Februar 05, 2007

9) an important interruption (jane) !

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dear Terra Canaillo and all antropsfy Blogheads,can I buy womans in your tribes, last woman I bought, she has Hair growing between camel maountains turning into disappearin sand dunes.Please tella me possible?Yours frändly rapist Borat

hey you, stupid yokel, randy goat! NO, YOU CAN'T!!! in our culture we treat women like human beings, and not like diapers! and older women have to be respected (as in your culture!) !! we are independent and free, not like you, carrot-controlled bonehead! if you wanna learn 'anthropotantra', change yourself! hope you've pictured it, jane.


Frau K. hat gesagt…

Bravo Jane,
endlich sagt eine diesem sexistischen Kerl mit der schlecht sitzenden Badehose mal die Meinung. Das war längst überfällig und 'deinen Männern' scheinen die Sprüche von Borat über Frauen ja eher Spass zu machen, als dass sie dem mal Bescheid sagen!!
Liebe, solidarische Grüsse von
Frau K.

Christoph hat gesagt…

Was solln das sein, ein Yokel?

BORAT hat gesagt…

Dzien Dobre, baby Jaane,

Wa-wa-wee-wa!!!! Jagshemash?
It is a nice to talka to youuu.
You hava to be patient with me. I am not yet belonga to your antropsfy tribe. So you treat womans like human beings, you not putta them in cage, so they can`t run away?
But whata you will do without mans brain outside of cage?
I try-a to get full picture of the camel-mountains bearer of your tribe.
They hava teeth not inside of mouth but outside,isn`t it?

I very excite!!¨
Bringa more womans to me I can interview.
Frau K. is she angry wit me, I justa wanta learn. Big kissas for you, she sounded like my older wife!

Yours frändly cultural learner from Central-Asia
Is-a verrry interrrresting talking to womäns of anrtropsfy tribe, musta tell Mahmoud to be careful with his Kharam Ding-Dong

Lova you BORAT ( picture lokka lika my sista Oksana, I tella her)

Frau K. hat gesagt…

No Mr. Borat,
I am not angry with you.
You sound a bit like my neighbour,I just met in front of my door,
this stupid, old caveman.
In my job I work with handicaped and crazy people, so don't worry, I can handle it.
Frau K.