Februar 05, 2007

3) questions of february 3th and 4th, 2007

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dear lovely antropsfy blogheads,I willa send you bath suite( made by little children hands of our textile factories)Your answereing makes my heart sing in highest tones.Oh I am so sorrrry Mr. Steinere is dead!! He gotta killed by KGB, CIA or Al- quaida?Or evil naturespirit killed hima?What are you doing with his soul and spirit?Is physio booty of hima in refrigerator up in your beautiiiffuuul castle up on hill to visit and see?Tella me.Your cultural learner and frändly rapistBORAT
dear cultural learner! we are happy that your heart sings in the highest tones. in the years that mister steiner lived and died, there were other secret groups with other names bringing a lot of evil on this planet. mister steiner was very ill, and in the anthropsfy world lots of rumours are going around about this. überhaupt (a german word), many anthropsfy-heads loves rumours. of mister steiners body we only have ashes, burried in the castle's garden.if you like to visit physio booties of guru-like people: there are many catholic churches with dead saints, go and view them! greetings, the terra crew.
BORAT hat gesagt...
Dear antropsfy blogheads,Is Mr. Sex and Drugs and Roll your national anthem?So you are in expectation of new modern heroe, becausa Mr. Steinere is dead? God and naturespirits bless hima! I am so sorry, dearest antropsfy blogheads, really!!!!I hearda that you hava new Modern heroe, I thinka his name is Green-little-river, is this true?Please bringa hima here I musta talka to hima?I not have visa to go and visit him in Intro 3 blogland, they hava bouncer witha name the happy beater, he stränsch....Please helpa me Mr. TCK and Mr. Canaillo!Your devoted cultural learner!And frändly rapistBORAT
dear friend rapist and cultural learner! yes, here in terra canaillo we have the anthem 'sex, steiner & rockandroll'. we replaced the drugs with steiner. ofcourse the 'gesamtausgabe' books are also very expensive, like the other stuff as well: eurythmic copper balls, silk clothes, copper pipes, gärtner lyres, real bio-dynamic food, tools to dynamise the water in your kitchen, flowforms, jungebad dispersion tools, etc. etc. but at the end it is healthier and less expensive then good drugs.yes, we know mr. green-little-river, we allready wrote about him. maybe he will read this and say something to you. he is a real modern heroe, and so he must talk with you, to foster the kazaki relations. Ah, you also had some experience with the happy beater? the brezel-schnitzler! ofcourse we know him, we wrote about him too, we are his bad boys. he bounced us too. let us pray for him! many greetings from the crew with a little kiss from jane!BORAT hat gesagt...
Dearest anrtropsfy blogheads,Mr.Mahmoud harridh is official uribistani With-translator.Isay a word he looka in djerman or getschermän (bit confuse for me) -uribistani Lexicon book and i translata so we did the gesamtausgabe.Greät work, but no pictschers.Words, words but I musta say inertesting verry..!!¨for example i say SEX he looka in Getscermän and he saya Geschlecht.I puta Getschermän and Amercained English together. I learnet when I was cultural learner beginner.I can writa in my newspaper THENAKEDTRUTH Your antropsfy blogheads (all? i dona not know) geschlecht mitt 9 bootys. You call then antropotantra.cORRECT? jUST CHECK YOU NOT ANGRY WITH ME AFTERWARDS.( Fr...reakin PC from bazaar isatnbul)Sorry for letter.I love so much kissas from m for all lova you!! All!!Yours fränddly rapistBORAT
dear cultural learner and friend borat! yes, we think you put the whole thing in a nutshell! you can write those interesting things in 'the naked truth'. the readers of your newspaper must be very interested in anthropotantra, isn't it? wer antropsfy blockheadz like these also very much. also greetings to mr. mahmoud!

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