September 06, 2007

All the Best for Murat's Lidda Girl !!

-Mat Gundo reportz- What ara you thinkin' now, dear readerz? It is all about troubling in anthropsfyworldz, great discussingz at Nerony's and at Egoist Triba, and our Ambassador, I don't know where he is: ill, tired, holidayz, fallin' in lova, disappeared, justa very busy with diplomatic activitiez? Anda all those postz about racism anda book of mister Zanders (remember, we didda uribi tranzlation), anda now I red Joseph C. also wrote book lika that, anda Happy Beater isa fine combatting here at The Daily. I'm thinking about to giva him a kinda of Guezt status, to writa from time to time hiz happy beating thoughtz. Why not, lika guy Broder in 'The Mirror'. It is a bíg fun to discuss with him.
But, what ara you thinkin' now, dear readerz, that was question, what are you thinking of rosa colour on the daily? Becausa Murat has now lidda Daughter! Poor guy hadda hard dayz waiting child is coming, anda ofcoursa also hiz wife. It is also very good he has daughter, so he can learna lot about having daughterz and that in modern timez it is equal you hava son or daughter! But, I know, Murat will make it: he is very, very happy with Selimara, the lidda girl.
The djerman administator, the Uribi staff and me, Mat Gundo, we wish you all the best - anda we ara still waiting for the Big Birthday Party - witha lotz of Chal-kô, special Uribi Highlandz wine, only drunk wenn beautiful daughta is born! Over-over-overstreamingz!


nerone hat gesagt…

best wishes from me.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thats why this page turned pink!
Welcome little Selimara! What a beautiful name youve got!

Joseph C., TC K. Jane & The Rest hat gesagt…

The whole Terra Canaillo Team wishes all the best for little Selimara, her mother and Murat.
Please, tell us wenn the Chal-kô
Party starts!
joseph c., tc k, jane + the rest of the crew

nerone hat gesagt…

just one question, please: whom has she the nose from? father - mother?

Oberfoerster hat gesagt…

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Geburt Eurer Tochter, may she be blessed by by all good powers !

Yours friendly

The Oberfoerster

Frau K. hat gesagt…

Great colour, great girl!
All the best to little Selimara,
her mother and murat!!
Looking forward to the big party,
I love big pink birthday parties!

Annette hat gesagt…

Big Kissas to Mrs. K. ;-)

Dann feiert mal alle schön.

Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

You know this situation, miss Annetty: someone has birthday anda is a making party. A guest comes but is not interested in the host
but only talkz with otha guest, and wish this guest for example happy birthday. Little bit funny, or not?
Overstreamingz, Mat Gundo

Annette hat gesagt…

Hi, there, dear Mat,

I like talking with you a lot. Is it true Murat is back again? I hope he is well, and little MissSelimara with Mom are well, too. Come on, let`s laugh toether about everything and celebrate her birth and life in general. Happy-End to the whole story!


Christoph hat gesagt…

My loveliest ambassadorial congratulations to Murat, the mother and to Selimara!

Funny: I have had to type in "abuhu". :-)

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Hello, everybody,

Um keine Phantomschmerzen zu entwickeln, und um halloDeutschland zu sagen, zeig ich mal, wer hinter allem steht.

Die Annette habt ihr nur leicht verwirrt, denn die weiss vor lauter Möglichkeiten bald nicht mehr, was gerade von ihr verlangt wird (cash/ Reisen). Dabei ist es wohl nur ihr Typ...

Also, das ist jetzt aber mein Besuch vom Block.