August 09, 2007

On the borderline

After having caughta the INCREDIBLE BLOGBEAST, I thought to go on a little holiday togetha witha Machmoud and Tharuwat. We wanta to go to Afghanistan. Buta we always hava problema at the border. I aska myself, whata isa it, that they donta trusta me. My beard, my clothing, my quarter jewish nose, my glasses or the smell of perfuma "Damascus Rose"?
For whata are they lookin, untaxed Poppies, bombs, medicines, or even names. They asked us where are we goin anda I tolda truth. I said: " We are goin to visit our Uncle Osaman." Thata wasa mistake. Hardly dida I say this name. One vanilla and chocolate americained soldiers wasa witha us. We shoulda spend a whole night with them, playin funny games they aska we answer. Also djerman soldier cama. I aska hima whether he belonga also to Steinereclan. He answer me, that he went to Steinere school. " Hey we musta be spiritual brothers from same triba." I try to kissa him, becausa I thought we could discuss Antropsfy bloghead thingies. No way, they immediately puta me into chains. He tolda me thata he isa defending the Archangels Hirarchie of Djermany in the Hindukush. He wasa nota frändly as you all my Antropsfy blogheads. I wanta to discuss witha hima how he is hava real sexy time with four booties. He slapped me in face. He nota nica memba ofa triba. In his office he had a pic of Info 3 Ex hero Green - little - river hangin. I tolda hima that I ama biga fan ofa him. Then he began to soften up a bit.
We talked a little bita of the burning ofa first Goetheanum. He thinks that it was luciferic beings and the incarnation of Haroun Al-Rashid (Incarnated asa Swiss farmer) who puta fire on wood building. This isa reason why he fighta in Hindukush. I thought this man hasa mission. Live free or die hard anda i wanta to kiss hima again, buta i didnt try, so we stopped playin game they aska we answer. I suggested to play Steinere favourite game. I see something whata you cannot see. They becama a little bita more relaxed when Tharuwat my cousin gave them magic uribi stone to inhale. Soon they were flying high as prison ceiling, and the key were dangling down sow e could go outa ofa prison.
I actually applied to be parta ofa Herbstakademie in Amselhof as speaker. Info 3 isa still thinka about ita, buta do you think they also will controll me lika those soldiers, whena they invita me?
Do I hava to looka lika David Beckham justa to walk without hussle over border,public buildings and other western instituition, smell lika womän without one single pubic hairand Having wife with plastic breasts and big lips lika cow, or playing soccer a sport only gay peoples play. Is this what you call civilisation in the west?
Murat Tchundyk reports


Anonym hat gesagt…

hi, Murat
you are a very clever soul,
you have been so clever while performing as the first ape to walk on tiptoes, you have been so clever performing as Horusknabe and you will perform perfectly well on Amselhof Akademie: no perfume, no fatigue - just some practical joke.
always, always so proud of you!

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Thänx Mummy!

Christoph hat gesagt…

Gently Advice from the Ambassador: Be so clever and don't go to these dangerous countries anymore!

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Goy,
yes you are right. We nearly phoned you to helpa us, I`m shure you know Afghani Ambassador in Berlin?
Fortunately Tharuwat hada Magic Uribi Stones with hima.
Yours Murat