sie ja Entwicklungshelfer werden um den Afrikanern in der Sahelzone Kochkurse zu geben.
Und nun eine ganz persönliche Frage, die ich mir stellte, ist Herr Sarrazin zu blöde ( genetischer Defekt?) um bei Mac Donalds einzukaufen?
Herzlichst Herrmann Finkelsteen
P.S. Und Djermanistan das Volk der Dichter und Denker liest dessen Bücher? Unglaublich !
Das ist tatsächlich der Untergang des Abendlandes von dem Oswald Spengler schon vor fast hundert Jahren gesprochen hat.