September 14, 2007

The Uribistan Daily - special notice

Dearezt Readerz ! My Uribi Brotha Murat, but now in firzt place, my colleague here in The Daily, made litta bit trouble at the Egoist Triba! He did not read the whole article, before commentating it, anda was acting lika litta King Kong (which he saw on the article's pic). Ofcourse thiz is not very professional! We all know, he is a daddy now of a lida girl, anda has lotz of thingies to do, he never did before! It made him also very tired. That's I think the most important reason, we don't give him a great disciplinal punishment, but we must set here a very clear signal! Therefore, Mister Murat Tchundyk is not allowed to write here until saturday, the 22nd of september. Some peoplez may say: thiz is not punishment. O yeah, it is punishment: if Murat is like now, he can writa every day. Now, he has time to thinka about how to manage the house with mom anda lida Selimara.


Annette hat gesagt…

This is really a bit too confusing to me. One comm here and one comm there on the one and other side. Sorry! I love all of you guys and will work on my own one ;-D
Hope to have given an explanation!

P.S.: All of our legs are long to win a first prize.
P.P.S: I am really curious what you think about the news!

John Sabin hat gesagt…

Hi folks,
I^ve been reading Uribistan Daily for quite some time and i think you are taking very severe measures on your journalist Murat.
Anyway i also appreciate your editorial severeness in that matter. Too many journalists nowadays do get away too easily with just a bad feedback and are not fully confronted with the responsibility of what their job requires.
yours John Sabin ( Denver, CO )

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ich hab hier noch so einen kleinen tragbaren Elektroschocker, der seinerzeit auch King Kong gefällt hat.. Also, wenn Bedarf ist..


Annette hat gesagt…

What McEggert does not know ist that this is only Mat's way to tell Murat it is OK to be off working until 22nd. Nobody could see that he is able to phone and that Mat got lots of calls by now.

But true, it is only fair to say what is expected of him so that he does not drown down there in the lowlands until then.

P.S.: Ich hab ne Menge geschrieben die letzte Zeit, das werde ich jetzt nicht mehr abändern (würde nur noch mehr Verwirrung stiften). Seid es zufrieden!