Februar 05, 2007

4) questions of february 4th, 2007

BORAT hat gesagt...
Good evening you all so lovely antropsfy blogheads,Tonight i hava V.i.p. questshions for you....I reeda Karma lectures By Steinere out of voluptious work of , GesamtausgabeFöörst questschonsYou hava karmapolice?You hava security forces to a protecta tribe wars Is this Karma ?Story for example: I go to bathrooom washing me in Kasahki way. No toothbrush! But Pamela....and Jaaane.Is karma?Is accident? or Gods willor antropsfy nature spirit dressed up lika Jaaane?????????Difficiult hhmm....I finda really...What is instant Karma?Story example: I writa now to you and calla you camelf.....rs like my desert brothers do or motherf......rs lika my goy nigas ( exc. me afroamericained) brothers in N.Y.C. say really bad evil evestaiing words. Then suddenly all books of Gesamtausgabe fallin on my head and Pc. Both are kaputThis is Instant Karma then? Iam in deepexpectation of your answers?'??'Your wishing a good easy and peacful Karma to allll Blogheads!!!! BORAT

dear friend! this would be the worst case: the 'gesamtausgabe' falling on your pc and head! you never could write and visit us anymore! no, this will not happen, good spirits will take care of you. but ofcourse, it's possible, if you call us motherf....rs, jane or pamela give you a slap round the face or you've got your bottom smacked, or get kicked in your balls. that's real instant karma!yes, we also have karmapolice, it's the blockheadzpolice to guarantee that weirdos like the goy, igor lampenhausen and even the happy beater cannot make to much boobholding with jane or pamela. these things can set situations which bring a lot of difficult and complex karma for everybody! antropsfic greetings, terra canaillo!

BORAT hat gesagt...
Good evening dearest Terra Canillo Where is Mr. TCK? Other V.I.P. questschon: Are Karma and Inkarnation connected? Story exampel: I drive up to your castle to say hello with whole camerateam of Kashaki TV, I drive over a little doggy. Will I be dog of antropsfy bloghead in next life? Good you hava Mr. Steinere and not hava drugs!!! Last night when we were buck thorn trinkin` together with mongolian desert vodka....Boy and Goys I tella you...Later when you answere me. I lova you Kisses!!!!!!! to all antropsfy blogheads may the naturespirit bless you. You wenta to cool ritschual Menschewiehehndling, Cheistoph, Tera Canaillo and Mr. TCK and you little Misses Jane..What about you Frau Annette?Yours frändly rapistBORAT Your
dear friend borat! cultural learner! mr. tc kronstadt is here, I'm writing now! sometimes it's joseph, sometimes it's me. we changed the blogtitle again, also with my name, beforehand the lay-out programm didn't work so well.1) yes! you can connect 'karma' and 'reincarnation'. in this life we collect good or bad karma, although, good or bad: karma is karma, like it is. in certain circumstances we are 'good' or 'bad'. you may say: the weather is good, the weather is bad. but it's your interpretation, the weather is like it is, either good or bad. reincarnation is the idea that we can live, love, f.ck and drink sea buckthornjuice again in this world in another future life. how we live, love, f.ck and drink sea buckthornjuice in our next life depends on the karma we collect in this life. 2) no! the dog remains a dog, exactly said: he goes back in the common soul ('gruppenseele') of the big-dog. the big-dog is the great soul of all the dogs. he rules them all. in the next 'earth-incarnation', we call it the 'jupiter-incarnation', after a big time of take-it-easy ('pralaya'), the big-dog wil be on a human-level. but attention: the house-dogs, which live in families, are more and more disconnected with the big-dog. after dying they remain a while in this families, before getting in the elementary world.3) maybe miss annette likes to drink also sea buckthorn juice with you and have some real fine time!
greetings again from tc kronstadt! (joseph c. says 'hello', jane allready sleeps)

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