Juni 30, 2007

Uribi Folktales part 2

Magash! With love from Murat

Juni 29, 2007

Kasaki stress test 4

Dearest lovely Antropsfy blogheads and non Antropsfy blogheads,
welcome to the 4rth Kasaki Stress test. This one is for all who are lost in the big SUMMER HOLE or are lost and f...ed in life`s jungle forest . Please look at little Film first, before you read the question to the kasakistresstest.
How many trees did you see? What kind of birds did you hear? What did not belonga to forest? What did you smell, describe it? What does the wood symbolise for you?
Yours frändly Murat
P.S. Where is Mat Gundo? Have you seen him recently?

Juni 25, 2007

A blue moon`s rising
is silencing all our talks and discussions
about what is right and wrong.
A half moon just enough light
to finda our way,
left or right, black or white
up or down,
home or to the open road.
It doesn`t a really matter.
See ya at the crossing my fränds,


Juni 21, 2007

Open Forum overcome your preconceived ideas

Dearest lovely quarelling Antropsfy blogheads,
I contacted Mr. Cohen http://www.andrewcohen.org/blog/and asked him to come to Uribistan. Maybe he is comin tonight on the longest day of the year. So lets discuss the Ego with hima here. Please be nica and tender to each other. So let maka our own picture abouta hima.
Yours frändly Murat
P.S. Please giva a warm welcome for Mr. Andrew Cohen, if he comes and let us together overcome our spoilt EGOs.

Juni 17, 2007

Uribi-Kasaki-Folktales 1

Dearest lovely Antropsfyblogheads for you with love from Murat Tchundyk

Juni 14, 2007

Walking lika Jesus on Waters!

-mg reportz- Dear Readerz! On the bloggy of our friendz Josy Canaillo anda TC Kronstadt, we can see now film of mister Theo Van Gogh, descendant of the famous Vincent. Mister Theo did lot of funny thingz in life, being very individual anarchizt. Not all of his jokez are só very good - few of them ara more on level from otha Dutchman, the former Rudolf Carrell, as he did the trick with the underwear. Ofcourse thiz is littabit lowclass joking, but the reactionz of the Fat Catz in Iran were also very lowclass. Mister Carrel had to hida himself few dayz, lika kind of little Salman Rushdie. We think in our world people has to decide themself, they make good or bad jokes, and to maka joke you can choose every subject! The motion picture of Van Gogh made about islamic woman is not a joke. It is very serious, and it will taka long time before it will change islamic view on women. But it is a beginning! On the little motion picture you see below, you will see Theo Van Gogh also having magical powerz! He is a lika Jesus walking on the waterz, anda making blessingz like Bene XVI. It is not a finished motion picture, but are only few shotz to make film of it. By the way: therefore no chriztian wanted to kill him...

Juni 12, 2007

Anthropsfy in Tschermany

-mg reportz- Ofcourse, in these timez with big Murat party, and again party with opening of our Embassy, we are very busy. But, there is allwayz a time to introduce great eventz in intellectual, philosophical anda antropsphycal fieldz! Mister Zanders from Berlin has written a great book about the history of Anthropsfy in Tschermany*. Mister Zanders himself is not anthropsfyhead, and therefore it is a, I thinka, more objective anda honezt as other bookz about this topic can be. I thinka, this book must be read by the real anthropsfyheadz and everybody who is seriously interested in the matter! There is only one thing: this booky is very expensive - it is 246,-- €! This is about 480,-- old tscherman marks! Anda a lot, lot of Uribi Dollars! Ofcourse I know, everything is relative. If you, anthropsfy blogheadz goes into good Lady's Red House, you pay for an evening witha few girlz and champaign and four roses whiskey 500,-- €. This price you pay for two bookz of Zanders! In Lady's Red House you hava one night big fun anda two months veneric evil. Buying two bookiez of Zanders, you hava one day bad consciousness if your wife ask you money for shopping, but afterwardz you hava 2-3 months of real BIG ANTHROPSFY FUN! Also, you can choose! For those, who wanna go into Lady's Red House, I made translation in Uribi-English, it will be much cheaper as original anda only have about 192 pagez! Today I wrota the 'Verlag Vandenhoeck & RuprechT' to send me one specimen to translate!In Uribi-English, it's edited by the Uribi State & Peoplez Library, the title and prize is: Anthropsfy in Tschermany - theopsfy visionz anda society doingz, small version 190 pages, translated by Mat Gundo. Recycled sowjet-paper 50,- U$ (Uribi Dollar), goat-skin version 199,- U$. 1U$=0,27 €-cents.

The original german book you find here!* Anthroposophie in Deutschland -Theosophische Weltanschauung und gesellschaftliche Praxis 1884–1945 1. Auflage 2007 1916 Seiten mit 37 Abb. und 36 Tab. in 2 Bänden, gebunden 246,00 € [D] ISBN 978-3-525-55452

Uribistan Embassy is open now!!!!

An important moment in Uribi history. The Embassy is for all free peoples all over the world. ( Sorry Goy, we couldnt finda Mercedes, but in Berlin traffic jam you are more mobile with that italian car, nica secretary for you Goy? pleasa tella peoples when you are open and learn our Hymn by heart)Nerone also biga thank you, a mix of Steiner, Wright and Zumthor. He musta be devil of a architect.
Yours frändly Murat
P.S. Apply (click link for further infos)for lifetime Green Card and see where our country is?

Juni 09, 2007

I ama alive!!!!!!!!! Try a little tenderness

Dearest lovely antropsfyblogheads,
Hamasheyk is freeeeeeee!!!!! The repairs on the Kasakhi-Stress-Test-machine is ready and steady to begina.
i thought after i hava been in warzone to maka my bloground. Cheesus, wartriba very damaging. Nerone hada two Kamikaze fighters on his blog, the Happy Beater and iliterate Mr. Goat. he wanted to make Neronybar shut. Called Last orders, drinka up boys and go home, buta they demolished all tables, glasses, so that Doctor Franky was comin in other blog at the Egoistaa nd suggested mental distortion is around, wow, Barbaras Numba 1 and two weree scratchin their eyes outa. Mr. Big Editor from National Ghost News Info 3 were givin English lessons and introduced new word BESHOUWERED. Mr. Goat interpreted and so on...Mat whata on earth were you doin there whila we were shootin the shit out of the dark forces of Caliban? It worked in the enda thanks Ulfat and Mat. Nerone is invitin now real fränds to his blog. And Green little river went ona holiday Helllauuuuu, makin big bussines witha Josie Canillo!!!!I knew Josie and Green-little-River good business mäns. Annette is bankrupt no more bloggin parties. Mr. kronstadt hada to explaina a lota. Hey I ama confuseda. Lampenhausen was attacket by the beater. He the Beater suggesta heavy sexual intercourse practica, some kinda of Anthropotantra? Canna you giva me answers? Goy is sittin in his bloga sits in hisa blog smokin fat cuban cigars and thinks: When the heck is the openin party of Uribistan Embassy in Berlin. Nerone is waitin for his secretary he has to share witha Christoph. Oh yesa sir, masa you geta Mercedes soon and secretary.
besida film you seee secretary for NERONE and GOY:
And now lets try a little tenderness and shaka your booty. And dearest lovely Mr. Cohen, you are little rascal torturing youra little followers by forcin them to maka spirtually high pressured push ups. Softies those westerners, keep challenga those weaklings. I treat my slaves at home also sometimes lika dogs, and you know they are thankful and grateful for ita, buta today lets all shaka and be tender. This is preperation party for embassy openin in Berlin.
Yours frändly full hearted free and ever young Murat Tchundyk

situation in uribistan!

-mg reportz- Still here on the big international Shaman Conference in Hcan-Rôd, we heard about the terrible situation in Hamasheyk. We did not heara anything from Murat! We hope he is still aliva anda on this earth breathing!
In thiz situation I can talk to you, dear Readerz, about little secret: it is disappearing strategy! We hava lots of thousands of shamans, but only 3, who are in very special secret tradition, and this tradition is learned only by the three to one pupil! Even the otherz shamans do not know who they are! It's Uribi State Secret. If it comez very hard, they come together, and with their powerz they bring Uribistan in state of DISAPPEARANCE!
Now, also I can explain you, dear readerz, or official name. it is FREE anda EVER YOUNG republic of Uribistan. Free, because now Uribistan is totally free! We could beat out russian communizts anda new capitalizts, beat out kazaki, uzbeki anda other usurpatorz! After 1917 they divided partz of Uribistan between them! But biggest part, our beloved Highlandz (and also part of See-Landz and Lowlandz too) , they never got! Why? Because 3 shamanz maka disappearance rite! They can bringa our country in state of Pralaya! We disappear, sleep in higher consciousness levelz! If Red Army came, if english came, if french came, if CIA came - we were gone! Anda this is EVER YOUNG part of Uribistan, how archangelz anda other beings made it in beginning timez! How does thiz work on those people who will attack us? If they ara in disappearing country, they are on a certain point in nothingness, they ara lika 'nowhere'-men from beatlessong. But thiz is not funny, it is terrible, it hurts, its soundz crying, it is ashaming. They get totally mad. Lika boyz coming back from Vietnam or from Irak, but even worser! Because they experienced NOTHINGNESS, without preparation! It is lika taking 7 overdoses of LSD. Now you understand, why 1) we do not hava army, it is very small, only for show; 2) we cannot do thiz disappearance allways, because it has big influence on earth anda other karma! It has lots of consequences. WE must see how the situation in Hamasheyk develops! We try to contact Murat!
We hava still good timez here in Conference on the Mountains, at the same time having big sorrow about Hamasheyk. Maybe the 3 can do partial disappearance?
Meanwhile, yesterday an African guezt maka big levitation here! A tscherman televison crew filmed him doing thiz in his triba, commentated here in english. Just watch it!

Juni 04, 2007

Heavy fighting in Hamasheyk

Heavy fighting in Hamasheyk
Dearest Mat,
in the early hours heavy fighting broka outa in Hamasheyk. Hamasheyk institute of biological Cybernetics is heavily damaged. Our kasakhi stress test result machine is bombed outa. Djerman Administrator Herrmann Finkelstein is shellshocked. He canta type anymore, he justa shakes. You are in high uribi mountains now. Bringa war shamans to maka the dissappearing trick. As long as you nota coma we willa fighta and report on physical booty plane. Caliban fighters froma Waziristan influxing city, they are on heavy drugs so evrythinga isa very chaotic. Ask all Antropsfyblogheads for help. Now we hava to stand United against dark forces of Caliban. Tell them their wartribas are Kindergarten games compared whata happenin here. I provided videomaterial. Any minute
I will be technologiallly cut off, but in spirit and National Ghost we always are united. Remember, whena Arjuna aska Krishna, why do I hava to fight against my own brothers. Krishna said it is your Karma follow the worlds Dharma. Go on be hero helpa us.
Yours Murat

real anda false enlightenment!

-mg reports- in these dayz we hava in the Uribi Higlandz great every year conference of all leading shamans in Uribistan. traditionally we do this in our Highlandz in special place called Hcan-Rôd (as non-native reader you can speak hakan-rott, or something lika that). Ofcoursa we ara also becoming modern times there, and so we heard mister Dattatreya Siva Baba talking on a big screen about false anda truth enlightenment. It is also very nica to hear otha meaningz ina world anda looking how far today's gurus, sages anda priests anda some bloody pseudo-mindblower are. We thinka that for all antropsfy headz, again in heavy discussionz about guruz and enlightenmentz, it is also nice to hear what Mister Dattatrey Siva Baba is a saying to us. I am a very happy that in these dayz I can be here in the Uribi Highlandz, ina old fathalandz, as a reporter from the Uribistan Daily, and cann tella you all about thiz important shamanconference!

Juni 02, 2007

Iraq the second Vietnam? Condi answers

Dearest lovely Antropsfyblogheads,
tired of Iraqdiscussion? On Whitsun 2007 Vietnam Vets gathered in Washington ona Memeorial Day to remember the 58 000 Soldiers getting missed and killed in Vietnam. They rolled on Harleys and Golden Wings into Washington. They called it "Rolling Thunder". Young Americans(wood village pupils?) makea Condi speak upa in VIDEOCLIP(click link to watch). Why is there fear that America gives up their leader position in World, if they loose war in Iraq or geta outa quickly? After loosing war in Vietnam (anda it wasa worsa), America didn`t breaka togetha. It is nota the lefties only who wishes the war to end, ita is mothers, girlfriends, husbands anda children of soldiers on both sides. Okay Lockhheed and Tomahawk shareholders will be bankrupt. ( I know Goy nota good for capitalism)
Donta forgeta that.
Yours frändly Murat Tchundyk (fränd of America and the free world in general and so on)I justa wanta to remember part of America who is a nota satisfied with government, so this report hasa nothing to do with Antiamericanism or protesting from Left to Right or the other way round, it isa question of Life and Death) Do you hava family membas in Iraq? Americains or Iraqis ( doesnt f...ing matter)

Juni 01, 2007

Juni juni lai, Birsanai garo bho - having dance time in june!

Dear Readerz anda antropsfy-blogheadz from all fightin' tribas! It is june, anda therefora we have june dancings from our buddhist minority peoplez in the nordeast of Uribistan. Nice dances for managing coming togethere the man and te woman! very interesting also here the very olde High Uribistani language witha classical olde script! Hava very relaxing tima!