Februar 05, 2007

2) questions of february 2nd, 2007

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dear blogheads of getschermän,chärmän and special djerman tribe of antropsfy,Tanke shcoööön vuer antfortne mir!I hava reed last night Gesamtausgabe. I musta say verrry confuse me. I hava to talka to Mr. Steinre. Is hee also comin here to interview, he also bloghead of your tribe? Bring him, please!!I not understäna your bootis,we in kaskstan hav head, arms and legs, man hava ding-dong, womans hava camel mountains betweeeen head and tummy( old womans hava disaapeiring sand dunes= old traditional saying in Kasakstan)but youuur triba hava 4 bootys..Koerpre1 Pysio booty, 2 electric booty, 3 astro booty, 4 EGO booty stränsch....How you mantscha in antropsfy tribe?Is Mr. Steienr was a presidentor holy man lika Mohammed writa about stränsch thingys?Last questschon: Youu also hava anal relitschious parties and rits lika for exampel jew bashing, sad cheesus pokin in rips to make him laughh or ...prayin to biga blacka stone in sand dunes or sit lika fat man under tree?Tella me all you united under flag of antropsfy !!! I am so häpy to learn from youuuu.Your dutiful cultural learnerBORATNot read only for Jane, män all clos eyes.Questscho onli for Jaaane:I seee a video with your white stones in mouf. Youu wannn meeet me in after behind done interview? Pleaseedear friend cultural learner!

we are very impressed about your performance in reading the 'gesamtausgabe', just do this a few times more, and you can take the antropsfy learnings with you in the kazaki homelands. maybe it's possible for you to open an alternative supermarket in astana, your capital. now to your first question: unfortunately, mister steiner is dead. we only have an old coat of him in terra canaillo. but still he is a kind of blockhead in the antropsfy blogs. by the way, we appreciate your example of kazaki wisdom!your second question: yes, you made every endeavour to learn antropsfy. you even noticed the four booties. but, dear cultural learner, there are even more booties, if the ego booty works and impulses on the astro booty, the booty electric and even on the pysio booty, they change and differentiate, we also can speak about seven or nine booties! from the lowest to the highest. it makes a lot of fun 'to have sexy time' coordinating all the booties! we manage it, it's a kind of anthropotantra!question 3: yes, steiner was very important. although he is dead for many , many years, till now, a lot of people in the antropsfy tribe try to act and look like steiner (haircut, eyes white open, staring deeply in your soul, etc.). little kings. be carefull with those guys! here the word 'antropsfy' is more common with 'atrophy'.your last question for today: no, we don't have stuff like that. but if people like, they can do. some folks in the antropsfy tribe use a 'jahreszeitentisch' (a seasoning-table). they put silk cloths on it in different colours, put some sweetdripping kitschy postcards on it, stones and plants (no animalism! no shamanism!) and 'waldorf'-puppets (no voodoo!) and change the whole mess with the seasons (today it's hard to follow the seasons!). other people in our tribe translate, like a normal interpreter does, the language of elementary nature-spirits in our language. that's funny! maybe you can learn this!and jane said she likes to meet you if you wear the phosphorgreen bath suite! (can you send us two of them?). greetings from the terra canaillo tribe!

BORAT hat gesagt...
Hell agäin,forgota taska youu Mr. Steinre why a you hava no Pictschers like Pamela in youur books, youu know it is a so relaxin. So manyy booooks ....uhfff....and no pictschers and the only pictschers my teacher in Kaskstan made on table in front of school....Mr. Steinre youuuu wan hava Pamelas book?I giva you gladly!Your cultural learner from Kaskstan writing for "THENAKEDTRUTH" newpaper.Kisses for you Mr. Steinre also forr Jane.Ilova youu so mucha!dear cultural learner!

if you read the newest edition of the 'gesamtausgabe' you will find in the back of the books a lot of chalk drawings of steiner! they are beautiful coulored. there is also an edition only with steiners' chalk drawings! that will make you forget the pictures of pamela. but if you think it's necessary, you can look here. we have other pictures! for example of britney spears and indian beauties! we also love you, terra canaillo

Christoph hat gesagt...
he also bloghead of your tribe? If Steiner was still alive he would be part of the anthrosphere with an own blog. How you mantscha in antropsfy tribe?No problem. We do it in a "ganzheitlich" way. Steiner wants to say that human beings are more than a visible body. Short: In our tribe we usually have *s...*-time with four bodies! You wanna became a member? Is Mr. Steienr was a presidentor holy man lika Mohammed writa about stränsch thingys?For some people in our tribe he is a guru. Youu also hava anal relitschious parties and rits lika for exampel jew bashing, sad cheesus pokin in rips to make him laughh or ...prayin to biga blacka stone in sand dunes or sit lika fat man under tree?We have the "Menschenweihehandlung" in the CG, which is a very cool ritual thing.

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