Mai 11, 2012

Some greetingz from The Vatican and The Darlingz of Christ / Der Vatikan läßt grüßen und die Lieblinge Christi ebenso

Tranzlation: 'Dear Brothas from Vatican, communities, seminarz and collegez! Afta Joseph Canaillo went to hell (as we expected), anda now The Uribistan Daily gave up, we can enjoy again makin' babies, fuckin' young boyz, lyin' anda prayin'. Amen!'

We thanka the Vatican for nice greetingz. More nice informationz about Catholix, the Djerman reader can find here: Lieblinge Christi. The Englistani-speaking majority can finda informationz here: Darlingz of Christ

If you wanna become also a Darling of Christ, you can go here: How to become a Darling of Christ?

Djermanistan leser wollen werden Liebling Christi, surfen weiter hierhin: Wer kann Liebling werden?

And nice article about founder of The Darlingz (in Djerman), you finda here.