Januar 31, 2008

Our newezt song: Gogo Gogolina !

- Mat Gundo reportz- Dearezt readerz, anda meanwhile also listenerz!
'Go go Gogolina / You are my pixel girl / You are on my blue screen / Riding my limousina // If I push enter / You appear in the center / If I push exit / No longer you are on the backseat / Of my limousina, Gogolina! /
These are firzt lines anda chorus of GoGo Gogolina song, so you can sing with us! We mada thiz song because Gogolina is also Uribistan-Girl from birth anda she bringz us lotz of good ideas anda music, anda we are happy we found her back anda she found us! Yes, now, after while, I even remember her from long ago dayz in golden Uribi childhoodtimez! Ofcourse we try to make influence on her brotha Gogol, only in the last yearz he came out of Uribistan Lowlandz, anda has some back-behind-the-wall-and-the-woodz-ideaz, to say that marriage wit Ma-Fia-Clan of Tzjop family is total bullshit. Meanwhile the Uribi Female Liberation Army (UFLA) takez care of Gogolina. We hope she likez our song, it is in Uribi Electropunk style, also lida endless ambiant. Anda we hope Gogolina will giva us more good songz anda storiez in the future! Enjoy it!


Frau K. hat gesagt…

Great song for Gogolina.
I hope your limousin is not only an old gogomobile.
I remember this car was very small and sounded like eastern trabies.
For Gogolina it should be a real big car!!
I hope Gogolina is save and fine with the UFLA!
Yours Mrs. K.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dearest Mat the Gun-Do,

w i t h o u t  w o r d s


Overwhelmings, Gogolina

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Matgundo,
I donta know whata you sanga about me
in the Uribi lowlands and the goats?
buta my fränd it isa superb!!!!
spacy trancy shamaistica way of treating your compi.
Anyway I losta my song in the little elecktrick machine ...
Maybe I willa also singa in arabic Hip hop whata I wanna say to Gogolina my old cousin:::::)))))))))))))))))))))
Yes all becama smily man!!!!!!
Yours frändly somehow busy trying to visita my Guru who isa helpin me
hopefully he isa cheap buta good!!!
By the way Gogolina this isa music the first time I heard my Grandma puta on Grammophon music. Thänx!!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

hey Murat can you ask your shaman what can I do against neighbours whou placed their laundry/dryer on the thin wall behind my bed (there is no other place where I could place my bed!)and let it run all night. After my complaint they now dont start it in the evening but at 3 in the morning, go back to bed and fuck. As their sleeping room is behind the angling wall, I can hear the machine and her hypocrite sighs (oh why are women soo polite and always pretend ecstasis...)at the same time!
I contered with Beethoven Cello Sonatas (Casals).
Please ask your shamans what can I do ? Those neighbours are NOT the usual poor immigrant family (majority in this house) but the guy is Austrian, with frameless glasses and the woman seems to be a salesgirl or help at the nearby pharmacy who comes from Bulgaria or Roumania. I need a little elementaric help, Murat, Nebenübungen wont do it !!!
Liesel in despair

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Liesl,
do nta you worry.
I canna offer you three kinds of magic spell
1. with fatal effects ( afterwards heavy karma)
2.total destroy of materialistic items lika laundry and flat of evil neighbours ( problem with elementals lika the laundry spirit)
3. The white light healing spell
(it works lika softwasher lika LENOR you feel justa good afterwards)
Please let me know and I will prvide you magic spell!!!!!
We also hava the catweazle electrick that isa real fun spell!!
Yours frändly supporting your neighbour war MURAT TCHUNDYK

Anonym hat gesagt…

dear Murat,
you are a real wizard-provider! Thänx!
To be honest: yes, I feel like destroying the laundry/dryer, (pretentious sighs dont upset me, the hottest f...- hm - rencontre taking much less time than the shortest Wollwaschgang) But:kärma!Lets try the softwasher!
So what should I do?

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Liesel,
you also could maka hole in wall and maka peepshow for all your fränds. It isa good business.
Anyway i saw Ulfat Gigili my personal fränd of the Uribi Highland Shamans. He doesnt hava "The white light healing spell" only the aggressive spells.
Maybe Mat is knowing how to do it I mean he learns it, nota me.
The F...ing has karmicly s.th. to do with the laundry machine, thats what I feel you also involved because you are disturbed. Opneing the peepshow woulda spread your Laundry Karma lika virus and woulda disolve in air....mmmmh......
I willa coma back to your question or Mat is telling you how.
Yours frändly Murat

Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

Dearezt Liesel! Yes, I read you hava problemz. Ofcourse you asked Murat, not me, so I cannot giva you suggestionz anda wayz to handle this, that's against magix rulez, but I will tell Uribi brotha Murat, and so you can hear what I say!
Hello Murat Uribi Brotha! Yes, I sang about horses, sheep anda goatz in the Uribi lowlandz, anda I thought they could be yourz. That's it - rest of song is only about Gogogogolina. To Liesel's case: problem, problem. As you wrote, we have three kindz of magix, anda lotz of different schoolz anda wayz for practical use. Some are very, very dangerouz! Whole street of Liesel could disappear, or all peoplez hava bad disease, like that. Maybe she can do practical thingiez: for example playing very loud our Uribi music! Whole night long: Gogo Gogolina! Or making big party, inviting all the neighbourz,and then afta some drinkz she can talk about the washing machine. Otha possibilitiez: sleeping in otha room or corner, making police call, put down electricity, or: be very nice to them, think positive anda give lotz of overstreamingz!
...If all those thingiez (which ofcourse are kinda small mumbo djumbo too) does not work, then you can beginn with real great mumbo djumbo. It is betta for karma.
Overstreamingz for both of you,
Mat Gundo
PS Gogolina, thanx for the heart!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Mat,Murat and Ulfat Gigili

thänx for your hints and advice! Appeasement did not work, tonight we slept on the kitchen floor. Besides sex and laundry there was a great Russian (the whining woman is Russian and owns a very dirty little "Tschecherl" round the corner) cometogether and heavy drinking. We know we should befriend the Russian group to prevent burglary.