Juni 09, 2007

situation in uribistan!

-mg reportz- Still here on the big international Shaman Conference in Hcan-Rôd, we heard about the terrible situation in Hamasheyk. We did not heara anything from Murat! We hope he is still aliva anda on this earth breathing!
In thiz situation I can talk to you, dear Readerz, about little secret: it is disappearing strategy! We hava lots of thousands of shamans, but only 3, who are in very special secret tradition, and this tradition is learned only by the three to one pupil! Even the otherz shamans do not know who they are! It's Uribi State Secret. If it comez very hard, they come together, and with their powerz they bring Uribistan in state of DISAPPEARANCE!
Now, also I can explain you, dear readerz, or official name. it is FREE anda EVER YOUNG republic of Uribistan. Free, because now Uribistan is totally free! We could beat out russian communizts anda new capitalizts, beat out kazaki, uzbeki anda other usurpatorz! After 1917 they divided partz of Uribistan between them! But biggest part, our beloved Highlandz (and also part of See-Landz and Lowlandz too) , they never got! Why? Because 3 shamanz maka disappearance rite! They can bringa our country in state of Pralaya! We disappear, sleep in higher consciousness levelz! If Red Army came, if english came, if french came, if CIA came - we were gone! Anda this is EVER YOUNG part of Uribistan, how archangelz anda other beings made it in beginning timez! How does thiz work on those people who will attack us? If they ara in disappearing country, they are on a certain point in nothingness, they ara lika 'nowhere'-men from beatlessong. But thiz is not funny, it is terrible, it hurts, its soundz crying, it is ashaming. They get totally mad. Lika boyz coming back from Vietnam or from Irak, but even worser! Because they experienced NOTHINGNESS, without preparation! It is lika taking 7 overdoses of LSD. Now you understand, why 1) we do not hava army, it is very small, only for show; 2) we cannot do thiz disappearance allways, because it has big influence on earth anda other karma! It has lots of consequences. WE must see how the situation in Hamasheyk develops! We try to contact Murat!
We hava still good timez here in Conference on the Mountains, at the same time having big sorrow about Hamasheyk. Maybe the 3 can do partial disappearance?
Meanwhile, yesterday an African guezt maka big levitation here! A tscherman televison crew filmed him doing thiz in his triba, commentated here in english. Just watch it!


Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest mat,
magash and thänx and brotherly kissas we learned from our russian occupants. Mfgh! I remember you collaboratin with Kaskhis. Let us forgiva each other forgeta thata coma to party do the tnderness shake w.
All shamans are welcomed buta donta leta dissapear our soundsystem. Thänx.
My heart is flying high into clouds of heaven with joy Murat

Christoph hat gesagt…

Impressing video! Things like that are going on in Uribistan?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Das soundsystem ist klar zu hören! Schamanenarbeit bringt sicher Veränderung hervor das gilt jedenfalls für die Schweiz. Man bewegt sich von einem Haus zum anderen ohne Spuren zu hinterlassen und dann ist alles doch wieder da wie vorher und im Idealfall schöner als vorher. Schwer zu erreichen.