August 18, 2007

mysteries of the goy - unveiled : sisterz

Mat Gundo Reports! - Every month, after killing a kitten, our Ambassador in Berlin, the dear Mister Christoph Goy, gives mysteries to his (anthro)blogheadz! Mostly he gives some impossible picz, anda one of his hottest fanz is Barbara Girl. But not only Barbara Girl, even The Happy Beater shows his innocent side, and both they flow on their Schiller's 'Spieltrieb'. In thiz moments, yes, you can really love Mister Happy Beater, he also likez to play, anda can find Child Inside. In case of Barbara: we love her anytime!
But now, for all those, who don't believe it: we solved, after a heavy Uribi Highland Brand drinking night, the special august-mystery of Mister Christoph! Here we will show you the facts, no doubt, Mister Christoph was also there, in Monaco at the Red Cross Ball: also, on the left you see Girly Princess Caroline of Hannover (Monaco)*, look at the flowerz she has, and on the righta you see Mr Christophs mystery-pic:

Maybe now dear Barbara Baby believes us!
Ofcourse thiz is only plastic fun, very, very serious, is the fact that THE INCREDIBLE BLOGBEAST ESCAPED!!
Please, help us to catch him, look in your Blog!!
Overstreaming, also for Caroline, Mat Gundo.

*in the background, only half and very dark, you can find our ambassador Mister Christoph

1 Kommentar:

Anonym hat gesagt…

I love friends a little better than fans and hope very much that Christoph still allows me to call him my friend!!
He does not look like Blogbeast at all but is handsome and nice. He can visit, mail, or call me whenever he wants to, also in the future if he thinks.
Since there is nothing else I can do, I decided to think your picture is sweet. Like Tucholski says: If I would not think it is sweet, it would also be there. Funny that he knows about the chocolate cream.
Mat, you say you want to see me with glasses. well, usually I have contacts and do indeed wear sunglasses - if the weather and the occasion are appropriate. I sure cannot wear them just to do people a favour. Enough to have clear view and the contacts.