Januar 17, 2008

The Uribistan Contribution to The Eurovision Songfestival 2008 !

- mo slim speaks - Dear readers of The Uribistan Daily! Dear fans of the Free anda EverYoung Republic of Uribistan! I'm weeping! I'm crying! This part of me which is Uribisoul, is so happy and proud about our contribution to the Eurovision Songfestival 2008 ! Here, on Radio Uribistan, you can hear the first take of it. Mat Gundo, he loves his country - and wenn he sings about it, our hearts are beating faster! This is the real stuff for all patriotic men and heroes! We will winn this Contest! We will receive the maximum points from: Lettland, Lituvia, Estland, Polonia, Ungaria, Czechia, Slowakia, Slowenia, Bosnia, Kroatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Zyprus, Turkey, Moldavia, White-Russia, Ukraina, Russia, Rumenia, Albania, Turkey, Israel, Kazakstan, Azarbeidzjan, Kirgizia, Armenia, Georgia, Tschetschenia, anda ofcourse from the people in Djermanistan!! Mat Gundo sang, mixed and shaped this song with a very primitive equipment in a little cabin in the Highlands. The song begins with shamanic sounds, and it ends with some words in classical Uribi - in between you can hear Mat's love declaration to Uribistan and ofcourse to the Uribi women! Mat, just make it! And, dear listener, don't forget: copy this song and put in on your site, just support Uribistan! At least, if you play it: PLAY IT LOUD !!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Congratulations, eine sehr sehr lyrische 'composition' ... zart melankolisch ....I feel the heartbeat of URIBISTAN!!
(seufz) my tears are coming up!

Frans Neugebauer hat gesagt…

Nichts gegen Mats Song, der einem tief ins Herzen geh. Er erinnert micht an die offizielle Armenien Werbung.
Aber, dass Ihr Euch Europa zugehörig fühlt, finde ich bedenklicher als dass die Türkei in die EU kommt. Sorry!
Servus Frans

Mo Slim hat gesagt…

Dear mister Franz! You are Europe too, you ara a little citizen of Europe, also be happy, that we have such an interest in your countries. And psst: it is a good 'thingie' (as Mat says), so we get the spot on Uribistan (tourists, economy, etc.) and on the way back we bring Uribi culture and anthropsfy and fine erotic books from Finkelsteen in the west! Just be happy mister Franz, just listen to this real 'overstreaming' song of our friend Mat Gundo. Don't forget your handkerchief!
With kind regards, your Mo Slim

Anonym hat gesagt…

Kommt, Uribistan ist doch so niedlich, ich hoffe die sahnen alle Punkte von all den europäischen Nationen ab. Von mir kriegen sie jedenfalls Höchstpunktzahl!!

Grüsse an Muratchen

mo ritz hat gesagt…

Dear Mo Slim,
Uribistan sounds wonderful.
When I listen to Mat, singing about mountains, legs and pussy of Uribistan I imagine a big, warm and smooth female dreamland!
I support this song at eurovision song contest, of course!!
Yours Mo Ritz

The folk music cowboy! hat gesagt…

Hey Uribi Cowboys!

Amazing song, pure wellness and balsam for my soul!
I will vote the hole nigth!!

PS: I love the fiddle in the background!!!!!

Mos Lucky hat gesagt…

If Mos Sad listens to this song, he is lucky, without S-bombs!

Great song - the winner of 2008 = Uribistan !

Mos Lucky

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi there, thank you all Uribistan!!!


Mos Sad is not Lucky and hat gesagt…

Mos Lucky! I don't like The Eurovision Songfestival, I don't like any contest, I don't like this song, I don't like singing, I just like S-bombs.

Kind regards, Mos Sad