Februar 05, 2007

12) kasakiantropsfy on february 11th, 2007

Please Borat and Mahmoud ,come home you are desperately needed in Uribistan. No more questschon for that tribe with the know-everthing-philosophy.Thank you so much for the interview.But Borat and Mahmoud must go home.Yours editor of THENAKEDTRUTHTybal An`hangsheyev

well, it sounds the naked thruth wants to have back those two news-superstars, borat and mahmoud. it's a pity, knowing that borat is learning eurythmix now, and mahmoud still has little problems with his carrot.
but! fortunately, we became a special blogsite now, THENAKEDTHRUTH! TNT is in the air. we will invite them, and so, they can give us now and then a report in terra c. II.
just a little bit, we will change the subtitle of this site, not longer as 'interview', but as 'the great anthropsfy thing' it will become famous in the world.
we say hallo to oberförster!
greetings: terra canaillo

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BORAT hat gesagt…

Dearst lovely antropsfy tribe,
Dearest lovely peoples Josie,Jaane Kronie and Goy, Frau k and Anette(pity we didn`t fly on your carpet)
me an d Mahmoud have to go back to our editor of "THENAKEDTRUTH"
It was a nice here and we learnet a lot, unfortunately Mahmoud was very violent with copper eurythix stick he beat eurythmy teacher(female). h e just freaked a bit in Kasakhiway.
My middle wife is expecting little baby, hopefully she has not read wrong book.
Big licking over you faces and please do invite us agäin!
Jaaaane, .....you angry?, but I lika Humphrey in Casablanca...leaving for Uribistan.
I say hello in Kusek my hometown, they are very interested in mumbo-jumbo-magix!

Yours frändly and dutiful cultural learner from glorious triba of Terra Canaillo and of course the Goy. (Pity Green-little-river did not coma)
Mahmoud sleeps like bear, they gave him s.th. stronger than cowhorn-powder medicine name lika pranoidocetemol