Mai 30, 2007

RADIO URIBISTAN: Murat interviews Timothy Leary ( Whitsun)

Dearest lovely Antropsfy blogheads,
Our first Radio Talk. Listen carefully to Mr. Leary and UHU.
Enjoy take time. Also Borat, Annette and others are there you know....
Yours frändly Murat
Posta Scripte: if it takes to longue for the radio-window to appear, pleasa click on text below! Posta Posta Scripta: At the Kasakhistrestest 3 you finda Testresults in Comment Numba 9 by Djerman Administrator (bonus revelation of administrator`s name)

Visons of Steiner

Dearest lovely Antropsfyblogheads,
I ama back from Desert. After READING STEINERE(click link to see whata I read) I hada dream of our Mr. Steinere. This pic of vision I hada to finish to bringa to you. I thinka Mr. Steinere was hunter or? Unfortunately the title of the book was swept away by sunrays, desert wind and other elementals. Whata the title? Please helpa!
Yours frändly Murat
P.S. I hava hearda we hava embassy! Great Nerone I hava secretary with me. Who is Embassador? ...I know Christoph , the Goy. Do you accept?

Mai 29, 2007

Sri Puppetji Tiehrháw third Guru learninx for Blogheadz

Anda still we hava other Mindsteaming lesson: Srí Puppetji himself said about thiz: 'All good thingz are three..'. Nowa, he likes to talk about 'yoga'.
Yes, we ara so proud to hava him her now, despite in some thinx we hava other ideas. Yes, he is real guru for real-guru-kids. Let him talka, this olde mindfucka! Lota joy! Overstreaming, Mat Gundo.

Sri Puppetji Tiehrháw second Guru learninx for Blogheadz

Yes! It musta be - directly after first wonderfull Truth-Speaky-Session, we azked Holy Srí Puppetji to talka mora! Anda he gave uz Knowledge about Big Secret - in consideration of Quantumphysicz, Tantra anda Antropsfy! Justa enjoy this olde Mindfucka again! Yourz Overstreaming lots lots! Mat Gundo.

Sri Puppetji Tiehrháw first Guru learninx for Blogheadz

Let us present today (we thinka, it is a very necessary) the first Truth-Speaky-Session of our Holy Beloved Sri Puppetji Tiehrháw froma South-East Uribistan. Sri Puppetji belongz to the small group of Rest-Hindi people in that region. Their shamans hava very olde wizdom. We lika it to present you. Ofcoursa, Sri Puppetji isa not directly in oura spiritual streaming, buta we thinka that thera could be readerz who lika him! So we asked this old horney Mindfucka to speak to us! Anda, if you wanna hear, after thiz olde wizdom, some gut music anda lyricz made by our canaillo friendz anda blog-fatherz at big uribi-canaillo party last week, you go here to terra canaillo! Yourz Overstreaming Mat Gundo.

Mai 28, 2007

Kasakhi-Stress-Test 3 (Are you en- or only belighted?)

Wir wollen in diesem Kasakhistress die Erleuchtungsfähigkeiten des gemeinen antropsfybloghead beleuchten. Jeder Seefahrer braucht einen Leuchtturm, der ihm den Weg nach Hause leuchtet. Erleuchtete sind nichts anderes als Leuchttürme. Leuchttürme die uns den Weg zurück zu Gott erleuchten. Jedoch sind viele Erleuchtete nichts anderes als
edle teure und ziemlich überflüssige Kronleuchter, ein Zehntel der Leuchtkraft hätte gelangt, aber dann würden die Fassungen der Kronleuchter nicht so schön golden erleuchtet sein. Da sind mir die Leuchtraketen unter den Erleuchteten am liebsten. Sie glühen kurz auf und verschwinden und sie hinterlassen nichts, nur Nirvana. Keine überflüssigen Lehren, keine Heiligenbilder, keine Diskussionen, die in ihrem und über ihren Namen geführt werden. Jedoch sind diese Erleuchtungsmomente alle gespeichert in der Akashachronik. Die Akashachronik wählt dazu bestimmte Menschen aus. Denn würde unsere PC Speicherplätze gelöscht werden, was bliebe übrig? Wessen Gedächtnis hätte alles am besten gespeichert? Alle kennen sie das Akasha Chronicle Girl:ANNETTE Sie wüsste am besten was diese seltsame Antropsfyblogosphäre so alles beleuchtet und durchleuchtet hat, weil sie erleuchtet ist und eine Flamme der Erleuchtung in sich trägt. Sie ist ein wahrer Leuchtturm, der jedem Seefahrer, jedem verlorengegangenen Antropsfybloghead einen sicheren Hafen anbieten würde in ihrer Wellness Oase. Von daher ernennen wir Annette zur ERLEUCHTETEN Antropsfystin des Monats Mai.
Und nun zum Be- und Erleuchtungs Kasakhistresstest. Wir sehen 3 Licht Elemente.(For English-Uribi readers: We see 3 Elements of Light. Tella us which one is "Enlightened" and which one is only "Belighted". Tella us ifa you see a fourth LIght.
Nennen Sie liebe Leser die Lichter, die erleuchtet sind und jene welche nur beleuchtet sind. Sehen sie vielleicht ein viertes Element( dann wären Sie ein Menschheitsführrrer oder vielleicht nur ein kleiner Guru)? Das Institue Hamsheyk for biological Cybernetics wird Ihnen geehrter Antropsfybloghead sagen, ob Sie "Erleuchtete" oder "nur Beleuchtete" sind, ob Sie zum Menschheitsführer oder nur zum Guru geeignet sind. Natürlich würde es uns freuen, wenn die "goldenen Kronleuchter", wie Andrew Cohen oder Green-little-River auch zu dem Test hinzustossen könnten. Murat lässt grüssen.( Barbara, das mit dem Kauderwelsch hat ihn ziemlich getroffen, obwohl er das nicht gerne zugibt).
Ihr Djerman Administrator. (Mat and Murat sind bei einem Uribistan Daily Whitsun editors meeting und richten Ihnen Leser und natürlich Leserinnen ein freundliches MAGASH aus)

Mai 26, 2007

Yogi Mahesh Maharishi

Dearest lovely Antropsfy blogheads,
there wasa big confusion about Maharishi and Maharshi at Egoiste triba. So here is the Beatles Guru. I gota introduced to TM by a hippie girl, when she was passing through Uribistan on her way back to Europe from India in the seventies. My first girlfriend. We were sitting together and were emptying our " pears" (minds). It felta good to hava empty brain, although i wanted differenta than to meditate with flower girl.;)Anyway this little nice man introduced me in form of this blond freckled british angel to Nirvana ( no not Kurt Cobain). I still remember my Mantra.
John Lennon wrota song about hima. John didn`t lika Gurus. Somehow John was kinda of Antropsfyst. Pity he is no longer among the living. What happened to the freckled blonde? I donta know some karmic wind swept her away, buta dearest Mat, it definetly was a karmic meeting(*read article below "about karma" by Mat Gundo) I donta wanta to miss.
Yours frändly Murat Magash

Mai 25, 2007

about karma

-mat gundo reports- Dear Readerz! Dear Anthroblogheadz! The Egoist Triba now has interesting posts about antropsfy anda thoughts about Karma. The Egoist himself, Mister Michaelo Eggert, wrote to me in comment: 'Mat, writa what you believe in...' Let me tell you know what I thinka about Karma. If you don’t lika to read this Nerone-like stuff, you can read and see and hear all the otha beautiful thingsz in The Uribistan Daily! Wella, let me talka, it's lika Ruud Steiner would also tell you (ofcoursa in good austrian-tsherman).
If we coma in thiz world, at the tima we react in the world, we are making Karma. Karma is a logical implication in acting in the World. The way, we make karma in the world, is through our body. If we do not had a Physio Booty, we could not act in this physio world. Ofcourse we are vivid beings, we are growing beings, regenerating ourselves every night in sleeping, Thiz isa not physio booty, while physio booty alone goes way down to earth. It is few dayz after dead lika olda Käsebrot. The Electric Booty helps us to stay in our physio booty. At the same Tima we ara also beings that act, feel, love, hate, think, imagine, feeling good, feeling sad, having inner movements, thiz is all beautiful Astro Booty. In the middle of astro booty, as a little focal point, we have Ego-Constellation. It remindz us that we are those who we ara: Spirits, Entities, out of time anda space, coming from spiritual world into thiz world of flesh anda blood. In heavenz we look what we can do in incarnation on this earth. In our deepezt inside we stay pure, in the outside world we are collecting karma. Ofcoursa we are responsible for it. It is lika being Chief in big global enterprise, or being chief in government: if a little co-worker makez big mistake, you ara at the end responsible for it, although you did not do the bloody thing yourself! So it isa also witha creating new karma. Why we are doing thiz hera in thiz world? Because we must maka of this kosmos of wisdom a kosmos of love (beautiful wordz of ruud steiner). Thiz is particular message of being human in this world.
We must bring our karmic experience to our pure Self. If I come in this world, the more I am aware of those things, the bigger isa my responsibility! As a child I make little Karma, anda dying very young, I am going in the heavenz very quick. I need not to look, to collect, to internalize (here it is a very funny to use this word) anda giving sense the movements of the new karma I created in last life, ofcoursa I do this togetha with my angel and other beingz . Getting older, ofcourse I hava lota more to do.
Now I’m a walking on earth, and I met other peoplez, I met a world I did also create in other life-existence in world. We are kind of Co-Creators of the world! So, there ara more karmic streams I hava to live in: 1) my own karmic stream, the thingz I did in other life, and have formed me now as I am, 2) the karmic stream of the World, that I ‘m a little Co-Creator, which comes from other direction to me, 3) if those two streams (my own karmic stream from the past and the from future coming stream of world) have a collision we are in the here and now anda new karma is born. As I said becoming more anda more Aware of those things, we can try to change ourselves, and creating good karma. Those little drops of good new karma is the substance of Love, with this substance we can builda new world, as they say, New Jerusalem. Also, it is a not our Goal to stop with making Karma, but live more consciousness and producing little gold drops of Love for building New Jerusalem.
So, in a few dayz or weekz I willa talk a little bit about Holy Trinity. Magash, Overstreaming yourz!

Ramana Maharshi

Do not seek spiritual eminence from disputation, for him who is expectant of divine inspiration listening is better than speaking.
If every busybody had found the track to His grace, how should God have sent so many prophets?
The light of the lightning is not for guidance on the way; nay it is a command to the cloud to weep.
The lightning of our intelect is for the sake of weeping, to the end that non-existence may weep in longing for real existence.
Jalalu`din Rumi, Mathnawi Book 4

Magash!!! Yours Murat

Mai 24, 2007

Overstreaming Lova as it is!

-mg comments- As I wrota on comments at the Egoist-Triba Site, The Uribistan Daily willa put video of Eternal Patti Smith. Asa I red now the article of my friend anda Uribi-blog-fatha TC Kronstadt, I remembered it, ana here it is. Very simple, only guitar anda voice, it is songa to maka love anda going in Heavenz! Overstreaming Lova for all Readerz!

Mai 21, 2007

Djerman Homelandsecurity

Big Schaub`s latest Homelandsecurity
We Uribi peoples you nota get us Mr. Big Schaub! You cana hava our Computa buta nota our free and ever young souls.
Greetings from the desert M. click link to see walking pictures

Mai 19, 2007

We cann wait building big embassy in Berlin!

-MG comments - Dear readerz! THis image here, suddenly it was on our website!! Asa my Uribi brotha MUrat write above: 'Big Schaub, you can hava our pc but cannot hava our soulz.' Firzt of all, it is nice that Schaub knows us, but second: we don't lika he laughs about us! If he's thinka we speak the 'bloodiest' tscherman anda english he'd ever heard, he has to lizten to his party colleagues, politix colleagues, to his former idol Helmut Koohl, mister Lübke and other präsidentz and big chiefz of Tschermanistan. If SChaub wanna have diplomatic relationships in thisz way, he iz on wrong side! We cann wait building big embassy in Berlin! I only say: in our country, there iz a lot of raw materials in earth, we hava great amountz of sheep and goats, anda a lot of typez of non-gentechno, non-pesticide, non-nanotech cerealz in the uribihighlandz! Anda, interesting for new spiritual culture of mankind: we hava possibilities to move with power, known as 'vril' !
Also, Big SChaub, thinka about it! Overstreaming for the Tschermanistan readerz with Good Will, Mat GUndo.

Mai 18, 2007


Radio Uribistan- Da Der Egoisten Tribe das Kauderwelsch von unserem Antropsfy Aspirant Murat Tchundyk beanstandet, überbringe ich als Djerman Administrator in gewähltem Hochdeutsch das Motto von Murat, der immer noch in der Wüste verweilt: Bloggt bis ihr alle umfallt und schüttelt eure AETHERLEIBER! BLOG TILL YA DROPA AND DONT FORGET TO SHAKE YOUR ELECTRIC BOOTY Kissas from MURAT

Mai 15, 2007

important newz from the uribi daily redaction!

Dear readerz! Today, also the URL of our Uribistan Daily has changed! It isa not any longer the canaillo2 http address, but now it is:

We changed the URL becausa of technical reasonz. We still lova the real Canaillo Blog, and wisha Joseph C., TC KRonstadt, beautifulll Jane and all the others a lotta good timez in real anda virtual Life. Also in the future, occasionally they will writa some thingies in The Uribi Daily!
Yours, Murat Tchundyk & Mat Gundo

Mai 14, 2007

New fine giftz for Ascension Day!

mg reports - dear readerz! we promised you to present other fine Jesusdolls as a gift for Ascension Day! As you know, in the West of Europe, I thinka mostly in Tshermany, peoplez cannot handle anymore this DAy. They are so damned Materialistix that they cannot Imagine anymore the real Ascension of the Holy Son into the Heavenz! Therafore it isa very good that Ruud Steiner broughta Anthropsfy to the Peoplez of the West, to relearn what it is to Ascend to the Heavenz. In his speachez on Easter & Ascension on March 27. & May 7th, you can read a lot about thiz! Someone gave me this conversationz in a little booky - printed in 1958, it is a called: 'Der Ostergedanke - Die Himmelfahrtsoffenbarung und das Pfingstgeheimnis'. Happy timez with it! This is Gift 1!
The second Gift is a for all those peoplez (males) who cannot believe anymore this stuff, anda are in their thoughtz to stupid to gain new knowledge. They changed Ascension Day in 'Fatherday'. It isa one of the most stupid Inventionz I know. On that day you can see them, hangin' around in groupz, and a getting drunk & becoming bestial. Not capable to hava spiritual Experiencez. For those we hava nica Jesus Doll, he also looka little bit drunk - so they can identify themselves with Him, and remember, yes, it really is Ascension Day, in the Moment the Doll flies high in the Heavenz (special Ascension Mechanizm!). They get shocked!

Hera it is:

and the description: 11" soft, this cuddly Jesus plushy comes with a "W.W.I.D." (What Would I Do?) wristband. Ascension Propelling (about 10 Feet High Airglide)
details: weight 1.00 lbs price: $ 15.89
Happy Times!

Mai 13, 2007

Taming the inner lion

Dearst lovely Antropsfy blogheads,
I lova Minaretts and I am sada that soma peoples willa nota hava them around the corner. Why? I dunno understanda. You hava Mac Donalds all over the world whya you donta hava Minaretts everywhere, ifa you donta lika the way Muezin is singin, justa shoot hima down geta new one.
I willa go into desert and meditate about ita. I call it the Taming of the inner lion. I also practice a bita Nail and Wood religion: I forgiva you Mr. Andreas.
Yours frändly Murat
When falcon- lika I darted from my world
of mystery upward and upward flying.
No wise man stood there saying: Hello my friend I hava the truth for you!
So back i dived by the same narrow door.
Omar Kayaam

Mai 12, 2007

non-video cultural learninx in preparation of Ascension Day

MG reports! - As I wrote to you, dearest readerz, my family all are memberz of the Uribi Christian Church, whicha, with influences from all over to Atlantis, and a lota shamanism, is about to be the oldest religion in the world. Now on my way in Olde Europe and New America of thiz Mister Bush, I looka what is new in Christian religion, maybe I find some usefull thingies to bring back to my peoplez. In Uribistan we like all kindz of Colourz anda fine kitschy stuf. (Dear Readerz: if you look at my text, you surely noticed that it isa more shaped! Yes, my secretary, the dear tiny Miss Juba (a very beautifulllll daughter of great Gigili!), she looks a little bit that all is written in smooth shape!!). Well, back to the subject: I founda very nice Coloured Jesus for my peoplez! One is lika handsome Oracle, you ask Jesus and he answers! I hearda Mister Bush also hava one in Oval Room to make decisionz easier! And the other Jesus is lika LED-lamp, in psychedelic mood! I thinka these are very wonderfull Giftz for Ascension Day! Here they are:
On the left you see the LED-Jesus, on the righta the real answering Jesus. Here I give you description of both Toyz, as written in Announcement:
See the light! Turn him on and Jesus gives you a continuously moving psychedelic rainbow light display. Nearly 13" of extra groovy deity. Cordless. Takes 3 AAA batteries - INCLUDED.
Shipped in groovy gift box. 3/4 lbs. - details: weight 2.00 lbs, price: $ 24.99

and, to Answering Jesus:
The Magic 8 Ball version of the Son of God. Ask a question, tip him over, and viola! YOU know what Jesus would do. Almost 13" of deity, fuzzy, firm, and pink. Shipped in groovy gift box. 3 lbs. - details: weight 3.00 lbs, price: $ 10.00
As a special Gift for Readerz of the Uribistan Daily, we produce now a third Jesus, also for Ascension Day, witha little Mechanisements to Fly and rise up in sky! (in yellow, gold, pink & blue!)
Hava Nice Times!

Eurovision Song Festival 2007

MG reports - Dear REaderz! Uribistan maka good chance in next year to singa in EUrofision Songfestival. For tonighta its very, very UNInteresting! If you wanna hear all the songz you can go to Spiegel.Online, there on Multimedia you finda ALL the this yearssongz! They are sóóó boring anda terrible! Our Uribi favorits from Iszrael do not sing anymore in it! Why? It was best song of all! In thiz year even Armenia and Republik MOldau (haha, do you know where thiz republic is?) sing in contest - also, nexta year Uribistan will be there! Murat and me and the Uribistan Harmony Urchesztra will sing beautifulll song about Camel and Women! NOw, just show on spiegel.Online the songz, then you know all the BULLSHIT before in shortversion (it isa all the same), and you can hava quiet and good Evening making other fine things!

Mai 11, 2007

cultural learninx: india

Wella! My uribi-brother Murat isa making beautiful pictures. Maybe, I will also try to maka big picture for AOEa-Girl. But in first place I'm wrIting anda thinking. Anda I thinka to wrota LoVe Poem for AoEA-Girl! It goesz lika (ofcoursa it isz original High Classical Uribi written, but for AOeA-Girl and you all it is a in Tscherman!)
Hera it goes:

Wenn ich ja SITZE
Ich sehe MOND
UNd alli STERN
uznd höre einsamen RUF vom Wüstenhund
Oh, welcha SCHauder!
Esz ista KALT und ich KUSCHELE zwischen HOCKER
auf Rücken von meinem KAMEL
Da auf meibnem OUD ich zupfe SAITEN
UNd singe ald Wüstensand LIOebeslied
fÜr unbekannt unda weiotweg FRAU
und iche seufze 'A'
unda singa 'O'
unda weine 'E'
unda brülliere 'A'!!
Laut ina Wüste icha wehe meione Gedanken
bis ina Zimmer vona andromeda-girl...

Isn't it beautifula? Ofcouzrsa I like it that mora & mora of PEoples discover our Uribi country, and that their hearts are beating for us! Yes, dear Blogheadz, my heart isa sztill BEATING anda OVERSTREAMING for YOU ALL anda especially fora AOeA-girl! Todaye I founda for you all, dear blogheadz, newa learninx, it is about possibilities of having other viewz on wellknown and trustie thinxs. for example on mister gandhi. justa enjoy it, that's all. (posta scriptum: my heart is mora anda mora overstreaming for you all. I made AOEA, Ann Etta & Nerone blogue part of our signing out in the virtual atmosphäre). Magash! Yours, Mat GUndo.

Mai 09, 2007

Trying to paint

Murat was trying to paint the describtion of a painting he found in AOEA. He did it at our weekly meeting. Dearest Readers are you not drawing and painting secretly in meetings? The famous thursday sessions all over the world in Antropsfy Institutions. Imagine what kinda of Art in form of paintings on the edge of the Agenda and so on is weeekly created we dont know of a thingy. TNT REPOrts

Mai 06, 2007

Cultural Learnix von Mr. Pregnant

What is racism? Do you know racism? Or is it justa favourite theme of desillusioned "Lefties"?
We think Mr. Pregnant has a lot of learnix for us and for you dearest Antropsfy Blogheads. On the blog of Mr. Nerone we hava interesting discussion about " racism and Antropsfy". You thinka o not again, no this time it isa different. Very relaxta! Hava look and stay tuned!!!
Murat Tchundyk reports

Mai 01, 2007

Eurythmix from Uribistan

Djerman Administrator- Wir sind sehr stolz, dass unsere Eurythmiegruppe und Schauspieler zur Sommertagung eingeladen worden sind. Herr Pfarrer Gneippbach lädt ein zu einer Gesprächsrunde auf der Wiese vor Goys World zwei Stunden vor Beginn der Welturaufführung von Gimmir Aebier um das einzigartige Nationalepos von Uribistan etwas tiefer zu ergründen und spirituell zu durchleuchten. Die Beatagenten werden diese Veranstaltung absichern. Murat wollte vor dem Goetheanum (jetzt Goys World) ein dutzend Ziegen grillen. Onkel Tybal wird seinen selbstgebrannten Mongolischen-Wüsten-Vodka ausschenken. Nicht nur für Ihr spirituelles sondern auch für Ihr leibliches Wohl wird gesorgt sein. Später wenn es dunkel ist, werden die Egoisten ihre phantastischen Bilder an die Kuppel des Goetheanums beamen, welche durch die architektonische Krümmung weiteren interessanten Verzerrungen ausgesetzt sein dürften. Die Tagung geht mit den Magic Balls von Lampenhausen zu Ende.
Wir freuen uns riesig auf August. Wo können unsere Künstler(ca. 100) übernachten? Bitte melden.
Hier geht`s zur Audiomeditation, als Vorbereitung zur Sommertagung: Time Zeit BBC Raft