September 22, 2007

How to deal witha vision dominated sex addiction?¨¨

Dearezt Readerz! Grandmotha had good heart, seeing her grandson so much working for the Daily, that she said (ofcourse in Uribi, but I tranzlate), smoking her uribi cigar: 'Ok, dear Grandson Mahat Hansi, don't do the shit alone, but let this horny plonker write hiz part !' Well, I think, here he is again! - overstreamingz, Mat Gundo-

Virtual sex today is a growing problema in our global world also ina Uribistan! Therefore Dr. Nathan froma University of Bagdad in Arizona visited us and gava workshops with sex addicts who are fixated on pics. Borat the olda gypsy catcher caughta a hippie froma cave in the Uribi Highlands. He was our test person. For this kinda severe tests we use foreigners, best without any papers no inlanders. So he gotta educated in Hamasheyk Institute by electro shocks(we hada permission by UNO) to losa his abnormal sexual arousals. Now he is healed and his Astro booty is verrry clean it isa not centred in his genital area anymore but in his heartchakra. He is now a real peacful heart chakra intercourser,who thinks and fucks with his heart. So at least the Hamasheyk scientists and Dr. Nathan thinka. We hava incredible amounta ofa sexy pics fuckers on Uribistan Daily as visitors justa becausa we hava two naked womäns on our blog and sometimes a sexy language. Others calla ita vulgar. We woulda call ita hearty or a bit juicy.
Ifa you donta want to be aroused unnessceray by sexy pics anymore. Pleasa writa to us and Hamasheyk Institute of biological Cybernetics willa helpa you.The Uribistan National Health Service is financing this project. So please apply now!!! Murat reports


Anonym hat gesagt…

what a pitty, we would have prefered granny going on smoking and telling stories and Murat to stay in Vaterschaftsurlaub....skip adding pippali to your food, and you wont feel so oversexed any more, drink camomille and lavender tea instead..

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

dearest Försterliesl,
you donta wanta me to be here?
I thought thata you were missin me the most?
But I aska Grandma to coma as well?!
Yours frändly Murat

Anonym hat gesagt…

dear Murat-Horus,
I want my beloved son to be a social avantguardist, a man ready to stay with his child!
Granny looked so interesting, is she a female shaman ?
How are sweet little Selimara and her mother?

Anonym hat gesagt…

So Grandma-Isis, Annette and Murat and Selimara are back. I hope nobody hurt you except for what was necessary for your mental health.

Försterliesel, feel free to sleepover at my block, you can even use my bed, that's A-OK.

I have to leave the house to go to work now. By, guys!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Bye! bye good girl!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

dear Annette,
Isis was a single mum before she finally succeded in puzzling together Osiris - and then he was no great help - therefore she feels very solidary with other mums!
Thanks for your invitation! Did you leave me a bit of this wonderful cucumber soup? And hope you wont mind my dog sleeping also in your bed, cause in autumn he always does.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Lieber Murat,

kannst du dir nicht vorstellen, daß ich die Geschichte mit Osiris kenne?
Aber wer ist Anonymous?
Bischof Mixa seinerzeit wollte damals auf Uribistan Daily nur die Familienministerin unterstützen.

Murat: dein selbstverschuldetes Schicksal mußt du auch selbst wieder entwirren. Es ist einfach nicht meine Aufgabe. Ich bin ja kein Preisboxer, der aufdringliche Weiblichkeit von dir abhält.

Mit meiner Einladung meinte ich die Förster-Liesel, die meinen Blog bereits besucht hat, aber keine Spitzel gleichen Namens. Klar freue ich mich! Total! Ich habe dich am meisten vermißt, trotz der vielen email, aber ich kann es auch ans Licht der Öffentlichkeit bringen! Wegen Tieren im Bett bitte meinen Zimmerwirt zu fragen!

Liebes-Grüße von Annette