September 19, 2007

A fine boogie for all our readerz!

- mat gundo reportz - This guy, my Uribi Brotha Murat: I found him visiting anda commenting otha sites! If it is abroad, we can do nothing -but I have to speak with him. It seamz, he does not take the Uribi daily management serious! If he does not change his behaviour, he must be locked out for anotha week! Today, for our dearezt readerz, to forget lita bit goatmilk drinkin' Murat, we hava overstreamed music from a great dutch cabaretman: Wim de Bie. Months ago, before he was in Brasil, dearezt bloggy friend Joseph Canaillo sended the video-link to me by youtube-mail. I cannot read the subtitlez, but it must be double-fun: they don't follow the text of this song. This fantastic boogie is also kind of parodia of some huzband of dutch princess (till now I thought it was kinda of republic?). Here it is, it is short but be sure, if you play piano, you can play it at home:


Anonym hat gesagt…

can he flap his ears?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Murat wackelt nicht nur mit der Nase, er schickt sogar bis zu 5 email täglich. Was heißt da nicht ernst nehmen :-(

There is Murat, and there is Annette! I never go schnackseling on other sites, and freedom means to chat with and respect all our friends.