Januar 04, 2008

RADIO URIBISTAN IS BORN! And a new Correspondent: Mo Slim!

- Mat Gundo reportz - Dearezt, honourable readerz! Not so long ago we could introduce you firzt viewz on the pilot programm of Uribi Television. But today, let me introduce you the real, one and only RADIO URIBISTAN ! We are very proud of it, to let you hear firzt introduction of the great internetradio of The Free anda EverYoung Republic of Uribistan.
We ara also very proud to introduce you again a new co-worker in our Daily staff! Only a couple of dayz ago, we could introduce the great Herrmann Finkelsteen, our djerman administrator, who will writa fine thingies about Djermanistan, anthropsfy anda real rural lifestile! He helped us long timez, but now he is in the staff. But not enough! It is a lot of workz to participate in (web)radio Uribistan, someone new joins us: this is Mo(ses) Slim from Tel Aviv. He is a flying reporter anda also lives in London, New York, Singapore, etc. Our jewish friend Mo Slim will take care of the contributionz of Radio Uribistan. He makes interviewz, discovers conspirationz (he has a big thing, in a few dayz he will tell you about it), talkz about music, art, etc. Enjoy it!
(attention: the contributionz for Radio Uribistan are with otha wordtype, so you can find them easily among all otha great posts of Finkelsteen, Tchundyk, and ofcourse mines). Overstreamingz!


Annette hat gesagt…

Hurra, Radio Uribistan ist da!!!!

Wisst ihr, in meiner Heimatstadt gibt es ein Cafe namens MO. Alle jungen Leute gehen da hin.

Anonym hat gesagt…

oh I like the camel snickering in the background - does it have big velvety eyes with long eyelashes?

Do you sell camel wool ?

Annette hat gesagt…

Yes. And that camel has smooth shining blond fur.

The carding is done by Ina so that you can do the spinning.