Januar 09, 2008

Jews, Arabs, Men and witches and more wars

Murat Tchundyk reports
Today Mr. Bush mada a visita to Jerusalem and said a lot abouta peace. In between he wasa lika my old schoolteacher. " If they are attacking our ships again, there willa be serious consequences." Frowning his eybrows, trying to look dangerously. Later Mr. Bush was trying to sell kosher Turkey Kebap to Mr. Olmert and Mr. Abbas as a bridge between the three Religions, spreading All easy peasy happy feeling
My Grandma always said when we were watching TV back in seventies seeing the one eyed pirate Moshe on his tank, you know Murat the difference between Jews and Arabs is about as big as between Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola. And in a Popsong I heard someone singing "our relationship is that of quarelling arabs and jews." It isa nota exact words, but the singer used that metaphor. At the time I didn`t understanda.
When i gotta married to my harem I realised The difference between men and womäns is as big as between Fanta and Coca-Cola.
You canna mix it but I think it tastes terrible. It is the same lika mixing Mongolian Desert Vodka with Camel Milk for me.
God in Paradise dida try to mixa the two, it wasa desaster. You know story, Eva was trying to hava fun and was retaliated by severe punishment. Archangel with fiery sword were fighting Adam and Eve outa ofa Paradise. No more easy living. Working , giving birth to two delinquent boys, who were quarelling lika " Arabs and Jews". Adam always sighed and blaming silently relentfully Eva for being the biggest Idiot. Later all the men took revenge on their womäns for Eves stupid deed eating apples by treating them lika shit. You name it beating, raping, humiliating and burning. The idea of burning came by some followers of the NAIL AND WOOD religion. Whata was there left for womäns? Yes my fränds I had some of them in my harem
Womäns hada to develope their supernatural powers, so they attain knowledge of higher worlds more easily than men. So I bow to all the witches in admiration. Buta last not least, that also produced a lot ofa Homosexuality men being fed up with all this Anthropotantra and magic love spells lika Annette is trying to do with me and Mat. That doesnt mean we become fun loving homosexuals no we enjoy sometimes sitting up in the Uribi Highlands, smoking drinking and philosphisying justa with male witches = wizards. Anyway we started in Jerusalem and ended up in the Uribi Highlands. Be prepared for next war. Best buy at the stock exchange Shares of Tomahawk, Lockheed and Apache Helicopters. Interest rates for coming next year will be about 39% interest rate. Next war isa around the corner!!!!
Yours frändly Murat


Annette hat gesagt…


One does not need a lot of spells to convince Murat to make love.

Murat, du wirkst irgendwie angefressen, wie du sagen würdest, wegen Herrmann. Warum? Ich meine die etwas starke Reaktion?

Ich will dich nur darauf vorbereiten, dass er mehr als einen Schundroman, sondern eher eine wahrheitsgemässe Aufarbeitung verdient, die nicht gefallen muss.

Rudiger hat gesagt…

Zeit für selbstfindung? Oh Mann!

Hermann Finkelsteen hat gesagt…

Sehr geehrter Rüdigerun Annette,
ich schreibe nicht nur zur Selbstfindung. Ich bin ein Mitarbeiter des Projekts "Logos Bewusstsein und die Veränderungen der Logos Struktur im Digitalen Zeitalter".
Mitfreundlichen Grüssen

Ruediger hat gesagt…

Zur Klärung: Selbstfindung, hier ist nur Marsette gemeint!