Januar 28, 2008

Remembering Suleika anda new inspiration: Gogo Gogolina !

- Mat Gundo reportz - Dearezt readerz! If you're good reader of us, you also read commentz. In the commentz to the article about his book, written by our djerman administrator Herrmann The Fuck Finkelsteen himself (thiz is his nickname here in the Daily staff, not only for writing thiz .... book - no commentz!) you can find letterz from good girl Gogolina, also witha nice picz included. She is kind of family from Murat, but the pic she send, was for me, in fact only for me, but ofcourse everybody has seen it! Well, I mada new song for here: Gogo Gogolina! It will appear in next dayz on The Daily. Otha thingie: for you Gogolina, anda for all readerz I put pic here from me as very very young boy playing the electric guitar anda my long ago Uribi girlfriend Sulaika playing drumz. We called us the I Titani, giving honor to the giantz living in old timez in the Uribi Highlandz. Here I mada firzt musical experience with Sulaika anda ofcourse with guitar. I explored all heightz and hidden topicz of guitarplaying with her. We did it everywhere: on the ceiling, in the kitchen, on the floor, in the bathroom, in the dining room, in the fieldz, in the lift, in a bakery, even in the car, yes, in every place we played a lot of music. Here is a pic from me and her, learning how to play, with lida bit humid eyez I rememba thiz... Overstreamingz!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Oh Mat, thank you verrry much, now i'm tensed like ten umbrellas!!! I'm so sorry, my voice isa not as good as yours, but i will think abouta good way to realize myself and answer you ina artistic way. And thx for the nicenice pic from you and your first girlfriend! This was my first love - Neenee was her name, and here you see me with Tommie, whom i invited to see my comic-collection, you know, i was so shy and did not know how to show him my feelings. Now things have changed and Gogolo, my brotha (you know, the one who sings Wanderlust King and all the otha good stuff) has his hand over me and he is soooooo jealous. I'm promised and next month, after my return of Paris, i will going to marry a good young man he has choosen for me. Kismet! You know, the traditional uribi rules of birth, life and death. Greets and hugs, Gogolina

Annette hat gesagt…

Hey Gogolina,

this is wonderful music, I love it! Good luck with Kismet, my dear!