Januar 03, 2008

Happy New Year, Goodbye anda have Good Trip to Mars!

-mat gundo reportz - Dearezt readerz! Firzt of all: happy, happy new year with real peace on earth anda in the heartz! It was beautiful, magnificent, outrageous, the days with wild Susanna from Goy, Our Ambassador anda with lida Hicklussar, fantastic! The kosmic Summer Geese Train in the sky, in the heavenz. And afta lotz of finezt Kamel Sutré! Susanna, you are so good! Hicklussar had a great encounter with otha blogbeing, she likes it to stay anonymous, also we call her Hicklussa. Therefore, he wantz to stay a few more weekz in Uribistan. Hope his chief says 'yes' to it. Also Hicklussa made great blog-being Kamel Sutré. Maybe in another post, I will write more about those perfect dayz on the Geese Tour. It was a great honour to me!
But now let's talk about present day situationz in Uribistan. We live in historic timez: no more Haremz in Lower anda Middle landz of Uribistan. Finally! Most of the women are very lucky now. I think my Uribi brotha Murat is lucky too, life is not so exhausting anymore.
And we hava otha important message: as creepy Halim Tzjopp wrote below, Annette Girl was selled to a former Afghani Taliban Warlord, now living in Gobi desert. But it was very hard, for both of them. Also with help of the damned Tzjopp Clan, she could be transferred to a very, very secret anda world important project in Kazakstan: firzt human flight to Mars! It is a Russian-American-Uribi enterprise, anda with few otha peoplez Annette will be firzt Annette Girl on Mars. Maybe she will meet Buddha there, in ätheric-astral aspect! Lucky Annette. We are proud to present now last portrait of Annette, before she passes to Mars. This is very last portrait. She will be away for 5 yearz or more, anda in this time, due to technical reasonz, anda also to top secret class of this project, she will not write anymore. Also, if you see posts with Annette with Burka: remember, this is from now on a false Annette, anda you can cancel it immediately. To the real Annette, now on the road to Mars, we can say: have a very good trip, a lot of health, anda lotz of love in your space cabin and on Mars! Farewell and say hello to Mars!


Christoph hat gesagt…

Goodbye Annette!

King of Rimini hat gesagt…

Ciao bella!!!!