September 24, 2007

For our Visitorz from India

- mat gundo reportz - Dearezt Honourable Readerz from the great republic of India! With great help of our blogcounting programm, we notice that lotz of our readerz come from your famouz country! In the post here below, my Uribi brotha Murat presentz you the newezt scientific research in our Hamasheyk Institute, togetha with lotz of scientific picz! But now, especially for the peoplez from India, we present fine music from your country!
But before we are listening anda looking, I had to tell you something about our Berlin friend Igor Lampenhausen. We allready thought, he does not write anymore, is completely happy and lozt in his Cozmic Sex magix. But now he writez again. He is a very interesting guy: he did his community service as alternative to military service as a young guardian angel! Amazing! He was working between and with angelz! Than he wrote some wordz for mister Schäuble (our heimatminizter) anda gave information about a new McDonaldz in Berlin Kreuzberg, and after, punctual to the beginning of autumn, he started Chriztmas time! Yes, he is ahead of hiz time, and now he wrote about India Bharti. After reading our Daily, vizit Mister Lampenhausen anda have fun with hiz secret method of Cozmic Sex!
Here we have the Shankara Orchestra with Raga Hamsadhwani - enjoy it!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Manika from India shyly says hello!
Im a bit frightened by those bosomy
ladies pics here around.

Om shanti

Ram Sida hat gesagt…

Dear Uribistan Daily crew,

Thank you for the music and for your Blogsite, we like it in India!

Yours sincerely, Ram Sida

Alok Reddy hat gesagt…

for Indians Sitarmusic? Why nota Bollywood music?
Yours Alok

Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

Dearezt Mister Reddy! You are right, not only classical indan music we want to give our Indian friendz, but also real Bollywood highlightz. We will look for it and post it here, I hope you will enjoy it!

Overstreamingz in Ganges, Mat Gundo