Januar 11, 2008

Radio U : ethnological field trip, The Halaibefrudi Song Complex

- Mo Slim speaks - Today we will have radio for schools, housewifes and everybody who likes ethno-informations! As my friend Mat Gundo was a little boy, he went with his grandmother in spring in the mountains to enjoy the Halaibefrudi Ritual. Snow was melting, and in the lakes and the waters fresh, new blue water was streaming, twinkling and playing with the sunbeams. The women washed their clothes and themselves and they were singing songs from the Halaibefrudi complex. Mat told me that the vocals have no meaning, in the sense we give meaning to words, their roots you can find immediately in the world of elements. The singing women spoke with the elements of the water, the air, the mountains, and they answered, gave them power and fertility. After a while, the men started to sing, and their voices echoed true the mountains and the valleys. It was a high spiritual communication with the elementary world. Till now, in some regions this ritual is carried out. Lucky! Because also in Uribistan modern times are coming. Now people in their village, they have electricity and the women have washing machines. Slowly, this old communication with elementary beings will disappear. In this modern times, in Europe you know how it is, we need other, new powerfull things to communicate with the spiritual world. A very good thing is anthropsfy, and in Uribistan we like very much the Calender of the Soul of Ruud Steinerboy. This is a very important tool to stay in contact with the own spiritual powers and the spiritual powers in the world working through the years, in time and space. But now, please, listen to Radio Uribistan!


Anonym hat gesagt…

a real uplift to see your sunny mountains-header on a dark misty and noisy morning in the city !


Anonym hat gesagt…

Phantastic idea!
One hint: you can then click on these pics, like Radio Uribistan, or Rudolf Steiner at Egoblog, and download them as your cell phone background pic. Use it!

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Mo Slim,
Believe it or not. I was never to a Halaibefrudi Ritual. This is only for Uribi Highlanders. Beautiful song, buta I ama sure it hasa meaning. Mat isa very secretive man. He also nota wanta the Baquirifalls oublich for Tourists. He said to me all this Digital cameras send frequences to the elemental world, so that sweet little elfs turn into POLTergeists. I canta verfy that.
Halabeifrudi and Magash!
Yours frändly Murat

Gesine Petrovic hat gesagt…

Halaibefrudi Song weckt in mir sommerliche Bikingefühle, wenig an haben die Sonne, welche den Körper mit Energie auftankt u.s.w.
Murat, ich glaube das ist Uribi Elfisch.
Tschü Gesine

Mos Sad hat gesagt…

Never heard about this - is this real? Where can I contact mister Gundo?

Kind regards, Mos Sad

mo ritz hat gesagt…

Great experience this Halaibefrudi song. Do you have any film documents about the ritual??

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Mr Sad,

"Where can I contact mister gundo"

-send to uribistan@gmx.net. But remember the whole redaction will read about your contact.