Januar 05, 2008

Radio U : THE NAZI-CHARGE: THE JEWISH TSUNAMI CONSPIRACY, about The Tel Aviv Swimm Conspiracy, S-Bombs, and Homosexuals.

- Mo Slim speaks - Some blogreaders remember the posting of Our Ambassador in Berlin (Djermanistan), talking about some theories of neo-nazis about the big wave, the Tsunami, in far east. They claim that jewish and american forces made this Tsunami, firing one or more (atomic)bombs. Radio Uribistan wanted to know more about this, those mind-fucking nazi-theories were not satisfying at all! Radio Uribistan wants to know: what is the truth about it? An uribi undercover agent gave me the crucial hint, and, by change, the tracks I followed brought me in the city I'm living at this time, Tel Aviv. And only a few streets away of my appartment! They brought me to The TeL Aviv Swimm Conspiracy. A little club with wavemaking freaked men, developping the final S-Bomb. I spoke with Levi Stern, founder of the club, a very nice guy indeed. He told me a lot about the club, S-Bombs, american logistics, the high-skilled art of his friend Solomon, and the tragedy with the asian mega-wave. Ofcourse we will inform those nazi-heads about the real proportions of the drama. But we can tell them: yes, in a certain way, you are right! The Jews made the wave! Shit happens. But hear it yourself, ofcourse on: Radio Uribistan!


Mr. Mos Sad hat gesagt…

Terrific! S-bombs, big fun!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Steckt Solomon jetzt im Gefängnis?

Christoph hat gesagt…


Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Agent of MOSSAD,
I identified you Mos Sad.You are nota very clever. If the jews hada S-bombs at Massada, all the roman soldiers woulda hava had salt from the Dead Sea in their eyes and woulda hava lost their battle. Loosing in battle comes from nota appreciating fun loving homosexuals. Think abouta ita.
Yours frändly Murat.

Anonym hat gesagt…


So I see Murat is REALLY modern now and appreciates fun loving homosexuals.

This is realistic anyways, since about 30-40% of a society are homosexuals.

I only do not know yet if Murats plan is to have 1 wife plus a homoharem. Now that all those women are gone. Cause where is the difference?

Kaukasier hat gesagt…

Okay Du kleine Statistikerin. 5 Antworten.
Eine Antwort ist 20% 2 wären 40%. Who the freakin hell is a homosexual.
Ein total schwuler anonymer Mann kaukasischer Herkunft.

Mos Lucky hat gesagt…

@Tchundyk: please be nice to my brother Mos Sad, winter is dark enough! Attention Tchundyk: Mos is as homosexual as 'Kaukasier' above!

Kind regards, Mos Lucky

Frau K. hat gesagt…

Great thing, your Radio Uribistan,
And t(h)is young, wonderful reporter
Mr. Mo Slim makes such good, short and precise interviews.
I love it!!
Looking forward to your next talk,
yours Mrs. K.

Anonym hat gesagt…

@ Kaukasier: die beiden Antworten passen
@ Mos Lucky: Danke das Kompliment!!
@ Frau K.: Ja, ich stimme mit Ihnen überein.

Tchundyk, was stellst du nur wieder an? Sei doch mal hier draussen so nett wie in all deinen emails.

Solomon the Jumper hat gesagt…

Everything is fine with me :-)