Juli 30, 2007


Dearest lovely Antropsfy blogheads,
we hava Incredible Blogbeast. With the power ofa music we try to humanize so thata God canna awake in him. It hardly speaks Uribi buta there is no danger anymore for Antropsfy blogheads sphere. We soften the Astropowers by homoepathic dosis ofa musica.which stregthens the electric booty.Oksana, Machmud and me caughta ita last Saturday on full moon. See for yourself

Juli 27, 2007

I founda diaries of my Grandpa

The republishing ofa booka ofa my grandpa is on its way. But yesterday I looked in old paper box I gotta from my Dad and I founda old Diaries ofa my Grnadpa fro 1929 he wrota while he was exploring the Uribi desert. Then I found pic which freaked me and Oksana ( we were relaxin a bit by reading Pamela books and the diary of grandpa Aleyev. He tooka pic ofa Stone(d) shaman. Reada for yourself what he wrota to the pic he took. The remaining parts ofa diary are in a very bad condition. Hopa Mat is nota becomin Stone Shaman during his holiday camp up in Uribi Highlands.
Murat reports

Juli 25, 2007

Uribibrothers from Americanistan

Gotta post this morning from Uribi brothers in Americanistan. Check ita outa! They are goin to helpa us to hunt down THE INCREDIBLE BLOGBEAST hopefully.
Yours frändly Murat

Juli 24, 2007

Republished the Travel book of Aleyev Tchundyk

The wonderful Travel book of my Grandfather isa republished.A beautiful gem ofa Uribi literature:
" I shalla always rememba the first camp at the foot of the Uribi mountains. We hada stopped in a shallow watercoursa whicha ran outa into the plain, anda we hada dumped our camle saddles into the hota sands between thorn bushes and boulders. Soma ofa our guides saida in hushed voices: " These boulders are stoned uribi shamans who walka arounda in night dressed upa in womans clothes." I didnt believe that olda talka. Rubbish I thought. Anda these thoughts were keepin me apart from my companions. Anda it wasa the first tima I felt lonely. Later Muchmad cooked good uribi rice in the old kasaki way. Thata meant hot, verrrry hot.
I asked my companions for the Empty Space, the goal ofa my ambitions. Nona ofa the camel riders and companions hada heard. " Whata is ita he isa talking abouta? Whata does he wanta?" " God alone knows. I cannot understanda his talka." At last Muchmad exclaimed " Oh! He means The Sands," anda I realized thata this was their name for the great Uribi desert witha its dissappearin sanddunes.
I swear by whatever God thera isa ina heaven this night I coulda hear the boulders arounda me whisperina ina manifold tongues. "
p. 2

Yes my fränds every school kid in Uribistan knows those lines by heart. One of our great achievements in modern Uribi literature. And a wonderful travel book of my Grandfather and one ofa Uribistans first explorer.

Juli 20, 2007

Go on a short holiday

Dear lovely Antropsfy blogheads,
are you at home and it isa hot, you hava to worka and your partner is away telling you: Hey babe I neda time on my own to sort myself outa some kinda of that shit please relaxa now and meeta Tony Sinclair.
Are you away and you canta go to beach because the sand isa lika hot glowing coals and you are surrounded by red pink pigeaters, kiddies are screaming, beautiful womaens are only interested in their handies and not in you. You couldnt sleep because the neighbours were hardfucking all night and your stomach isa burning becausa ofa straensch meal and your money isa disaappearing really fast and anyway you justa wanta hava fun holidays.... relaxa now go on adventure with Tony sinclair in the cooolness of pC screen.
Yours fraendly Murat

Juli 14, 2007

REMBETIKO? (Immigrant Music)

What isa rembetiko? It isa the Blues of Balkan, it isa nota happy syrtaki hopping around for tourists. In this music you hava embedded all the pain and passion ofa Balkan .It isa "The Philosophy of Freedom" ofa the Balkan.Also it isa immigrant music, whena all turkish Greeks hada to go back to Greece. Back then in their HOMELAND they were Strangers and Outsiders, so they played in the underground clubs of Athens.
Uribibrothers and the "Mangas" (Rembetes) are related.For Djermans: " Rembetika seien,Lieder von Rembetes für rembetes und ein Rembetis ( similiar to a real Uribi Man) sei ein Mann, der Kummer habe und ihn aus sich heraus brächte." We also hava Uribi Rembetiko, music influenced by Greek Guestworkers. Soon you will see on YOU TUBE.
In this little film there is so much unsaid between the man and the huge eyed woman. pLEASE writa in Comments what is unsaid. Giva speech to these characters. Maka film script."Speak and thou revealest thyself." quote by Mr. Steinere.
Magash. Yassas!!! Efkaristo kali!!!! Hopa Uribi sistas and brodas!!!!
Yours frändly Murat

Juli 10, 2007

Immigrants in Uribistan

In the 13th century the Emporor Otto the Second of the Djerman-Roman Empire send Abraman Djermans to the Uribi midlands to build castles and colonies to defend the " Eveningland" ( Europe) from the Mongolian Golden Hordes. In the Kasaki-Uribi civil war a century ago both tribas committed a genocide on this old Abraman Djermans. Hardly any ofa them are left. But surprise and joy filled our overstreaming hearts, because we founda an olda abraman speakin Uribi. He calls himself e.a. buta he hava comin out and calls himself in old abraman uribi English ie.äi. Example of his Uribi Dialect:
enscheu jurselv! werri neiß. lavli! rieali lavli. ei gett mie not mor in.
jurs e.a.
* found in comments ofa Aoeablog.
I also founda tree in the Uribi midlands who is nota Uribi buta Austrian. Nowadays there are animals who immigrate and also plants who immigrate. I talka to tree i cannota understanda hima. Maybe our austrian visitor who visits Uribistan Daily canna translate for us whata treee says. Watch film ofa tree.
Please dear austrian peoples giva us translation in comments.
MT reports

Juli 04, 2007


Dearest lovely fränds,
remember your last inkarnation, being incarnated in Northamerica, 1776 the declaration of INDEPENDENCE, "all human beings are born free and equal", that inspired the Frenchrevolution. some years later One hundred years later the words of poet:
To a President:
All you are doing and saying is to America dangeled mirages,
You have not learn`d of nature- of the politics of Nature you have not learn`d the great amplitude,recitude, impartiality, you have not seen that only such as they are for these states, and that what is less than they must sooner or later lift off from these states.
Walt Whitman 1860
Another hundreds years later:
Pull my poppy - tip my cup - cut my thoughts - for coconuts - bone my shadow - dove my dream - milk my mind and make me cream - hop my heart on- harp my height - hip my angel - hype me enlight en me - heal the raindrop- sow the eye - woe the worm - work the wise - whore my door - beat my beer - craze my hair - bare my poor- pope my parts- pop my pet- pluck uribi poppies - pit my plum.
Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady and Murat Tchundyk ( 1951, 2007 4th of July)
Now I hava to go to harvest of poppies. Magash !!!
Yours frändly Murat