April 26, 2011

Some Balkan ritez, shown by the great artist Marina Abramović - are lika springritez in Lowlandz of Uribistan

Magash! One of the greatest living artists today is the serbian performance-artist Marina Abramović. Since the 1970's she did lots of intensive performances - making her body to an instrument, in sometimes very dangerouz anda exhaustive situationz.  Her work is related to her country, his history, to politics, to borderline situations of the inner life and the relation to other peoplez.

For a few yearz she made a lida film about sexual and fertility ritez in Balkan. Some of thiz ritez are also known in the Lower-Uribistan regionz (that's where my bastardbrotha HH Murat was born), there we call them Spring-Ritez. I thinka it's nice to show the Marina picture. Miss Abramovic is nearly 65 yearz old, but still a very strong and beautiful woman. I can imagine that doing Uribi Kamel Sutré with her, would be very cozmic and going through highz and dephts of the soul anda body!

Enjoy thiz film, anda maybe you taka look in your region: it's possible you will finda also some ritez. Ask your farmer and neighbourz!

Post Scriptum: magash again, lida naughty readerz! We ara not responsible for picz and for you, looking the fine erotix films showed in the lida framez at the end of thiz video! Thiz is your decision. Nevertheless: lotz of overstreamingz!

black-white picture above: (c) Martin Schoeller

April 23, 2011

Die wahre Geschichte eines Superhelden

Pat Tillman ein charismatischer Footballplayer verzichtet auf Millionen Dollars und geht in den Krieg nach Afghanistan. Dort kommt er durch " Friendly Fire." um, was zuerst öffentlich verheimlicht wird,bekommt ein grosses militärisches Begräbnis und die Familie muss bei all den Heldenehrungen mitmachen sein Bruder sagt auf dieser Heldenveranstaltung: " You are not with God you are just fucking dead." Respekt. In diesem kleinen Clip wird er von Bill Maher interviewt. Passend zu Ostern.
The Pat Tillman Story

April 21, 2011

Tim Hetherington

Letztes Jahr bekam Tim Hetherington und Sebastian Junger den Preis der Grand Jury am Sundance Festival für die Filmdoku "Restrepo". Gestern Nacht begann ich das Buch " War" von Sebastian Junger ( Author von "Perfect Storm")zu lesen. Es ist so gut geschrieben, dass ich nicht aufhören konnte zu lesen. Dabei dachte ich immer wieder, das ist existentieller Journalismus, wie kann man das nur freiwillig tun. Heute schaue ich mir die Nachrichten an und bekomme die Information, dass heute Tim Hetherington in Misrata, Lybien in Ausübung seines Berufes umgekommen ist. Gestern habe ich dieses schöne Buddhaerlebnis unter dem Kirschbaum gehabt und nun diese Nachricht. R:I:P Tim Hetherington.

April 20, 2011


Sogar mein Schatten
ist durch und durch gesund
an diesem Frühlingstag.

Ein warmes Bad,
ein Gebet zu Buddha -
ein Kirschblütenzweig.

Stiehl diesen,
sagt das Mondlicht, diesen

Issa (1763 - 1827), Japan

April 15, 2011

Finkelsteen liest Sepp Gronbach

Atme die brennende Luft by Tchundyk Productions
Ein Tribute an einen grossen Anthroposophen unserer Zeit!
Lesen Sie mehr über Gronbach bei den EGOISTEN.
Bild Copyright der Egoisten

April 10, 2011

In between musix: hardcore russian rasputin rock!

Dear readerz! In the middle of bad times anda newz everywhere in worldz, relaxa for moment anda hear, see anda feel thiz stunning Rasputin Rock video - in Djermanistan only for adultz! - :

Hava big overstreamingz!

April 08, 2011

America today (2): the story of James Yee, former US-army captain and chaplain in Guantanamo Bay

Thiz is a true story from the more anda more Fascistic States of America. James Yee is a 3th generation Chinese  American, he converted to islam in 1991. He was in the West Point Military Academy (for die hards) and went as a US-army chaplain to Guantanamo. Yee is a real American and a serious moslim. But on the way home for a little vacation with his family he was arrested and accused to work for Al Quaida. James Yee tells his story, and gives some insight in Guantanamo. His english is very clear, so our Djermanistani visitorz can also understand most of the thingz he says. Thiz video has been made in 2008. Now we hava 2011 anda mista Obama is president. Guantanamo still exists. Shame on you, Obama: no, you can't.

America today

April 05, 2011

An Uribi Mystery Play - Fighting against the Nuclear Dragon

Dearezt readerz! In Uribistan we hava also an old tradition, the tradition of performing Mystery Plays. A mystery play is an act of initiation; it is taking the road  inside yourself, going through the circles of hell, fighting with the dragon in you, release the dragon and viewing your higher self and the godz who did maka the heavenz and earth.

In thiz time of great cruelties against humanity, made by those who put atomic power plantz all over the world, playing with radioactivity without knowing what to do, we made some new ritual for our Mystery Play. It's fighting with the dragon of nuclear power. Anda lotz of headz will roll: those headz of the responsible persons, the responsible criminals, playing with planet earth. These men, the leaderz of those companies, killing nature, killing people, are the headz of this horrible dragon. We hava to cut them off. Ofcourse thiz is a play, a Mystery Play, to find yourself, it's a very serious play. Wake up people, all over the world: no more nuclear energy, no more killing of our beautiful earth, no more killing of the oceans, no more killing of our children! Do something!
Overstreamingz, Marat Tchundyk Gundo.

April 03, 2011

It's springtime: let's talkabout otha thingies for only one lida moment: in a lost corner of Uribistan, we hava real women!

Magash to everybody reading The Uribistan Daily! In these horrible dayz of atomic desaster anda fightz in Libya, we wanna do something else, just for a few minutez, relaxe yourself! Today, we lika to show you video of the earthy, pure, mature and nature-women of our 'Ost-Friesland' in Uribistan: The Tirolistan District. Tirolistan is a small anda almost forgotten part of our beloved Uribistan. But it's funny, lida bit behind the woodz, with nica jodling musix anda active sexy women, doing everything what's in the mind of Uribi men. The women here acting, they have organised them in lida tee &  cake-circles called 'ÖVP-Tirolistan-Women' (in their dialect: Frauen). Please, dearezt readerz, don't be angry with us, having no subtitlez here - we hope, if you don't unsterstand this primitive Uribi dialect, you hava enough fun looking at the girlz.  Enjoy our women! Overstreamingz, Mat Tchundyk Gundo

April 01, 2011

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Rap the World (Live 1992)

Hey magash my Sistas and brothas!
Lets rap the world with Mista Sakamoto when he was young musician.
Yeah the alls down and all that 80ties nostalgia!
Even Mista Wonder little Stevie yeah be coll no nuuuuuke!
Ryiuchi Sakamoto !!!
His Holine$$
Murat Joy Tchundyk