Februar 20, 2007

Mahmouds Dolphines Watch Travels

Dearest lovely antropsfy blogheads or Jagshemash,,
This is me. I still gotta eurythmix dress from clinic.
I offfer youu Mahmouds Dolphines watch Travels.
Come and enjoy the beauty of Uribistan part Republic of Kasakhstan. How youu can take part?? just writa the capital of Uribistan and contactnumber or your creditcards numbers and details in Kommentare and ifa you right take seat on pillows (shown on pictscher) and be our guests.
The guy who saw cow is invited give us in comments Credit Card details and cell phone numba so we can contact you. Kerstin and Frau Annette you can come for free, just giva us your numbas.
Yours lovely Mahmoud ( I am healed no more carot bringa along theplastic vaticans)we only hava vaticans made by lovely childrenfactory with goat bladders, we are horny to hava plastic vaticans)

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Da würd ich auch gern hin, kann man Mahmoud trauen?