Februar 05, 2007

11) questions of february, 9th, 2007

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dearest clearest Anrtopsphy Blohheads,Sorrry my computer bbought in Istanbool baazar not find deepest deareest blue, or Verdana sounda like Astana and s.th. else.....Last Questschion from the clinic to you you knowa I learna and learna and suddenly I read Mr. Steinere said it is dangerous reading books by chocalete faces authors for pregnant cheesed woman. I do not underständ...Story example: my middle wife reads book of member of big nose triba my baby will hava a big nose?Would that be the same?When i was a gypsycatcher in Khashstan....but this one later..Forrrrr laaaast questschons!You can ask me then or I disappear like a wandering sand dune under the Arabien deepest blue.Shalom, salam may your triba flour and flourish and grow.Big licking KissasBORAT ( Jaaaane not angry we meet. Wa-we-we-wa-we.

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dearest Josie Canaillio, Mr. Kronstadt, Jane and all lay-outer,Please contact me and I will do blogaccount as I was told, I also wanta help, but I am Kasaki ex-gypsycatcher and icemaker PC i also hava to learn.How do I get blogaccount and where do I geta Djermanlessons for frreee.Pleasa teacha me!!!Your dutiful cultural learner from glorious antropsfy tribe teraa canaillorapistBorat

well, to question 1: good learner! you have studied the 'stammtischlectures' of steiner for the 'arbeiter' am goetheanum. well done! there are a lot of interesting things in it, like the courses about the bees. don't worry about the chocolate-effect: chocolate, cheesie, vanilla cake, strawberry red, black coffee, it's no problem today. if you read this (you must read part 1-3), you will notice that todays' difficulties are different: the barbiefication of our society.if your second wife read books from the big-nose tribe, it's allright: you all have big noses, it does not attract attention.
question 2: if you want to make your blogaccount, then go here. the rest is simple! we hear about you! and please, be nice to jane and this frau k., otherwise only men read this blog in the future!greetings from the chocolat-cheesie-terra canaillo tribe!


Christoph hat gesagt…

Shalom Borat!

It would be really great if you had an own blogger account. Then you could even read my new secret blog "Jennifers Briefe [Gesamtausgabe]": http://jennifersbriefe.blogspot.com

At the moment its for invited readers only!



Please Borat and Mahmoud,

come home you are desperately needed in Uribistan.
No more questschon for that tribe with the know-everthing-philosophy.

Thank you so much for the interview.
But Borat and Mahmoud must go home.

Yours editor of THENAKEDTRUTH
Tybal An`hangsheyev