September 14, 2007

Gun-Fun witha Pamela!

mat gundo reportz - Dearezt Readerz! We are all very happy seeing Murat again on our site, witha his lovely lida girl anda special forces to keep an eye on that lida bitch Selimara (she now started to read 'Theopsfy' from great Rudy Boy!).
Ofcourse, the interesting reader of The Uribistan Daily hava now questionz, for example: "What the hell is thiz about some patriotz missilez in Uribistan ?? Why they need it?"
Well, you musta know few thingies:
1) we ara, as you can read in wortfightingz in otha commentz, not happy with situation in Iraq anda role of Americanistan anda Mister Bush Administration in the whole affair;
2) but, we lika it to have some hech-technic weaponz from Americanistan for reasonz you can count on one hand: at the one side we have Mister Ahmadinedschad in Persia, who is a lida bit silly looking at our rich country, anda does not lika we hava absolute freedom of all religionz. On the otha side we have Mister Putine, anda we don't truzt thiz guy too. In next year, we think he will stay in Russia, anda it will become worser as you think;
3) "Hey, you camel-riding treesucker, what did you talk about before, as you speak from disappearance trickz?" you will ask now. Yes, you are right! Dear new anda newezt readerz, just read this here! This is no contradiction! If someone wantz to attack us, today, in modern timez, it is possible, with rocketz, airplanez, bombz, the whole bullshitting mess happenz very, very quick! You hava no time to taka breath, and you are dead! It is today blitz³-krieg! Anda our three old shamanz will not be so quick to maka disappear-magix lika in 1917. Therefore, to hava some time, to gain a few minutez, we bought from our friend in Americanistan, The Pretorian Mister Praetorin, this highly modern kick-your-ass-rocket-system. We heard, he will come to give us instructionz how to work with it. (You know: wenn I was child I liked to play with paper-airplanez, and after this I had lida missileweapon-car with a lida green-red plastic rocket, with the car I could shoot missilez in the roomz. If mizter Praetorin comez, I will be firzt to maka shootingz in Uribi Dessert!).
We will hava lotz of gun-fun! In Uribistan, we will call this system 'Pamela'.


Christoph hat gesagt…

Her legs are too short.

Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

Dear Mister Ambassador! We are very sorry, I thought it would come like this! It is also the relation between the gunz and the legz,making them as shorter as they are in reality (I know what I am talking about..). We would send her to your Ambassy in Berlin as a military-attaché. Now we must look again, I think we will send Mahmoud.
Overstreamingz to Berlin, Mat Gundo