September 26, 2007

Did Goy our flamboyant Ambassador dump little Susanna?

In a Goys world the house blessing hangs diagonal. All readers of Uribistan Daily ask the question dida he dumpa Susanna?
Here one of the best popsong ever written on break ups, splitting upa, needing space, sorting ones ego out . This is initiation pure and painful!
Murat reports


Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Murat,

the splitting link does not work on me.
This is never a good thing, that`s why it should not happen at all!

The trick is to finally come down from that virtual corner and be real.

To many Ego`s? Well, today, it is going to be Patty Smith eternal. Plus Nirvana!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey Murat,
welcome back; good to see you!

terra canaillo hat gesagt…

Great song: 'Give me my money back, you bitch!'
Do you know where she is gone, our little Susanna, after those hardcore confessions of tc kronstadt?

joseph canaillo

Anonym hat gesagt…

Also ick kapiet dit nich mehr. Zu viele Leute. Und keiner legt sich fest.

Ick bin immer noch da und warte.

Anonym hat gesagt…

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