April 22, 2007

My Heart Isa Overstreaming For You All!

Dear Readerz of The Uribistan Daily! I'm soo happy to be here and to worka with my great friend Murat Tshundyk. Yes, my heart isa overstreaming! My family comes from the Aribi-High Mountain Region in the South-West of Uribistan.
Especially it isa called the Van-Tû Area. We are about ten villages and ona little town. We belong all to the Uribi Christian CHurch. It is a minority section, not very known, of the Nestorian Church in ASia. In our Religion we also hava influences of shamanistic thoughts and practices, we hava also zoroastrian, early buddhist and some islamic elements. We believe in reincarnation. Yes, even there are Atlantic elementz in our religion! That makes that our religion is one of the oldezt, I thinka the oldezt in the whole world! Therefore also we are very interested in modern forms of thinking, whicha are also very close in our mindz, like Anthropsfy. I'm so glad for my friend MUrat that he dizcovered with the help of Kronstadt & Canaillo the worldz of Anthropsfy! Wenn my mother wasa pregnant with me, we left the Aribi Heights. It's very hard to coma in, and also to geta out. Even Murat was not there until now. The othre people of Uribistan don't know much about us. We also speak Aribi dialect. But with Murat I speak High Classical Uribi. As I said, pregnante with me, my mother and father left Uribistan. If a wife is pregnant, here in the Aribi Land, we say that the unborn soul is putting together pieces of earth and a forming his new body in the mothers belly. Is the forming done, we get born (Oh, if I thinka about my mother my heart isa overstreaming!). My father is great shaman. We voyaged through Europe, and then, suddenly, I was borne in the Middle of big city Amsterdam, in a kind of cosmic centre, it wasa called The Milkey Way (my father did there great ceremony from the Aribi-Secret-Book). After we we went to London, Paris, New York, and to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. THera we lived for 12 yearz. Here I must tell you, that my original name isa Mahat Hansi Gundeljew, but in America, they said 'Mat', sometimes also 'Mad'. After we went back to Europe, and we stood in Berlin. There I could make 3 yearz long Waldorf School! (my heart is overstreaming!). In WaldorfSchool I did euythmix and wet-in-wet paintinx. I also met my first real girl-friend, Amalia Diotima (from real anthro-parentz!). If I thinka about Amalia everything isa overstreaming! But then we wenta back to Uribistan. After beating up the communist hardlinerz, my father could initiate the FiRst Shaman UNiversity in the World, in the capital of Van-Tû Area, in Miritanhu (there isa also section in Hamasheyk Institute anda we try to maka section in Switzerland, Goetheanum). Backa in Uribistan I studied journaliszm and also arts. I did a practice in America and worked for The Herald TRibune. There people called me not any longer Gundeljew, but Gundo (they said: 'I'm making not a Gonzo-Journalism, but I'm making Gundo-journalism). Well, Murat and I, we will be ambassadors of Uribistan in the World Wide NetWorldz, we wille talk about Culture and will create Culture! Yesa, My Heart Is Overstreaming For All of You!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Mat Gundo!

I loved to read your short biography. Great Plus for you that you are still thinking about Amalia Diotima. Thank you for telling us.
If there were no money problems and lots of friends and helpers, and someone would ask me what kind of house I'd like to build up...
Today I let my thoughts stream and write something OK?
See you in the evening.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Our times need places for everybody to live, especially for those who must live the modern mobile lifestyle! All of us want places that offer the warmth of a family-style house and leave the freedom of today's life. I always wanted to create warm, integrating and secure places for everybody, since the number of live-ins should mirror the society. Handicapped or not, young/studying and experienced/retired people can have a room in this house, if necessary for the price of a social aid. The point is the security to have a good home. You are travelling throughout Europe a lot? You still need a home that is secure and family-style.
The house must be an allrounder: flexible to move in or out, for patchwork-families and job-switchers as well as for my own wife/husband and children.

Please remember my saturday post about Switzerland! As Murat says we are all one "blogheadfamily". Plus, we also realize our dreams.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ich hoffe, auch Herr Geiss findet unsere Ausführungen diesmal deutlich genug!

New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Kopenhagen, Berlin, Moskau, sind díe schönsten Städte, aber ich wünsche mir nichts anderes mehr als zu Hause zu sein, denn wozu sollte wohl sonst alle Anthroposophie führen?

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Annette,
Some people hava to deala with mora cities religions and languatsches and different NAtional Ghosts so let us meet in the heart or shoot me to the moon and meet there.
Yours frändly Murat

Anonym hat gesagt…

My dearest Murat,

together with you, I'd even love another vacation on the moon (shoot you to the moon? - crazy idea. What do you mean with that?)

Choosing, I'd prefer to meet you in the heart right away.