September 27, 2007

Important Message from the Uribi Secret Army (HQ)

-mat gundo reportz- Dearezt reader! Our (still) friend Igor lampenhausen says he has very confidential materialz about our relationship with Guido Westerwell. Yes, we know Guido Westerwell, after his holidayz in Kazakstan, he did not wanted to wear blue hat anymore. In Uribi Highlandz he felt very free anda good, anda learned to speak liita bit High Uribi anda Uribi english, that's all!!
Our Director of the Uribi Secret Army, Leah Cim Tregge, has the following important message, an open letter to Mista Lampenhausen :

Dear Mista Lampenhausen!
This is official declaration from Security Department of Uribistan:
We have nothing to do with Möllman-case and have nothing to do with Westerwell boy!

Yours sincerell,
Leah Cim Tregge (Uribi Secret Army - HQ)


Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Murat&Mat,

I know you have such nice pics about all kinds of people.

Be nice again - please!

Also don`t forget the post.

Machmoud hat gesagt…

It is also nota true, that Möllemaäns
parachuting equipement wasa made in Uribistan. It isa lie by boulevard journals.
Magash Machmoud ( memba of the ANP ofa Uribistan)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Na, ich glaub, ich hab mich hier in den falschen Film gesetzt. Sorry!