August 25, 2007

Saturday evening fun: HOT HOT HOTTENTOT !

-Mat Gundo reportz! -After all this 'Neostupidz Party of Djermanistan-Bullshit' (see below), we hava something nice for our readerz, you can maka your own text on it anda sing, or just dance - but don't forget to wear your banana-dress! We have thiz video especially for The Happy Beater - who likez Hottentotz : Josephine Baker with 'Hot Hot Hottentot'. The music is from the famous year 1925. As you can sea, in thiz time all peoplez were racists, even the blackz! Thiz is kind of negromusic, if you are pregnant, some people say, don't hear it, if you don't want to increase possibility your son becomes curly hair anda big red kiss-lips, anda your daughter hava fine bum! By the way: if you are wondering why peoplez today are little kind of gaga - lotz of their mummiez heard Heino anda Dieter Bohlen. That's much worser!

And the song is so happy and cheerful, and Josephine is dancing so sexy for our (Grand)-Grandfatherz!


Christoph hat gesagt…

Wow! I didn't know that she has ever been filmed!!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

beautiful!!...and she was adopting a dozen of children of all colours!