Februar 27, 2007


Dearest lovely Antropsfy blogheads,
with the helpa of a vaticany we captured naturespirit. The little being (Elementarwäsen) is now in Institute in Hamasheyk in Uribistan. There it learns Kasakhi-English to tell us what is really happening witha climate and nature.
As soon as naturespirit cana talk we will hava interview you also cana ask qustions. Especiacially we invite the goy and Green-little-river to ask questions, to get first hand information.
Yours frändly Murat Tchundyk

new action of dearest räpist borat (cult. learnix 6)

new borat nr 1 hit song: throw the jew down the well.
everybody is a singing, it is a very easy to geta stupid as cowboy.

Februar 26, 2007

cultural learninx video: australia

the triumpf of the vaticany against all evil in the wild australian wastelands...

Februar 24, 2007

for some kazaki people, we also have the hygienix total body vaticany. it's real good for the pysio bootie and the bootie electric (electric stream stays circular), it also stimulates the astro bootie. look at yourself: aren't you willing to tear of these vaticanies? important detail: here only women wear the vaticany! warning: for the woman's ego boot it could have some disadvantages! for men's ego boot it's perfect: keeping a tight rein on women, and it's allways equal which one you decide to make happy, multi mixa pleasure for men! important notice: only available in some stone-aged countries!

Februar 23, 2007

for kazaki, djerman and (non)-catholic users

new posters from our vaticany campaign!
1) legalize it!
2) we also hava lot of fun with vaticany plastics
3) multi-mixa fun
enjoy it!

Februar 22, 2007

Whispers of traditional Kasakhi wisdom

Don`t trust a religious man, even if his turban comes from heaven.
Traue kainem fromen Man und mag sain Turban auch vom Himel kommn.

TNT short strong dudes

(now with first original pictures from sexyyy party)
Let us make Happy Crucifixion time dearest lovely antropsfy blogheads,

thank you for your tipps how we can punish the "false Oberförster", especially you Frau K. But we got convinced by Mr. BORAT, we decided to hang him with his fluorescent swimming tanga trunks on wood! Also the " false Frau Oberförster", without swimming shit, and do the poking game, he learnet as cultural learner from the West. For Crucifixion party we take the naked lambs from carne vale. Please don`t bring alcohol, we are civilised in Uribistan part of greäter Kasakicountry.
We from TNT wish you and your families happy crucifixion time and bring along your poking stick.
Yours frändly Murat Tschundyk c (Editor of TNT)

Februar 21, 2007

cultural learnix videone 4: america

a tribute to the great frank zappa, older uncle of borat, singing about american boy robert braun

Februar 20, 2007

Mahmouds Dolphines Watch Travels

Dearest lovely antropsfy blogheads or Jagshemash,,
This is me. I still gotta eurythmix dress from clinic.
I offfer youu Mahmouds Dolphines watch Travels.
Come and enjoy the beauty of Uribistan part Republic of Kasakhstan. How youu can take part?? just writa the capital of Uribistan and contactnumber or your creditcards numbers and details in Kommentare and ifa you right take seat on pillows (shown on pictscher) and be our guests.
The guy who saw cow is invited give us in comments Credit Card details and cell phone numba so we can contact you. Kerstin and Frau Annette you can come for free, just giva us your numbas.
Yours lovely Mahmoud ( I am healed no more carot bringa along theplastic vaticans)we only hava vaticans made by lovely childrenfactory with goat bladders, we are horny to hava plastic vaticans)

Februar 17, 2007

kazaki stress-test

Dearest lovely antropsfy blogheads,
We are all not exactly sure how it works, but this seems amazingly accurate. You musta reada full describtion before looking at pictscher. The pictscher has 2 identical dolphines. Mahmoud told us that they used it in antropsfy clinic.
Look at the2 dolphines jumpa out of a water. Dolphines are twins. Our scientific institute in Hamsheyk (Uribistan) found outa, that a person under greät stress finda differences in the two dolphines.
If a person finds alot of differences betweena two dolphines you must a go to Clinic. Looka at photograph test it. In our newspaper we had a to send our djerman administrator into desert.
If you finda more than two differences, please tell us in the comments. Wir lade Zie ein nach Uribistan, mein Deutsj nock nihct gutt.
Yours frändly Murat Tschundyk Kuisine de räpistBORAT
P.S. Mahmoud see a still differences. It is a bit the säme with OBERFÖRSTER.


redaktionelle mitteilung (deutsj): es hat vielleicht damit zu tun, dass in diesen zeiten von grippalen infekten, in anbetracht auch der schnellstlebigkeit der internettopics, diesen schnitzer passieren konnte, dass ein knilch sich in terra c II, the great antropsfy thing, hatte einnisten können, sich als oberförster ausgibt, (aber eher als unterförster aussieht, seine interessen scheinen ebenso in dieser richtung zu gehen) und obendrein damen (die echte frau oberförster, s. foto nach dem bad) beim baden belästigt. das oberförstergericht soll hier rechtsprechen, und den eunuchen dazu verdonnern garten- und waldarbeiten auf terra canaillo zu verrichten. -die redaktion-

Februar 13, 2007

cultural video learning 2: how to take shower

we now learn to clean the physio bootie, once as a man, once as a wife.
wir lernen jetzt den physio bootie zu reinigen, erst als frau, danach als man.

Februar 12, 2007

cultural learnings video 1: japan

the hard gay show
-what todays' japanese laugh about!
-wir machen eine cultural learning worüber heutige japaner lachen!

Februar 11, 2007

please listen, mr. kinky!

no, I am not the woman on the cover! and if I was that woman, I would jump immediately out of my bath, calling the police, to take away this kinky yokel (yes, that's a real yokel, mister christoph), and lock him up! he's sitting there staring completely mad, only searching for the honey-pot! could it be, this freaky weirdo is mr. oberförster, finally viewing the naked thruth, for the first time in his simple life? jane

THENAKEDTRUTH hat gesagt...
Zapperlott nomol , jo i ben dr Oberförschter. Und dr Kollega Mahmoud mit dem i schoffe muass dr hot dös nur drufgschrieba, woil i des han wisse wollt.jane ischt ganz schön zickig, Heilandszack!Des isch a Bild von mir im Wellnesszenter Green-little-River in Sylt, do hens mi nogschickt!Euer Oberförster (zurzeit als Forschtmeischter in Uribischtan tätig)

Dearest lovely Terra Canaillo blogheads and readers,

Mahmoud wrota Dictionary for this site. We proudly present this to you, you can buy that(Creditcard is ok) and you wil need it. Since he writa book he sees no more carot. This book is permanently updated. Please writa us whata you learn.
I can`t coma anymore, maybe my younger brother MURAT is coming.
Yours frändlyrapist BORAT and Mahmoud (thänks for silvercross and being memba of mumbo-jumbo)

Februar 05, 2007

the antropsfy blogs interview with borat and other posts from 'the naked thruth' in djerman and hodgepodge

in the last weeks our reader, mister borat, send us, and some other blogs, his beautiful, astonishing comments and questions about antropsfy. he makes this interview as an embedded journalist of 'the naked thruth', the most viewed, secret kazaki newspaper. we are proud to work with him. the naked thruth, we just love it!

seit einiger zeit schickt uns ein leser, herr borat, wunderschöne comments (sowohl hier als auch ' in a goys' world') in englisch-kazakstani-kraut-kauderwelsch. jetzt möchte er uns interviewen für seine zeitschrift 'the naked thruth'. wir haben natürlich sofort zugesagt, weil uns 'the naked thruth' auch sehr interessiert. wir schlagen vor das interview hier in den kommentaren stattfinden zu lassen. borat puts question and terra c. and goy, and maybe many others, give answers, ok? warten wir es ab...

wir gehen folgendermaßen vor: die fragen von herrn borat kopieren wir im text samt (evt. nicht nur) unseren antworten. die fragen sind natürlich auch weiter in den kommentaren nachzulesen!

borats prayer of thanksgiving:
Dearest lovely TCK, and Josie Canaillo and of course baby Jaaane, you are so lovely to us I musta say I am deeply stirred by your hospitality. All this lovely pictschers, iranian carpet (Is Misses Anette flying carpet?), my Americain motherfuckers, swiss girls sniffing cowhorn powder, pregnant Antropotantra girl, your national hero singer Mr. Sex and dr...(sorry Steinere), Rock and Rolllll.Let us keep on rock annnnd RooooLLLLL.Thank you so mucha big licking Kissas over all your faces.I love youuuuuuuuu allll!Gooooood karma!!!!!!!Goooood Antropotantraaaaaaaa!Yours frändly rapistBorat

13) great bye-bye sayings & auf wieder-sehen on february 11th, 2007

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dearst lovely antropsfy tribe,Dearest lovely peoples Josie,Jaane Kronie and Goy, Frau k and Anette(pity we didn`t fly on your carpet)me an d Mahmoud have to go back to our editor of "THENAKEDTRUTH"It was a nice here and we learnet a lot, unfortunately Mahmoud was very violent with copper eurythix stick he beat eurythmy teacher(female). h e just freaked a bit in Kasakhiway.My middle wife is expecting little baby, hopefully she has not read wrong book.Big licking over you faces and please do invite us agäin!Jaaaane, .....you angry?, but I lika Humphrey in Casablanca...leaving for Uribistan.I say hello in Kusek my hometown, they are very interested in mumbo-jumbo-magix!Yours frändly and dutiful cultural learner from glorious triba of Terra Canaillo and of course the Goy. (Pity Green-little-river did not coma)BORATMahmoud sleeps like bear, they gave him s.th. stronger than cowhorn-powder medicine name lika pranoidocetemol.

we also were very pleased to work with you. we are also proud that we could be a kind of midwifes (not middle wifes!), helping with the birth of kasakantropsfy. we will have now a cooperation with THE NAKED THRUTH (TNT), and I think that in the future we will have a lot of fun working together on the field of anthropsfy, with interviews, pictures, films, etc. etc.
we hope the cooperation with your foreign correspondent mister oberförster might be as fruitful as the work on the interview with mister borat and mister mahmoud. in grateful recognition of their interest in antropsfy and their hard learning and internalization of western values (despite the thing with the wife-buying and the carrot-accident), we give them both the silver cross in the order of the secret biodynamic pumpkin! (mumbo-jumbo)
auf wiedersehen, terra canaillo.

12) kasakiantropsfy on february 11th, 2007

Please Borat and Mahmoud ,come home you are desperately needed in Uribistan. No more questschon for that tribe with the know-everthing-philosophy.Thank you so much for the interview.But Borat and Mahmoud must go home.Yours editor of THENAKEDTRUTHTybal An`hangsheyev

well, it sounds the naked thruth wants to have back those two news-superstars, borat and mahmoud. it's a pity, knowing that borat is learning eurythmix now, and mahmoud still has little problems with his carrot.
but! fortunately, we became a special blogsite now, THENAKEDTHRUTH! TNT is in the air. we will invite them, and so, they can give us now and then a report in terra c. II.
just a little bit, we will change the subtitle of this site, not longer as 'interview', but as 'the great anthropsfy thing' it will become famous in the world.
we say hallo to oberförster!
greetings: terra canaillo

11) questions of february, 9th, 2007

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dearest clearest Anrtopsphy Blohheads,Sorrry my computer bbought in Istanbool baazar not find deepest deareest blue, or Verdana sounda like Astana and s.th. else.....Last Questschion from the clinic to you you knowa I learna and learna and suddenly I read Mr. Steinere said it is dangerous reading books by chocalete faces authors for pregnant cheesed woman. I do not underständ...Story example: my middle wife reads book of member of big nose triba my baby will hava a big nose?Would that be the same?When i was a gypsycatcher in Khashstan....but this one later..Forrrrr laaaast questschons!You can ask me then or I disappear like a wandering sand dune under the Arabien deepest blue.Shalom, salam may your triba flour and flourish and grow.Big licking KissasBORAT ( Jaaaane not angry we meet. Wa-we-we-wa-we.

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dearest Josie Canaillio, Mr. Kronstadt, Jane and all lay-outer,Please contact me and I will do blogaccount as I was told, I also wanta help, but I am Kasaki ex-gypsycatcher and icemaker PC i also hava to learn.How do I get blogaccount and where do I geta Djermanlessons for frreee.Pleasa teacha me!!!Your dutiful cultural learner from glorious antropsfy tribe teraa canaillorapistBorat

well, to question 1: good learner! you have studied the 'stammtischlectures' of steiner for the 'arbeiter' am goetheanum. well done! there are a lot of interesting things in it, like the courses about the bees. don't worry about the chocolate-effect: chocolate, cheesie, vanilla cake, strawberry red, black coffee, it's no problem today. if you read this (you must read part 1-3), you will notice that todays' difficulties are different: the barbiefication of our society.if your second wife read books from the big-nose tribe, it's allright: you all have big noses, it does not attract attention.
question 2: if you want to make your blogaccount, then go here. the rest is simple! we hear about you! and please, be nice to jane and this frau k., otherwise only men read this blog in the future!greetings from the chocolat-cheesie-terra canaillo tribe!

10) questions of february 8th, 2007

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dearest lovely blogheads,Mahmoud is now in your clinic. He has to do real stränsch thingys. Healing Eurythmix what is this?Food stränsch as well he has to do diet on beach wheat corn!!!?Tella me what is this ?Tesz blog many messages are deleted, even americained fränds of mine coma here. And wanta to talka, but verry difficuilt..Yors frändly rapistBORAT
BORAT hat gesagt...
Hey boys and goys and gays and straights of antropsfy tribe i do Eurythmix.Breating in and out.....and in and out.. in and out I can dance Kasaki hymn.Greät!!!!!!!I äm so happy. Mahmouds carrot is getting smaller. Thank you so muchaaa for helpa us
dear kazaki learner! we saw one comment of you, only 'test'. we don't know what happened: sabotage from other tribes? but don't worry, we have all your messages. maybe you start a blog-account, that's what we need for inviting you and place your comments as posts directly in the terra canaillo2 tribeland. so you can make yourself the colour (deepest blue), the lettertype (verdana) and the size (normal). it's less work for us, we only make the final lay-out. and, we can be sure, you are the real cultural learner, and not all those ones trying to imitate you. untill now, we had to delete about 100 of bullshit-comments! think about it! ok! healing-eurythmix. today we only talk about eurythmix, as a kind of basic lesson for you.
but first of all: we have got hard days with jane! it's normal! your ideas about women are very, very old-fashioned. they are not only there for cookin', washin', cleanin', havin' children, and sexy times. they are like you, without a dingdong, and even brighter. ofcourse this does not means, that they cannot cook, wash, clean, have children and make sex anymore. it's only different: we are also cooking, cleaning, washing and ofcourse making sex. only the thing with the becoming of children is a little bit difficult! do you have a solution?
now: eurythmix! around 1911 steiner developed for the first time this, what we call eurythmix , we have tone-eurythmix and speech-eurythmix. the aim is to speak and sing through movements and gestures that reveal to the eye what language and music bring to the ear. the movements of the eurythmix-practitioner relate to the space around and can vary from simple hand gestures to whole body movements. don't think this is only a jugendstil-cancan dance! it's more an artistic expression, if it's really well done, the physio-booty follows the movements of the bootie electric und makes them visible! never say to a nice eurythmix-woman that she is a dancer: it's the same failure calling a physiotherapistin as a masseuse!

eurythmix also belongs to the curriculum in the wood-village schools.
sometimes, in the antropsfy scene nice young eurythmix-women can also be seen as the 'brave-husband's-grave': it's allways an interesting phenomenon observating 56-year old antropsfyheads (3th lunar node) being closest friends with bloodyoung eurythmix-women. but we can handle it: it's karma!

greetings from terra canaillo, jane says, she allready send her greetings below!

9) an important interruption (jane) !

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dear Terra Canaillo and all antropsfy Blogheads,can I buy womans in your tribes, last woman I bought, she has Hair growing between camel maountains turning into disappearin sand dunes.Please tella me possible?Yours frändly rapist Borat

hey you, stupid yokel, randy goat! NO, YOU CAN'T!!! in our culture we treat women like human beings, and not like diapers! and older women have to be respected (as in your culture!) !! we are independent and free, not like you, carrot-controlled bonehead! if you wanna learn 'anthropotantra', change yourself! hope you've pictured it, jane.

8) discussion of february 7th, 2007

Christoph hat gesagt...
Hello Borat, Dear Dutyful Cultural Learner, My friendly Rapist, The REAL TRUTH about our tribe is that there are two big subtribes. The one, which is represented by JENS - tv-star and big anthro-bloghead - R. PROCHNOW, can be called "the pure flow out of the hearts of Rudolf and Marie Steiner". The other subtribe is growing out of the writers office of the magazine "Info3" and is part of a big spiritual stream flowing over here from America. Blogheads SEBASTIAN - green-little-river - GRONBACH and FELIX - happy beater - HAU represent this trans-atlantic flow. Let me tell you one thing: I have my own sexy anthroposophic flow! Good Night! C.

Christoph hat gesagt...
Hello Borat, Dear Dutyful Cultural Learner, My friendly Rapist, Would you do me a favour? Yes? So please don't believe the thing with the blockheadzpolice TC told you. It is fu**ing rotten bullshit in a cows horn! Yours, C.

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dearest lively Christoph,is there war between tribes? Musta you fight? Are you bridge? We can also hava conference sit together ( no cowhorn powder sniffin, no excessively mongolian desert vodka trinking, no Mahmoud drugs pity...) just drink tea, buckthorn juice and talk.Green-little-river he also cultural learner of glorious nation of United America, so he is telling you about glorious nation to antropsfy tribe like i do wizh my country Kaskstan?Did you not see Policeman laughing and swinging his club lika Hero?He is Karmablogheadpolice and Antropsfy in one, just kasaki feeling in the wart of my thumb.Hey boys and goys and gays and straights of antropsfy tribe i do Eurythmix.Breating in and out.....and in and out.. in and out I can dance Kasaki hymn.Greät!!!!!!!I äm so happy. Mahmouds carrot is getting smaller. Thank you so muchaaa for helpa usYour cultural learener and frändly rapistBORAT ( Ican feel breath of Karmablogheadpolice through my keypad. Watchout!!!!!!)

dear friend and cultural learner! we are happy for you, learning so much! we in terra canaillo do not know nothing about those tribe-wars, we dig antropsfy in our own way.
yes, you are right: the guy with the policehelm is from the blogheadz karma-police, he is the chief there. don't be confused by christoph's meaning about the cowhorn: it's not the material stuff inside that works and makes your carrots getting bigger, but it is the cosmic component in it. he cannot know this. but still look out: never use this again! in (9) we will tell you more about 'eurythmix', you must know this before understanding the 'heil-eurythmix'. as so far we can say that the cosmic cowhorn output now becomes a little bit resistance of the cosmic heil-eurythmix-input, and, the carot minimizes. best wishes to mahmoud!

7) questions of february 6th, 2007

Christoph hat gesagt...
Borat, may I ask you a question? When did you hear the first time about our tribe?

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dearest lovely Christoph,When I hearda about antopsfy tribe in this lifetime as journalist of "THENAKEDTRUTH" it was some weeks ago, but I made a remembering reinkarnation therapy and thereby I had pictures of last life. Verry blurry pictures I had, afterwards my fingers hurt, stränschh....I was the one who had to writa down all lectures of Mr. Steinere, so I was told by leader of this therapy.Every day I remember more of this.But helpa Mahmoud still sees big-carrot. He is talking all night to big-carot.Do you hava antropsfy medicine or clinic?Do hava a Doctor cominga to terra canaillo/TCK numba 2?It is emergency!!!!!!!!!!Is he now drug addict?

dear friend! praise yourself! as a shorthandwriter you probably could attend the great antropsfy events during the lifetimes of dr. steiner! after a few sessions more, maybe you know you lived here before as walter vegelahn or rudolf hahn. and after studying this, you can help the rudolf steiner verlag translating the gabelsberger shorthand-scripts. but: what kind of karma did you make, to be born again as a fluorescent-swimsuit wearing borat? it promises hard working in the next sessions!
to mahmoud: he still sees the big-carot? also, it's not longer predominantly in the bootie electric, but also in the physio bootie? this is bad! he can go to
herdecke or filderstadt, two antropsfy-clinics. but eventually it's difficult to walk. he's better waiting for a few days. but don't wait till the carrot turns blue or black! another pertinent way to cure goes like this: very suddenly, just pour a bucket of cold water over his body. it's short, cheap and efficient. and again: never sniff those preparations again!
greetings, also from jane who compassionately feels with your big-carot

foto: cc-flickr, mEyegallery

6) questions of february 5th, 2007

BORAT hat gesagt...
Gooda morning to you all blogheads of antopsfy tribe,we no hava hotelroom so we sleepa on field. colda tella youu!Questschon:Mahmoud got hurt by cow horn while asleeping in field. It was antropsfy field, whya you puta cowhorn in field when it is full moon?In cow horn was something lika cocaine you hida your drugs there( you little devils no drugs but Steinere, ha,ha,ha or is it mumbo jumbo magic to maka antropsfy food?Mahmoud try to smoka powder, try to sniff it i street. Wow we both saw Big_carrot standing in front of us.Big-carrot and Big-Dog same connection Karma and Inkarnation ?Your frändly cultural learner and räpistBORAT
dear friends! we laughed a lot about the today's question! so you made your first psychedelic antropsfy experience! yes, you slept on a anthropsfy field! in anthropsfy farms they make a kind of bio-dynamical-magix. Mahmoud found the hidden totem by putting his fat ass on it. I hope, you burried the horn again! it takes a lot of work and time to fill them with voodoo-power. the stuff inside the horn, the bio-dynamic preparation is very important for the plants in such a farm. steiner gave a few concepts to create them, other people have developed the method, but, as it is, most of the materialistic horny-antropsfies don't appreciate them. good grace! you saw the big-carrot! it's another level as big-dog! go on with your exercices! but never, never smoke preparations again! (if you want to know more about bio-dynamix, ask the redundancy-girl barbara, she is also a reader of terra canaillo, sometimes she visits us, knows a lot). biological greetings! the terra c. friends
the picture: filmstil from 'snow white'. cowhorn-stuff sniffing woodvillage-girl!

5) other questions of february 4th, 2007

BORAT Hat gesagt…
Dearest fränds help,at the moment we no have roof over heads. last nighta we hada big party as big as Big-Dog.Me and Mahmoud invited all cleaning ladys of hotel.Drinking vodka witha buck-thornjuice, singing dancing and at end i showed all the cleaning ladys Pamelas book.later when we we were a singin Kashkstan hymn Mahmoud made campfire on Iranian carpet- I tolda hima be careful.....bum bum electric body of hotel was kaput. Hotelmanatscher say we hava to walk out hotel.Whata karma!!¨So we were waitin for Mr. Spiderman to coma to helpa us, or hero is he here already Mr. Green-little-river?Nuthin
Coulda youu explaiana to me about wood vilatsch schools are they in woods or in your alternative supermarket?Whya you not senta childrens to factories to work are they too weak?Yours frändly .....aäh askin for a hotel you coulda recommend us to stay or we also coulda come to Frau Annette no problem we canna sleep on Iranian carpet in living roo00m.Pleasa tella us soooon!Pity Jane was not at party Mahmoud from Afghanistan had good reallly gooood drugs. " How I get insights into higher worlds?" of Mr. Steinere you cana reed very easily.Hey helpa us I sad without roof over my psyio bootyyou desperate BORATand MAhmoud Farridh

dear friends borat and mahmoud! don't be so desperate! in every situation in life you have the opportunity to learn. and I think here you have learned a lot of special things! your horizont widens everyday. I think it must be possible to sleep on frau annettes iranian carpet, so she can fly on it together with you and mahmoud. just another happy time for you!
but it's a bad thing the hotel-manager throw you out. now you can see how karma works: throwing out by the manager ('oh, how bad' you think) and afterwards flying with annette on a irani carpet ('wow', you think). do you understand? facit: in this case mr. green-little-rivers aid is unnecessary.
the wood-village-schools! you can find a few standing in the woods, a few build of wood, a few standing in a village. but most of them are in cities, build with bricks, iron and other materials.
wood-village is a method of education based on antropsfy-knowledge, and also initiated and developed by rudolf steiner. the first wood-village school from 1919 was made for the children of 'arbeiter' of a nicotine-drugs factory in stuttgart. people who put their children in a wood-village-school (the children there do not learn only mathematics, physics and languages like in other schools, but also theatre, painting, carving, eurythmix, etc.) , buy their cosmetics here.
another interesting fact is that children need not to repeate the class in a case of stupidity. and it works, if you look what they did after the wood-village-thing! this lovely girl for example...
we are pleased to hear you're reading how to achieve higher consciousness, greetings terra canaillo

4) questions of february 4th, 2007

BORAT hat gesagt...
Good evening you all so lovely antropsfy blogheads,Tonight i hava V.i.p. questshions for you....I reeda Karma lectures By Steinere out of voluptious work of , GesamtausgabeFöörst questschonsYou hava karmapolice?You hava security forces to a protecta tribe wars Is this Karma ?Story for example: I go to bathrooom washing me in Kasahki way. No toothbrush! But Pamela....and Jaaane.Is karma?Is accident? or Gods willor antropsfy nature spirit dressed up lika Jaaane?????????Difficiult hhmm....I finda really...What is instant Karma?Story example: I writa now to you and calla you camelf.....rs like my desert brothers do or motherf......rs lika my goy nigas ( exc. me afroamericained) brothers in N.Y.C. say really bad evil evestaiing words. Then suddenly all books of Gesamtausgabe fallin on my head and Pc. Both are kaputThis is Instant Karma then? Iam in deepexpectation of your answers?'??'Your wishing a good easy and peacful Karma to allll Blogheads!!!! BORAT

dear friend! this would be the worst case: the 'gesamtausgabe' falling on your pc and head! you never could write and visit us anymore! no, this will not happen, good spirits will take care of you. but ofcourse, it's possible, if you call us motherf....rs, jane or pamela give you a slap round the face or you've got your bottom smacked, or get kicked in your balls. that's real instant karma!yes, we also have karmapolice, it's the blockheadzpolice to guarantee that weirdos like the goy, igor lampenhausen and even the happy beater cannot make to much boobholding with jane or pamela. these things can set situations which bring a lot of difficult and complex karma for everybody! antropsfic greetings, terra canaillo!

BORAT hat gesagt...
Good evening dearest Terra Canillo Where is Mr. TCK? Other V.I.P. questschon: Are Karma and Inkarnation connected? Story exampel: I drive up to your castle to say hello with whole camerateam of Kashaki TV, I drive over a little doggy. Will I be dog of antropsfy bloghead in next life? Good you hava Mr. Steinere and not hava drugs!!! Last night when we were buck thorn trinkin` together with mongolian desert vodka....Boy and Goys I tella you...Later when you answere me. I lova you Kisses!!!!!!! to all antropsfy blogheads may the naturespirit bless you. You wenta to cool ritschual Menschewiehehndling, Cheistoph, Tera Canaillo and Mr. TCK and you little Misses Jane..What about you Frau Annette?Yours frändly rapistBORAT Your
dear friend borat! cultural learner! mr. tc kronstadt is here, I'm writing now! sometimes it's joseph, sometimes it's me. we changed the blogtitle again, also with my name, beforehand the lay-out programm didn't work so well.1) yes! you can connect 'karma' and 'reincarnation'. in this life we collect good or bad karma, although, good or bad: karma is karma, like it is. in certain circumstances we are 'good' or 'bad'. you may say: the weather is good, the weather is bad. but it's your interpretation, the weather is like it is, either good or bad. reincarnation is the idea that we can live, love, f.ck and drink sea buckthornjuice again in this world in another future life. how we live, love, f.ck and drink sea buckthornjuice in our next life depends on the karma we collect in this life. 2) no! the dog remains a dog, exactly said: he goes back in the common soul ('gruppenseele') of the big-dog. the big-dog is the great soul of all the dogs. he rules them all. in the next 'earth-incarnation', we call it the 'jupiter-incarnation', after a big time of take-it-easy ('pralaya'), the big-dog wil be on a human-level. but attention: the house-dogs, which live in families, are more and more disconnected with the big-dog. after dying they remain a while in this families, before getting in the elementary world.3) maybe miss annette likes to drink also sea buckthorn juice with you and have some real fine time!
greetings again from tc kronstadt! (joseph c. says 'hello', jane allready sleeps)

3) questions of february 3th and 4th, 2007

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dear lovely antropsfy blogheads,I willa send you bath suite( made by little children hands of our textile factories)Your answereing makes my heart sing in highest tones.Oh I am so sorrrry Mr. Steinere is dead!! He gotta killed by KGB, CIA or Al- quaida?Or evil naturespirit killed hima?What are you doing with his soul and spirit?Is physio booty of hima in refrigerator up in your beautiiiffuuul castle up on hill to visit and see?Tella me.Your cultural learner and frändly rapistBORAT
dear cultural learner! we are happy that your heart sings in the highest tones. in the years that mister steiner lived and died, there were other secret groups with other names bringing a lot of evil on this planet. mister steiner was very ill, and in the anthropsfy world lots of rumours are going around about this. überhaupt (a german word), many anthropsfy-heads loves rumours. of mister steiners body we only have ashes, burried in the castle's garden.if you like to visit physio booties of guru-like people: there are many catholic churches with dead saints, go and view them! greetings, the terra crew.
BORAT hat gesagt...
Dear antropsfy blogheads,Is Mr. Sex and Drugs and Roll your national anthem?So you are in expectation of new modern heroe, becausa Mr. Steinere is dead? God and naturespirits bless hima! I am so sorry, dearest antropsfy blogheads, really!!!!I hearda that you hava new Modern heroe, I thinka his name is Green-little-river, is this true?Please bringa hima here I musta talka to hima?I not have visa to go and visit him in Intro 3 blogland, they hava bouncer witha name the happy beater, he stränsch....Please helpa me Mr. TCK and Mr. Canaillo!Your devoted cultural learner!And frändly rapistBORAT
dear friend rapist and cultural learner! yes, here in terra canaillo we have the anthem 'sex, steiner & rockandroll'. we replaced the drugs with steiner. ofcourse the 'gesamtausgabe' books are also very expensive, like the other stuff as well: eurythmic copper balls, silk clothes, copper pipes, gärtner lyres, real bio-dynamic food, tools to dynamise the water in your kitchen, flowforms, jungebad dispersion tools, etc. etc. but at the end it is healthier and less expensive then good drugs.yes, we know mr. green-little-river, we allready wrote about him. maybe he will read this and say something to you. he is a real modern heroe, and so he must talk with you, to foster the kazaki relations. Ah, you also had some experience with the happy beater? the brezel-schnitzler! ofcourse we know him, we wrote about him too, we are his bad boys. he bounced us too. let us pray for him! many greetings from the crew with a little kiss from jane!BORAT hat gesagt...
Dearest anrtropsfy blogheads,Mr.Mahmoud harridh is official uribistani With-translator.Isay a word he looka in djerman or getschermän (bit confuse for me) -uribistani Lexicon book and i translata so we did the gesamtausgabe.Greät work, but no pictschers.Words, words but I musta say inertesting verry..!!¨for example i say SEX he looka in Getscermän and he saya Geschlecht.I puta Getschermän and Amercained English together. I learnet when I was cultural learner beginner.I can writa in my newspaper THENAKEDTRUTH Your antropsfy blogheads (all? i dona not know) geschlecht mitt 9 bootys. You call then antropotantra.cORRECT? jUST CHECK YOU NOT ANGRY WITH ME AFTERWARDS.( Fr...reakin PC from bazaar isatnbul)Sorry for letter.I love so much kissas from m for all lova you!! All!!Yours fränddly rapistBORAT
dear cultural learner and friend borat! yes, we think you put the whole thing in a nutshell! you can write those interesting things in 'the naked truth'. the readers of your newspaper must be very interested in anthropotantra, isn't it? wer antropsfy blockheadz like these also very much. also greetings to mr. mahmoud!

2) questions of february 2nd, 2007

BORAT hat gesagt...
Dear blogheads of getschermän,chärmän and special djerman tribe of antropsfy,Tanke shcoööön vuer antfortne mir!I hava reed last night Gesamtausgabe. I musta say verrry confuse me. I hava to talka to Mr. Steinre. Is hee also comin here to interview, he also bloghead of your tribe? Bring him, please!!I not understäna your bootis,we in kaskstan hav head, arms and legs, man hava ding-dong, womans hava camel mountains betweeeen head and tummy( old womans hava disaapeiring sand dunes= old traditional saying in Kasakstan)but youuur triba hava 4 bootys..Koerpre1 Pysio booty, 2 electric booty, 3 astro booty, 4 EGO booty stränsch....How you mantscha in antropsfy tribe?Is Mr. Steienr was a presidentor holy man lika Mohammed writa about stränsch thingys?Last questschon: Youu also hava anal relitschious parties and rits lika for exampel jew bashing, sad cheesus pokin in rips to make him laughh or ...prayin to biga blacka stone in sand dunes or sit lika fat man under tree?Tella me all you united under flag of antropsfy !!! I am so häpy to learn from youuuu.Your dutiful cultural learnerBORATNot read only for Jane, män all clos eyes.Questscho onli for Jaaane:I seee a video with your white stones in mouf. Youu wannn meeet me in after behind done interview? Pleaseedear friend cultural learner!

we are very impressed about your performance in reading the 'gesamtausgabe', just do this a few times more, and you can take the antropsfy learnings with you in the kazaki homelands. maybe it's possible for you to open an alternative supermarket in astana, your capital. now to your first question: unfortunately, mister steiner is dead. we only have an old coat of him in terra canaillo. but still he is a kind of blockhead in the antropsfy blogs. by the way, we appreciate your example of kazaki wisdom!your second question: yes, you made every endeavour to learn antropsfy. you even noticed the four booties. but, dear cultural learner, there are even more booties, if the ego booty works and impulses on the astro booty, the booty electric and even on the pysio booty, they change and differentiate, we also can speak about seven or nine booties! from the lowest to the highest. it makes a lot of fun 'to have sexy time' coordinating all the booties! we manage it, it's a kind of anthropotantra!question 3: yes, steiner was very important. although he is dead for many , many years, till now, a lot of people in the antropsfy tribe try to act and look like steiner (haircut, eyes white open, staring deeply in your soul, etc.). little kings. be carefull with those guys! here the word 'antropsfy' is more common with 'atrophy'.your last question for today: no, we don't have stuff like that. but if people like, they can do. some folks in the antropsfy tribe use a 'jahreszeitentisch' (a seasoning-table). they put silk cloths on it in different colours, put some sweetdripping kitschy postcards on it, stones and plants (no animalism! no shamanism!) and 'waldorf'-puppets (no voodoo!) and change the whole mess with the seasons (today it's hard to follow the seasons!). other people in our tribe translate, like a normal interpreter does, the language of elementary nature-spirits in our language. that's funny! maybe you can learn this!and jane said she likes to meet you if you wear the phosphorgreen bath suite! (can you send us two of them?). greetings from the terra canaillo tribe!

BORAT hat gesagt...
Hell agäin,forgota taska youu Mr. Steinre why a you hava no Pictschers like Pamela in youur books, youu know it is a so relaxin. So manyy booooks ....uhfff....and no pictschers and the only pictschers my teacher in Kaskstan made on table in front of school....Mr. Steinre youuuu wan hava Pamelas book?I giva you gladly!Your cultural learner from Kaskstan writing for "THENAKEDTRUTH" newpaper.Kisses for you Mr. Steinre also forr Jane.Ilova youu so mucha!dear cultural learner!

if you read the newest edition of the 'gesamtausgabe' you will find in the back of the books a lot of chalk drawings of steiner! they are beautiful coulored. there is also an edition only with steiners' chalk drawings! that will make you forget the pictures of pamela. but if you think it's necessary, you can look here. we have other pictures! for example of britney spears and indian beauties! we also love you, terra canaillo

Christoph hat gesagt...
he also bloghead of your tribe? If Steiner was still alive he would be part of the anthrosphere with an own blog. How you mantscha in antropsfy tribe?No problem. We do it in a "ganzheitlich" way. Steiner wants to say that human beings are more than a visible body. Short: In our tribe we usually have *s...*-time with four bodies! You wanna became a member? Is Mr. Steienr was a presidentor holy man lika Mohammed writa about stränsch thingys?For some people in our tribe he is a guru. Youu also hava anal relitschious parties and rits lika for exampel jew bashing, sad cheesus pokin in rips to make him laughh or ...prayin to biga blacka stone in sand dunes or sit lika fat man under tree?We have the "Menschenweihehandlung" in the CG, which is a very cool ritual thing.