Januar 22, 2008

Eurythmic Emmy - we put a new version, second take!

EXTRA: after the heavy storm in our beloved Highlandz, we maka second take of the song, we publish it here - just hear it, this mindblowing adventure with Emmy in Dornachtown! Ofcourse this is also made with our primitive Uribi equipment.. Overstreamingz to all of you!

-Mat Gundo reports - Dearezt Readerz! Thank you very much for supporting our effortz for The Eurovision Songfestival! The Uribistan Daily became a lot of e-mails from peoplez saying thanx, weeping anda will vote for us at the contest! Today I maka lida blues about Eurythmic Emmy. Yearz ago she was studying eurythmix in Dornach. But, you can hear the story! It was made very quick on a very primitive Uribi Highland equipment, it is not perfect, the guitarplayer made a lida mistake, and on another moment I couldn't here the music so well, that I came a second to late in the entry (to much heavy storm in the Highlandz). It's a very rough take. But we had a lot of fun to do it! Ofcourse this song is ment to be for all my anthropsfy-girlfriendz in the whole world and for all the anthropsfy-fanz of The Daily! Overstreamingz!!


Anonym hat gesagt…

This is just as sweet as the previous contest!

Thanx to all those anthropsfy-girlfriends of Mat.

Anonym hat gesagt…

heartbreaking! and in the end the etheric damsel was married by a Pflümliwasserfabrikant from nearby Biel and completely forgot about you and higher worlds...


Pflümlwasserfabrikant hat gesagt…

Hend Sie öppis gega Pflümliwasser?
Eurythmusen needa to hava good Sugardaddy!!!
Otherwise they are a case for the socialsecurity?
Grüezi dr Urs von Biel
Good music by the way!!!

Mos Sad hat gesagt…

Makes lucky.

Mos Sad