Januar 29, 2008

Sorry readerz, this is Private Hour for Gogolina!

- Mat Gundo reportz - Dearezt Readerz anda dearezt Gogolina! Sorry Mo, sorry Herrmann, sorry Murat, sorry Incredible Blogbeing, anda also beg your pardon dear readerz! Thiz is not an article lika otha articlez on The Daily, but is a kind of consultationing for Miss Gogolina. It is very private. So, if you don't lika to read this, just hear our Uribi songz anda vote for them! Don't forget: support us at the Eurovision Festival, anda make Eurythmic Emmy great song in, for example, next Eurythmix Conference in Dornach (CH)!
So - dear Gogolina, thanx a lot for your commentz and the nice picturez from your happy youth timez. Yes, reading your nice commentz I'm also tensed lika twenty umbrellas! Thanx also for the songz, now I can hear them too. But: don't listen to your brother Gogolo, don't marry the bastard he searched for you! He is a member of the Tzjop clan. You know, how they are! And all those rites, you speak about: it's not Highlandz way, but old fashioned Lowlandz. The guy your brotha Gogolo found for you, well, you can find him in the baddest villidj barz (for our readerz, on Terra Canaillo you can read more about thiz barz!). I hava good suggestion for you to come out of this: livin' in the Uribi lowlandz, there is the hardworking family of the Plukz clan. There are four brotha, all single, working togetha in same factory. Just lead your brother to believe in, you are choosing one of them, he will be happy with it. On the road to them, the Uribi Female Liberation Army (UFLA), can help you with otha name, dizappearing, till your brotha knowz you are independent anda free person. We hava for you a good work in Hamasheyk Institute - it is with bio-energetical water-research, interested? I give you picz of the brotha Plukz here, so you can choose anda giva pic to your brotha:

On the left is Riko Plukz, the youngest, makez the practical thingiez in the factory, he is chief outside. He loves the land and is learning now some mumbo djumbo on the local shaman school. He is lida bit religious and prays a lot to Saint Eloi of the Lower Midlandz Mountainz. But caution: I don't believe he loves women, if your brotha knowz this, well... Midleft you can see Ukil Plukz. Ukil is very punctual, very strict in working, but lida bit strange anda perverz. He pickz in his nose, fingersnipping boogerz in his office, lida bit slimy, anda having picz of nude women between his documentz. Jela Plukz, in the mid-right, only thinkz about money anda commerce, a boring person. One time he comes out very big, he says. Only funny after 5 th glass of Tabili Hot Water, 45 %. If he left a place, he goes back five timez for inspection. He is a neurotic. Tamuk Plukz, right, is very proud of being the quickest typewriter in Uribistan. Tamuk Plukz is lida bit shy, but more anda more he is becoming a real womenizer. He is the upcoming star in the Plukz factory and in society life in the Hamasheyk surroundingz. I thinka one of them is very good alibi for you. Overstreamingz, by the way, in a few dayz you can hear the Gogo Gogolina song!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Murat good good boy! as an alibi any one of these four works, why not take the youngest, prettiest one, he wont bother you, chere Gogolina, en plus!

Anonym hat gesagt…

ohhh.... JESUS!!! I cannot finda words ... ehm, t h a n k y o u dearest Mat the Gun-do, urgs, such a big and wonderful collection of possible husbands, alibis and ... naaaaaiiiiiiisssss gais!!! oh, i fear, i cannot decide, they are all so sweeeeeeet... BUT... (the big 'but') ... BUT you d o n ' t know my brotha. He's member of the powerful Uribi Ma-Fia-Clan. I MUST marry, because of political interests, you know, like Habsburgas and Bourbons. He tolda me: tu felix Gogolina nube'!!!. Yesterday I received the first video tape from my future family, yess, youre right, they are Lowlanders, they have strong traditions. They prepare kinda selfmade hat for the bride, and she (I) must wear it at the wedding day. On the video tape you can see my future father-in-law (white beard) and my future hassband (grey beard). At the wedding-day we will drink cola-au-lait and eat pork meat with glue, a speciality of the lastbacklast Lowlandwoods.
I will do my very best to be a good wife. I will learn to cook gluepork and mix colaohlä. I will have 10 children, 9 boyz and 1 girl to help me in the kitchen.
I'm very happy to hear the song soon...!!! And by the way, I will present you some other cousins of our big family, perhaps Murat knows them, the boys of the Hazmat-Modine-Clan, they are descandants of the russian uribiline. here they are!!! especially for you, Mat the Gun-do, and also for Murat and all of you reporterz and naturally Liesel, howdy Liesel.
Overwhelmingz, Gogolina

Anonym hat gesagt…

chere Gogolina, this familiy looks pictoresque, but you cant marry an old man (the one with glasses looks nice, a good storyteller perhaps?)---- UFLA should intervene and Society for Cutting up Men also! Reminds me of Indian computer specialists who after a lot of professional succes abroad and several affairs have to agree to arranged marriages... there are special hindi sites where people discuss this..
how lucky we are to be born in a free western world, where we can take our wrong decisions all by ourselves!

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Gogolina,
is the song done by the John Zorn and Marc Ribot radical jewish music company from big apple?
"Anyway betta to hava lowland man in your hand than to hava Uribi Highland man on the roof," my Grandma tolda me always.
The russian uribiline isa very wild branch of Uribi culture. Anyway I hava one question for you sweet little Gogolina. Where the hella dida you geta the pic of cousin Hossi from?
I also hava song for you Gogolina!!!!
Yours frändly Murat

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ma chère Liesel, merci beaucoup, thank you so much for your good advices and thoughts, what would I do without you? Warmest greetings, yours, Gogolina


Dearest Murat,

hm, I don't think that this song has been composed by John Zorn and/or Marc Ribot. But you are right: the music of Hazmat Modine is comparable to big parts of the music of John Zorn, in correlation to his jewish background and the influence of Klezmer to his music. Hazmat Modine also mix Klezmer with Jazz, and there is a big influence of Rock and Blues, resp. Folk and Countrymusic. It's a still "young" band, not known for a longer time. Bt I wouldn't say radical. Here you can watch them in the wild wild east...
Oh, Hossi, yessss, ... {whispering}.. it's a secret, but Mat can tell you about...
Yours sincerely, Gogolina (taking a petrol bath now, and after that the aqua therapy would be fine perhaps)

Anonym hat gesagt…

chere Gogolina,sorry for being so overprotective (no, Im not a Jewish mother)! As I work now with immigrants and asylum seeking persons I always identify with them trying to make their situation a bit easier. There is a young couple of Tadchikistanies from Afghanistan that reminds me of Uribistan....very often I admire how dynamic those people are, how many awful situations they master and how well they cope with our social bureaucracy...

Anonym hat gesagt…

Liesel, ma chère, no, no, I must say sorry to YOU, you know, Gogolina is a real hothead sometimes and also šnippish, as my chassidi-girlfriend from school said to me a long time ago. So pardon me - we don't know each other - and I should be friendly, if somebody wants to let me think about others, isn't it so?
This song is for you, i hope you like it as much as I do. Hugs, Gogolina

Anonym hat gesagt…

ohhh, merci! enchanting tunes, as well as the song for you, chere Gogolina, and the new beautiful header in tender green.