September 14, 2007

Thänx my fränds

Dearest lovely Antropsfy Blogheads
I ama so happy. My wife and little girlie are okay, buta they will stay with Highlands Uribi shamans to geta really well. Mahmoud as you cana see worked as midwife. He really good. And our americain allies protected our birth zone. Uribistan hasa powerful fränds at the military PRAETORIN he isa rocket launcher. He isa fan of Uribi Folktales. In the evening our americained US soldiers are listening to Uribi folktales. I wenta fora short walk through the swampy antropsfy bloglands. I thought It isa good to hava fränds who are rocketlaunchers. URIBISTAN is prepared!!!! Watch out!!!!
Yours frändly Murat
(Sorry canta show pics of my two girls you know paparazzis buta you my fränds maka me all happy lika Uribi Freedom eagle who visits Archangels upa in heaven)

Hey i am very glad to have you as a friend to. I hope that you enjoyed my videos as i have enjoyed yours. I love the Folktales. =)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey Murat, schau, das Handy macht wieder mit!

Good, your wife and little Selimara are well. That Weleda oil is fine for after birth recovery (mood change etc.)
I am interested in this anti-lust-wristband for example for a tuesday night! I can't ask Christoph, because he is not that anti-lust-guy ;-)
It is just because I'd prefer Nirvana feeling. Perhaps Mat has some of it for us!

I love all your videos and come over to your nice bloggie. Thank you for your open space.