September 08, 2007

Big Now-You-Are-Daddy-Party anda Telephon talk

-mat gundo reportz- Dearest readerz! It is a few dayz ago, we made last post - justa because we mada big party with Murat. It is a, in tranzlation, Uribi-Now-You-Ara-Daddy party. Lika in Djermanistan people hava kind of 'Jungesella' party before they get married. Here, in Uribistan, before we maka big party for Murat's lida girl anda wife, we hava special party wenn man is becoming firzt time fatha. It was big fun witha lotz of Uribi spiritual drinkz anda we were in higher circumstancez.
Meanwhile in wide world we heard that mister Bin Laden makez new video, we will ask him to read some Uribi Folktalez for litta Murat Girl Selimara. He also talkz lita bit Uribi-english. But now we hava now for you all lida video from Mister Bush anda Mister Osama talking togetha. It is made by our american friendz The Flesh Eating Robotz.

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