Februar 05, 2007

6) questions of february 5th, 2007

BORAT hat gesagt...
Gooda morning to you all blogheads of antopsfy tribe,we no hava hotelroom so we sleepa on field. colda tella youu!Questschon:Mahmoud got hurt by cow horn while asleeping in field. It was antropsfy field, whya you puta cowhorn in field when it is full moon?In cow horn was something lika cocaine you hida your drugs there( you little devils no drugs but Steinere, ha,ha,ha or is it mumbo jumbo magic to maka antropsfy food?Mahmoud try to smoka powder, try to sniff it i street. Wow we both saw Big_carrot standing in front of us.Big-carrot and Big-Dog same connection Karma and Inkarnation ?Your frändly cultural learner and räpistBORAT
dear friends! we laughed a lot about the today's question! so you made your first psychedelic antropsfy experience! yes, you slept on a anthropsfy field! in anthropsfy farms they make a kind of bio-dynamical-magix. Mahmoud found the hidden totem by putting his fat ass on it. I hope, you burried the horn again! it takes a lot of work and time to fill them with voodoo-power. the stuff inside the horn, the bio-dynamic preparation is very important for the plants in such a farm. steiner gave a few concepts to create them, other people have developed the method, but, as it is, most of the materialistic horny-antropsfies don't appreciate them. good grace! you saw the big-carrot! it's another level as big-dog! go on with your exercices! but never, never smoke preparations again! (if you want to know more about bio-dynamix, ask the redundancy-girl barbara, she is also a reader of terra canaillo, sometimes she visits us, knows a lot). biological greetings! the terra c. friends
the picture: filmstil from 'snow white'. cowhorn-stuff sniffing woodvillage-girl!

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