September 21, 2007

Otha important editorial message!

- mat gundo reportz - These days I could be gazt-visitor in Canaillo home. Togetha we maka music (I hava make Uribi Highland Danz with Jane, wowee!) anda I wenta with Joseph to his theatregroup he has in original Djermanistan State Prizon, working witha longlife emprizoned peoplez. It was very astonishing what is possible to do in such a prizon to sozialize those guyz. Much better as in some Uribistani prizonz (we have some, ofcourse only in Uribi Lowlandz - Murat land, you know): there ara about 120 peoplez in one room, witha shit hole in the middle. If you think you hava 5 stockz in the jailhouse, and one hole in the middle, you can imagine. From such kindz of prizonz people getting worser as before.
It was also nice sitting behind original olde Terra Canaillo-pc anda making thingz togetha. I wrote post for Terra Canaillo, but it is not still published.

Jane mada very good pumpkin soup, and I said here she must publish this cooking recipe - it is só fantastic!
Now I'm back in the Uribi Heightz, anda from here, I will writa for The Uribistan Daily, still without Murat. I met my grandmotha, and she said: as long as my foto stayz on the Daily, Murat may not writa! I have lotz of respect for my grandmotha, as we hava respect for olda wise peoplez in Uribi Highlandz. I'm sorry for the readerz, sorry for Murat: BUT TOMORROW MURAT WILL NOT WRITE! I must wait till my grandmotha givez kinda green light. Anda, I know, with my grandmotha, it is long time!

Overstreamed, Mat.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Please tell us more about your granny, her picture is very beautiful!
How are mother and Selimara?

Anonym hat gesagt…

We at Annette's Block are all having some soup to cure virtual overstimulation. Coming back to real life is also part of the whole online program!